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5 Winter Skin Care Tips For Your Face And Body

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Winter Skincare Tips

When the weather turns cold and gray, your body's balance is bound to be thrown for a loop. The dry, barren air of winter can quickly leech the remaining moisture from your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull.

Key takeaways

  1. Use gentle, non-drying cleansers to keep your skin clean
  2. Swap to a thicker moisturizer that can easily lock in hydration
  3. Use a skin-nurturing eye cream on the delicate areas of your face
  4. Don't forget to wear your SPF each day
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay fully hydrated

With the right skincare routine, you'll be able to maintain a glowing, healthy complexion year-round, no matter how bleak the climate is. All-natural, organic products will be able to give your skin the support and nourishment it needs to thrive!

Keep reading, and we'll share five winter skincare tips that will keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and happy during the colder weather.

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#1. Use gentle, non-drying cleansers to keep your skin clean

The blustery conditions of the winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. As the temperature drops and the wind picks up, it's more important than ever to invest in a well-rounded winter skincare routine!

The foundation of any great beauty ritual is cleansing. It's important to remove dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and makeup from your skin in order to keep it healthy while encouraging a lovely glow.

All-natural skincare, perfect for removing dead skin cells and other impurities

Organic, plant-based skincare products are key during the cold weather to keep your dry, winter skin healthy and happy. And a great place to start is with JUARA's iconic Candlenut Bar Soap.

someone's legs as they sit in a bathtub dry skin condition hand washing vitamin e hot showers

This is the foundation for a complete head-to-toe skincare routine

This seemingly simple bar soap is able to effectively rid your skin of bacteria and germs while providing a deeply hydrating treatment. It's the best natural body wash you can find in today's world.

Its non-drying formula is made with natural ingredients like skin-softening candlenut oil, vitamin K-rich shea butter, and collagen-boosting mango seed butter.

An effortless way to keep dry skin hydrated during the winter

This luxurious and creamy soap will elevate your next shower or at-home spa day, leaving you with crystal-clean skin. Its signature scent contains notes of lush tropical greens, fresh coconut, and blooming white jasmine.

However, maintaining healthy winter skin is only possible if you also have a reliable, gentle daily cleanser for your face.

Use this soothing, tender daily moisturizer all season long

Our Rice Facial Cleanser is perfect for any skin type and is completely free from potentially irritating ingredients. Don't forget to periodically exfoliate your skin as well with JUARA's glow-inducing and barrier-healing Radiance Enzyme Scrub & Enzyme Mask.

It's perfect for helping to restore hydration and natural moisture in your skin amidst the winter weather.

a woman sitting holding her legs cotton gloves hot water lip blam exfoliating acids

Don't forget to turn down the temperature during your next shower

If you want to further protect and nourish your winter skin, be sure to avoid using hot water to wash your face, and stick with merely warm water.

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#2. Swap to a thicker moisturizer that can easily lock in hydration

Winter weather is marked by more than dreary days and cold wind. Low humidity and dry air are perhaps one of the biggest dangers facing your skin at this moment.

The foundation of a great winter skin care regimen is a thicker-formula moisturizer, perfect for combating dry, flaky skin.

A soothing and creamy moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and healthy all winter long

By swapping out your lightweight, summer lotions for a heavier cream, you can ensure the natural oils and moisture of your skin barrier stay where they're supposed to - on your skin!

Try to incorporate powerfully hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or lactic acid in order to promote a dewy complexion while healing dry skin or flaky skin.

#3. Use a skin-nurturing eye cream on the delicate areas of your face

Especially if you have sensitive skin, it's likely that the dry, cold air of the winter months will leave you with newfound skin conditions and a lackluster complexion.

Now is the time to give some much-needed TLC to the more susceptible areas of your face. And the best way to do that is by regularly indulging in a moisture-replenishing eye cream.

a girl sitting on her bed doing skincare fatty acids indoor heat cold winter skin condition

An all-natural formula that will seamlessly erase puffy under-eye bags

With JUARA's Miracle Tea Eye Creme, you'll be armed with the best things for beating the cold weather of winter. This unique formula is made with skin-brightening turmeric, energizing fermented sweet black tea, collagen-boosting five flavor berries, and velvety rich candlenut oil.

This lightweight texture will be able to nourish your delicate under-eye area while encouraging a healthy skin glow. It even helps hold your makeup in place!

Extending the care to the other tender parts of your face

Though your under-eyes are the most delicate areas of your face, you should also be sure to give plenty of care and attention to your lips. A moisturizing lip balm will help prevent dry lips and moisture loss from other areas of your face.

#4. Don't forget to wear your SPF each day

You might think that because the summer sun has been traded out for snowy skies your skin isn't at risk for sun damage. But that's far from the truth!

In fact, it's still incredibly important to protect your skin from UV rays.

a woman applying lotion to her legs lip balm low humidity moisture cold winter skin winter skin winter

Don't let the cold air of the winter months fool you

Even in the colder months, it's easy for a snowy landscape to reflect the sun's rays and intensify a bright day.

Whether you're planning on spending a day skiing in the mountains or merely sitting by your cozy fireplace, don't forget to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that can protect your skin's surface from harmful UV rays.

#5. Drink plenty of water to stay fully hydrated

If you want to keep your skin healthy and happy during the winter, you need to do more than just improve your winter skin care routine. You need to be sure you're treating your entire body right, from the inside out!

Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet is a great way to help promote a glowing complexion. Whether you have dry skin or chapped lips, this is a great way to provide your skin with some extra hydration and moisture in a healthy way.

Final thoughts

Your skin deserves to thrive, regardless of the weather outside. Whether you want to indulge in a moisture-rich overnight mask or simply find a hand cream with a bit more pizazz, the right skincare regimen will give you what you need to rediscover your glow!

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