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6 Signs You're Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

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What Is A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakenings are profound and life-changing events. These moments of insight and enlightenment can be difficult to fully understand unless you experience one firsthand.

Key Takeaways

  1. You Understand That There is No Destination
  2. You Feel a Connection to a Greater Purpose
  3. Mindfulness in Everyday Actions
  4. A Meaningful Detachment From Material Possessions and Hindering Thoughts
  5. Your Outlook on the World has Shifted
  6. Your Thoughts and Emotions are Not Personal

You don't need to embark on an international journey or detach yourself from modern technology to find inner peace. Through mindful practices, you can potentially unlock a deeper sense of yourself and the world around you.

Keep reading, and we'll share everything you need to know about spiritual enlightenment and six signs you're experiencing an awakening.

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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Many people carry the misconception that spiritual awakenings are solely religious experiences. But anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation, can embark on a spiritual journey.

There are many different definitions of what a "spiritual awakening" truly is. Many people have unique interpretations of the term. This individuality is part of the immense beauty of spirituality.

What is the Definition of a Spiritual Awakening?

There are a few blanket definitions of "spiritual awakening." Many believe it occurs when one gains awareness that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Others believe it could simply be a profound shift in one's consciousness.

"Spiritual awakening" is a blanket term that can describe countless different experiences. This concept has been heavily explored throughout history.

There are hundreds of different spiritual paths, each with a specific term for a spiritual awakening. In yoga, it can be described as Moksha or Samadhi. In Buddhism, it is referred to as Nirvana. Many people call it an "enlightenment." A spiritual awakening can be incredibly impactful regardless of what it's called.

Understanding Your Spiritual Path

Though the specifics of one's spiritual awakening can vary, the general idea remains consistent. It's a life-changing experience marked by meaningful self-discovery and heightened awareness, which can call into question everything you thought you knew about life.

A spiritual awakening experience is about gaining a deeper understanding of the world around you. It calls upon you to live a life more aligned with your new spiritual path. Whether it stems from divine love, a higher power, or a life-changing event, your spiritual progress will be unique to you.

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Reconnecting With Your Most Authentic Self

The spiritual awakening process starts with reconnecting with your most authentic self. This is the purest version of you, free from the constraints of society, religions, or societal standards.

It's all too common to develop core values and belief systems based on societal expectations. This can lead to a false sense of identity. In our consumerist society, it's normal for us to attach our self-worth and happiness to material things or professional careers.

For example, if you were raised to believe that success only comes with money, you will only feel fulfilled after your bank account is loaded. Or, if you identify with a particular religion, you may use these values to guide your life decisions.

However, it's important to note that a spiritual awakening isn't about classifying life practices as right or wrong. Instead, it's about understanding that you are not equal to the values, beliefs, or thoughts you identify with. Everything that you once accepted without question can feel unstable. 

What Does the Spiritual Awakening Feel Like?

A spiritual awakening can often be overwhelming. It can be earth-shattering to have everything you thought you knew about life called into question. The rock you once stood upon is crumbling, and you feel unsteady on your feet.

Sensations associated with a spiritual awakening include heightened sensitivity, increased empathy, and deeper feelings. An awakening can often manifest as a disconnect from your previous self-image or old belief systems. You may also experience physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, or stress.

This process of self-discovery and awakening is unique to each individual, so it's impossible to say for certain what anyone will experience. While one person might form a greater connection with a higher power, others might simply feel a stronger connection to their true self.

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What Causes a Spiritual Awakening?

It's nearly impossible to prepare for a spiritual awakening. It's likely that you'll have this transformative experience when you least expect it. Though some try to initiate a spiritual journey with drugs or psychedelics, an awakening can be triggered by anything from a near-death experience to meditation.

Sometimes, a spiritual awakening can be a subtle shift that takes place over a long period of time. Spiritual practices like meditation, mindfulness, or self-care can all cultivate a more holistic lifestyle. This can gradually infuse your daily life with heightened self-awareness.

But many times, all it takes is a sudden, life-changing event. Death of a loved one, divorce, or a serious illness can spark a spiritual experience. Traumatic events, near-death experiences, or an existential crisis can also bring about a profound transformation.

6 Signs You Are Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

Those who have undergone a spiritual awakening know that there are a variety of signs and symptoms that might present themselves. There's no rule book that defines what a spiritual awakening is, and there's no way to know for certain if you are embarking on one.

This journey is completely unique to the individual. It's up to you to determine if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. However, this is easier said than done. To help you out, here are six signs that you may be starting down the path of a spiritual journey.

#1. You Understand That There is No Destination

Many people have the misconception that spiritual awakenings are all about reaching an "endpoint." They believe that once you have this profound realization, you can simply sit back and enjoy your new mindset.

However, this is far from the truth. In fact, this assumption embodies everything that spirituality is not.

A spiritual awakening is not about reaching a destination. It's about understanding that you only have the present moment, and everything after that is not guaranteed. It's about a lifelong journey that has no end.

It's important to trust and embrace the process, letting go of fear and uncertainty. You must shed the "what if" and "what's gone," choosing to leave behind everything that is out of your definite control. This acceptance is essential to spiritual growth and is a cornerstone of an awakening experience.

There is no destination. There is only the here and now and the journey that you will forever be on to achieve spiritual bliss.

#2. You Feel a Connection to a Greater Purpose

In today's society, it's all too common for people to be driven by selfish desires. Many do not feel the need to connect or reconnect with their spiritual surroundings.

A spiritual awakening is often marked by feeling part of something bigger than oneself or a profound connection to a greater purpose. Being religious could manifest as a stronger relationship with God or a strengthened bond with the universe.

Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself is powerful. It can instill a heightened sense of responsibility, peace, and understanding.

woman laying with her head in water heightened intuition inner peace strong sense reality desire awareness longer serving wider perspective more accepting right direction consciousness

#3. Mindfulness in Everyday Actions

Before an awakening experience, days can feel like a blur. Perhaps you go through your day-to-day routine without much thought, simply "going through the motions." However, you don't need to feel detached from your life.

If you're experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may feel more mindful of your everyday actions. Living in a deeper state of consciousness can anchor you to the present moment, helping you feel more self-aware and reactive.

Even if you're not going through a spiritual awakening, practicing mindfulness can have positive benefits on your overall well-being. Mindfulness and self-reflection are two cornerstones of holistic living. To encourage a healthy balance in your life, start with a ritualistic skincare routine.

Skincare is a great way to restore your complexion's youthful glow while indulging in much-needed self-love. Start your journey with a refreshing, non-toxic body wash before diving headfirst into a creamy anti-aging lotion and silky-smooth body oil. The path to radiant skin starts with an all-natural skincare routine curated with your wellness in mind.

At JUARA, our skincare products are inspired by the Indonesian wellness customs of Jamu. Jamu is an ancient way of life founded on the belief that true joy comes from within. These healing practices often focus on mindfulness in order to promote a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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#4. A Meaningful Detachment From Material Possessions and Hindering Thoughts

Materialism is often the source of suffering and sadness. When we place value and importance in things rather than experiences, we lose sight of who we are and what truly matters.

We see it all around us. You might think you'll be happy once you get those shiny sneakers or a new car. But once you have them, that fleeting moment of satisfaction is all you get before you are thrown back into an unfulfilled life.

These temporary attachments can be extremely damaging. That's why letting go of material possessions is critical to a spiritual life.

However, we're not saying that you must give up everything to find peace. Instead, the key is understanding that happiness cannot come from material possessions or thoughts. Minimalism is a modern practice with long-lasting roots, founded on the idea that you should only own items that add meaningful value to your life and remove the rest.

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#5. Your Outlook on the World has Shifted

This sign is pretty generalized. Regardless, it's one of the most profound and foundational to a spiritual awakening.

There are nearly infinite ways that your overall mindset and outlook can be shifted. Oftentimes, it feels like an earth-shattering, ego-smashing, and alienating experience. Your entire view of the outside world isn't the same as it once was. You can't look at anything the same, including the people and relationships in your life.

An awakening experience results in a newfound reality.

#6. Your Thoughts and Emotions are Not Personal

This sign may be difficult to comprehend unless you are experiencing it. Understanding your thoughts and emotions can be one of the most challenging things you do in life. Nowadays, it's more common than ever for people to book therapy appointments for this singular task.

A spiritual awakening can reveal the truth that thoughts and emotions are impersonal events. Like sounds, tastes, or smells, they are simply bodily sensations that rise and fall. Feelings and emotions are neither good nor bad—they are neutral experiences.

Approach your emotions with kindness and curiosity. Don't feel "bad" or "good" about having specific thoughts—just consider the possibility of "why" you are thinking or feeling that way. Explore your inner self and gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

Final Thoughts

Your spiritual path is unique to you. As you embark on this lifelong journey, use each realization or understanding to fill your life with joy and peace.

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