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The 7 Components Of Personal Wellness

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What Is Personal Wellness

 Taking a moment to slow down in a fast-paced, fleeting world is more essential than you might think. Caring for your mind, body, and soul is a lengthy and nurturing journey, but it's the foundation of complete personal health and wellness.

Key takeaways

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health, including intellectual and emotional wellness
  3. Spiritual wellness
  4. Social wellness
  5. Occupational wellness
  6. Financial wellness
  7. Environmental wellness

Taking a holistic approach to your well-being can help elevate your health from the inside out. And that's why understanding the various facets of personal wellness is so important!

Keep reading, and we'll go over the seven main components of personal wellness and what they each mean for you.

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#1. Physical health

The process of caring for yourself and your overall well-being and happiness is known as personal wellness. It's important to find ways to promote a balanced mind and body through this seemingly simple act!

However, the path of holistic personal wellness can include more challenges than you might expect. In today's fast-paced world, it's more common than not that people choose to overlook the needs of their complete health in favor of quick fixes.

And that's why understanding each component of personal wellness is so critical.

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Take a holistic approach to your personal health and wellness

There are a few different approaches you can take in the pursuit of better, healthier living. But, by far, a holistic approach can make the biggest difference for your mind, body, and soul as a whole.

It's important to address all aspects of your entire well-being. Holistic wellness as a practice is inspired by the traditions of many cultures over hundreds of years and continues to be a well-rounded and truly nurturing way to support your health.

The power of holistic healing, as shown by the wellness lifestyle of jamu

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Indonesian wellness tradition of jamu was born on this lush, rich archipelago. What started as simple practices done by the community's leaders and females blossomed into a global movement that has changed the way people view their health.

The jamu lifestyle utilizes natural elements like roots, plants, and fruits in order to create anything from health-boosting jamu tonics to skin-enhancing beauty rituals. The word "jamu" itself means "well wishes" in Javanese, and has long been looked at as a way to encourage better wellness and positivity.

If you're looking to elevate your way of life, jamu is the way to do so.

The fundamental aspect of personal wellness

When it comes to delving into the various facets of personal wellness, none is perhaps more vital than physical health.

Though each component that we will dive into is integral and has a unique purpose, many can agree that good physical health can help encourage better wellness all around.

Personal wellness includes nutrition, exercise, and healthy life habits

Wellness involves feeling good and setting healthy habits early so you can fully benefit from them. Things like eating a nutritious diet and engaging in regular exercise are the basics.

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It's important to avoid junk food, focus on healthy foods and proper nutrition, keep your alcohol intake reasonable, and get plenty of sleep at night, to name a few good health habits when it comes to physical wellness.

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#2. Mental health

Your mental health is heavily tied to the other aspects of personal wellness. Many in today's society are under the misconception that mental wellness has no bearing on the rest of your own health, but that is far from the truth.

It's actually the opposite!

In fact, understanding your mental health is a long, lengthy journey that can be quite demanding at times. But to fully grasp the depth of your mental wellness, it's important to understand the two components of mental health; intellectual health and emotional health.

Intellectual wellness

It's important to regularly exercise your mind, just like your body. Valuing lifelong learning and continuously expanding upon your own wealth of knowledge can improve mental wellness as well as your personal health as a whole.

From regularly learning new skills to traveling in order to be introduced to new cultures, there are many ways you can elevate your healthy way of life by focusing on intellectual wellness. Keep challenging yourself to try out some creative and stimulating activities!

Emotional wellness

It's important to be kind, patient, and caring to your own self. To stay emotionally healthy, you need to find ways to cope with your own dark emotions while encouraging inner positivity.

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Things like positive self-talk, journaling, and meditation can help provide a healthy emotional outlet, boost self-esteem, and improve overall personal wellness.

#3. Spiritual wellness

Many people are continuously searching for ways to find value in their lives. Embarking on that journey to find purpose around you can be amazingly fulfilling when you know where to start.

Mediation, community service, or attending church services can help you achieve spiritual wellness, depending on your own personal beliefs and values. Spiritual health means finding meaning in the world around you while appreciating what you have in your own life.

#4. Social wellness

As humans, we are social creatures. It's important to understand that simple fact early on, and not try to cover it up (no matter how introverted you might be!)

We are both emotional and social beings, and it's normal to find plenty of health and happiness in the relationships around you.

Your personal wellness relies heavily on healthy relationships

Wholesome and uplifting interactions with friends, family, and your surrounding community can do much more than you realize. From cultivating a well-balanced support system to spending time hanging out with friends, taking care of your social wellness will not only help you feel less alone but will also help you form healthy habits.

#5. Occupational wellness

Most of us need to work in order to pay the bills and put food on the table. Whether you are a traveling, self-employed freelancer or you spend Monday through Friday sitting in a cubicle, it's important to find purpose and meaning in your vocation.

Your job, hobbies, and lifestyle can all contribute to your occupational wellness. If you're unhappy with the work you're doing, it can weigh heavy on you and impact your personal health.

#6. Financial wellness

Everyone knows that, even if you deny it, money can have a major impact on your life and way of living. And taking care of your financial well-being is another aspect of personal wellness.

Many argue that financial health can have the largest impact on nearly all the components of personal wellness. For example, lacking the funds to pay for things like food, shelter, clothing, or healthcare can be extremely detrimental to all these aspects.

Understand the importance of financial literacy and wellness

Even if you have all the money you need, not having the skills or general understanding to manage said money can be just as damaging. To improve your financial wellness, do things like set a realistic budget for spending or set a savings goal.

#7. Environmental wellness

Though your personal wellness often involves the various aspects of you, it's impossible to not be completely immune to external factors.

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Your surroundings can have a huge bearing on your personal wellness and quality of life. For example, damaging things like pollution or lack of sunlight can impact emotional health, physical wellness, and all the other facets of personal wellness.

The social, natural, and manmade environment around you can be truly uplifting and healing if you know how to take care of it. Start by putting a few new potted plants in your home to brighten each room!

Final thoughts

Taking care of your health and wellness is essential, and made better by engaging in a holistic approach. By understanding the various aspects of your own personal wellness, you can start living life the way you deserve!

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