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What Is The Best Soap For Body Odor?

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What Is The Best Soap For Body Odor

Sweating is your body's way of regulating your temperature, which is pretty cool if you think about it. Slightly less cool is the unpleasant odor that follows. But fear not (and stink not), for these following soaps and gels can come to your rescue!

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10 of the best soaps and body washes to keep body odor at bay:

After wrapping up a rigorous workout, you want a cleanser that works as hard as you just did. The soaps and body washes listed below will not only wash away the dirt and grime that builds up after a long day, but will also help you ditch that unwanted aroma (to put it delicately).

1. Candlenut Trio Sampler by JUARA

Since our Candlenut Trio Sampler is comprised of three separate skin-loving products, it may have a slight advantage, but we're making this list, so we'll allow it!

The trio includes Candlenut Bar Soap, Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel, and the Candlenut Body Creme. All three products lift the spirits with an enchanting aroma and make bath time a bit more luxurious.

Candlenut oil - common in many of our Jamu-inspired recipes - is known for its velvety texture and superior skin absorption, due to its high content of essential fatty acids. Specifically, the ratio of Omega 3 and 6 EFAs enable this natural oil to easily penetrate the skin.

In fact, it's probably one of the best body oils out there. 

So in other words, this trio will keep skin moisturized and nourish dry skin. Even when the winter lasts longer than you'd like, or there's hardly any humidity in the air, you can count on these three to keep your skin company.

JUARA Candlenut Bar Soap is the best bar soap for coming clean, neutralizing body odor, and supporting the skin barrier. Our hydrating gel will give you similar results, and ensure that your skin's protective layer functions properly against odor-causing bacteria.

Work either one of these cleansers into a creamy lather and smooth it over your entire body. When you rinse off, you'll reveal smoother skin and say buh-bye to body odor. Our fan-favorite Candlenut Body Creme can ensure that the intoxicating tropical scent stays with you long after you step out of the shower.


2. JUARA Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel

If you want your skin to feel fabulously silky and smell like you've just traipsed through a tropical garden, look no further. That embarrassing body odor will be washed away and replaced with a pleasant scent with notes of freesia, fresh coconut, bergamot, and blooming white jasmine.

JUARA Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel lifts impurities from the pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It delivers moisture and provides nourishing ingredients that give your skin a gorgeous glow.

You can get a trial size in the aforementioned Trio Sampler, or the convenient 12 oz. pump when you purchase it on its own. 

The gentle formula foams and lathers without sulfates or other skin irritants, which are frequently used in so many soaps and cleansers. Instead, we combine the best of what nature has to offer with dermatologist-tested ingredients.

Candlenut oil is blended with creamy coconut so that skin stays hydrated and youthful-looking. It also contains glycerin, a powerful humectant, that helps bind water to the skin.

This nourishing cleanser works well with every skin type - so whether you have normal, oily, dry, or sensitive skin, you can combat body odor and slink out of that shower with your skin soft and smooth.

Deodorant soaps and hydrating gels help keep body odor at bay

3. DAILY REMEDY Tea Tree Oil Super Soap

Much like JUARA's skincare products mentioned above, DAILY REMEDY Tea Tree Oil Super Soap is dermatologist tested and made with many natural ingredients.

In addition to tea tree oil, there are Epsom salts, oregano oil, cranberry seed oil, coconut oil, and more. The salts are rich in minerals and the oils offer an aromatic experience that refreshing and reinvigorating.

Tea tree oil is known for its acne-fighting effects, and ability to kill odor-causing bacteria. It may also help reduce redness and swelling.

Compounds in oregano oil have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that can help with everything from body odor to athlete's foot.

As natural emollients, cranberry seed oil and coconut oil help soften and smooth skin. They also bring in additional free-radical fighting forces since they both contain antioxidants. Any way you add it up, this soap is super for your skin.

Sometimes essential oils (like tea tree oil, or peppermint oil) can irritate sensitive skin, but this blend utilizes other carrier oils to reduce the intensity that tea tree oil has on its own. A tea tree body wash like this one can be wonderful in addressing body acne.

4. Good Molecules Clarify & Cleanse Bar

While many soaps can leave the skin tight, Good Molecules Clarify & Cleanse Bar is a soap-free bar that can thoroughly cleanse the face and body without over-drying or aggravating irritated skin.

This bar consists of a pH-balanced blend of ingredients that lift away impurities from the pores while delivering much-needed moisture to the skin.

Both rosehip and grapeseed oils help the skin maintain a healthy moisture balance. Rosehip oil is a natural exfoliant that does away with dullness and has a brightening effect. 

(And we know a lot about exfoliating scrubs. Trust us.)

Salicylic acid and tea tree oil help banish those blemishes and acne-causing bacteria with their antiseptic and astringent properties. Kaolin clay balances out sebum that oily skin might be overproducing.

All of the above, as well as the antioxidants in the formula, will reduce breakouts, inflammation, and redness. This cleansing bar is an excellent choice if you have acne-prone skin.

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5. Kiehls' “Made for ALL” Gentle Body Cleanser

If you want to fight back against body odor, but also deal with dryness, itchiness, or skin rashes, then Kiehls's "Made for ALL" Gentle Body Cleanser, could be the solution you seek.

It's dermatologist - and even ophthalmologist - tested to make sure it's safe and gentle enough for the whole family. So whether you're working out at the gym or just playing in the sandbox, this cleanser is up to the task.

This body polishing wash contains aloe vera and soap tree extract leaves that get you completely clean, while still ensuring you're moisturized. It unclogs pores and helps reduce the occurrence of pesky ingrown hairs. It does all this without causing skin irritation.

Tea tree oils fight bacteria and are good for skin health

It's paraben-free and you won't find any synthetic fragrances either. This is ideal for sensitive, allergy-prone, or itchy skin.

If you're concerned about protecting the planet, there's more good news for you. This gentle cleanser is formulated to be 100% biodegradable and the packaging is made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

6. Lumé Cucumber Melon Acidified Body Wash

Whether you're exercising or stressed out and sweating under pressure, you struggle with body odor. Even when you apply antiperspirant, it doesn't do away with the smell.

Does this sound similar to your situation?

If so, deodorant soaps and washes can specifically address that not-so-fresh fragrance that's causing frustration.

If you have areas that are particularly prone to unpleasant odor, you may want to level up with Lumé. Their Cucumber Melon Acidified Body Wash is a type of deodorizing body wash that will deliver a fresh scent and keep skin healthy.

It contains glycerin and aloe vera leaf juice, both of which are hydrating humectants that attract moisture to the skin. It really does dry skin a solid.

The body washes by Lumé are clinically proven to leave you smelling better than the average bar soap. You may not immediately love how the product smells since there are mixed reviews on that matter and we think it's a matter of personal preference, but the end result is that you'll be left with a refreshing scent.

This body wash is even safe for your more sensitive areas, so you'll be set from head to toe.

7. TheraTree Soap Total Body Wash

The TheraTree Soap Total Body Wash in tea tree mint is another antimicrobial body wash featuring tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree oil has been shown to exert membrane damaging effects in microbes and thus cause certain harmful cells to die. This could have an impact on everything from acne to athlete's foot.

Dove body wash is as effective as any deodorant soap

Antimicrobial soaps and body washes are even better at eradicating bacteria than traditional soap and water. And because bacteria and other microbes can cause a whole host of skin issues, that's an important point to note.

This is one of the best body washes for body odor, given the antifungal compounds in both tea tree oil and neem oil.

Theratree body wash will help cleanse your skin and give it a fragrant natural aroma. With moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil, it will also help heal and hydrate.

8. The Dove Care & Protect Antibacterial Body Wash

Some brands have real staying power. Dove is a name you'll see in skincare that consistently delivers the goods.

In this case, that means fighting back against bacteria while keeping skin soft and moisturized.

In a 20-second wash test versus the common bacterium E. coli, Dove Care & Protect Antibacterial Body Wash was the big winner. This body wash kills 99% of bacteria and still manages to bring moisture and protection to your skin.

This makes it an exceptionally effective body wash for body odor.

You can use your hands to lather up if you prefer a more delicate approach, or introduce a loofah if you want to rid yourself of more dirt and debris. Getting that deeper clean can feel rather refreshing and reinvigorating.

Of the deodorant soaps out there, this powerful body wash will definitely do the trick.

9. Defense Original Bar Soap

Another bar soap that goes beyond the call of duty is the Original Bar Soap by Defense. It fights fungal infections and helps prevent body odor.

This body soap borrows the best from nature and then adds a little more to help with moisture. It contains tea tree and eucalyptus oils, which work wonders at removing dirt, dead skin cells, and oil from the surface of your skin. These oils provide a wide range of antimicrobial benefits.

This bar was formulated for those of us who hit the gym regularly or are perpetually perspiring for various reasons. It works well with every skin type but is especially adept at controlling sebum production, so those with oily skin will be particularly pleased.

It's important to note that this soap won't over-dry your skin. In fact, it can even address those pesky dry patches and provide relief from itchiness. It's a good option if you prefer a bar of soap to body wash.

Defense original soap is a deodorant soap bar and antibacterial soap bar that works

10. Black Wolf’s Charcoal Body Wash

If there's a man in your life - or if YOU are the man in your life - the Charcoal Body Wash by Black Wolf may be an appealing option.

People prefer different types of scents. Some of us like a little something more floral or sweet, while others look for a fragrance that's more musky or woodsy. The appealing aroma of this body wash has notes of blue sage and citrus, which is herbaceous and earthy with a refreshing finish.

But enough about how great it smells.

Black Wolf’s activated charcoal body wash boasts ingredients that thoroughly clean your body, fight acne breakouts, and bring balance to your skin so it can continue the important task of keeping moisture in and irritants out.

The activated charcoal is a critical component in giving your skin a deep clean, and drawing out toxins and impurities.

You can make your shower time really matter with a wash like this.

A bit more on body sweat

Interestingly, the skin has two different types of sweat glands: apocrine and eccrine. Eccrine glands are present over a majority of your body and open directly onto the skin's surface. Apocrine glands, on the other hand, open into the hair follicle, which lead to the surface of the skin.

Body odors seem to accompany excessive sweating, but it isn't always that simple. 

Sweaty skin alone isn't the culprit. Generally, sweat itself does not contain strong odors. The growth of bacteria and the breakdown of our sweat into acids is actually what leads to that pungent smell. 

This video below does a pretty good job explaining what causes body odor.

If you're curious to know how antibacterial agents fight body odor-causing bacteria, you can read a bit more about that from The American Society of Microbiology.

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