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What Happens If You Don't Put Lotion On Your Body?

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What Happens If You Don't Put Lotion On Your Body

Sometimes smoothing on a layer of lotion can feel like sweet relief. Other times it may seem like an extra step when all you want to do is have your head hit the pillow at the end of a long day. We know the feeling - both feelings, actually.

With skin being the largest organ of your body, and its first line of defense, using lotion can play a part in bringing about balance and improving overall health.

While your skin does produce natural moisture, adding a bit of body lotion can make it more hydrated and supple. If you're using a moisturizer from a superb skin care line, then you may even notice how self-care can feel especially indulgent. You deserve that moment as much as you need that moisture.

But what exactly do body lotions do? And what happens when we don't use them?

If you want to hear a bit more about the benefits of body lotion, we're here to help. We'll take a look at the role of moisturizers in skin care and share a few of our favorite picks below.

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What body lotion can do for dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin it generally means that you are dealing with underproduction of sebum. Hot summers or harsh winters can both exacerbate these issues because of low humidity. Without adding moisturizing ingredients to the skin's surface, you may be left with red, tight, itchy skin.

It seems straightforward, and it turns out it is. When you moisturize dry skin, you're doing it a favor by replenishing what has been lost, or what was lacking in the first place.

Whenever the environment is less humid, you will feel the difference. It cannot draw the normal amount of humidity from the air into the epidermis. Without that water vapor, skin loses a little va-voom.

During the winter, the air tends to be less humid. Dry air is sometimes defined as the point when the relative humidity drops below 40%.

If you're consistently exposed to low humidity environments, your lips will chap, and you may become dry and notice a sense of tightness all over. So before you curl up by the fire, you might want to spend a little time with some lotion.

For those with more severe side effects, like peeling skin or excessive redness, there may be an underlying condition that requires the expertise of a dermatologist. Don't hesitate to reach out to a professional if you are experiencing chronic discomfort.

For most folks lotion can be a lifeline when it's cold and dry outside. One of our favorite fixes for dehydrated skin that's seen better days is JUARA Candlenut Body Cream.

JUARA Candlenut Body Creme

This award-winning best-selling moisturizer has rave reviews for a reason. It probably doesn't hurt that when you twist off the top you're greeted with an intoxicating tropical aroma that has notes of freesia, rose, blooming white jasmine, and even a hint of coconut. However, the best thing about this body cream is how it transforms skin that's dull and lifeless into the silky smooth skin of a glowing goddess.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but our Candlenut Body Creme does indeed make you feel divine.

With a whipped texture that makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud, this fast-absorbing moisturizer leaves skin smoother and stronger. It brings in much-needed moisture. Your thirsty, depleted skin will say Thank You.

This cream contains omega-rich candlenut oil, avocado oil, and carrot seed oil. This means it is full of fatty acids that help fill in cracks and crannies between cells. This makes skin less flaky and more full of life.

The antioxidant-packed vitamin E and Illipe butter lend additional support to the skin and help create a protective barrier against unwanted environmental toxins and stress.

It's no wonder that it often escapes the lips of those giving beauty tips. Candlenut Body Creme was the Pop Sugar Beauty Awards Hall of Fame winner for Conscious Beauty Buys.

Lotion is likely to help address early signs of aging

When you don't use a moisturizer on your body or face, you are likely to see more signs of premature aging.

What's happening when the skin gets dry is that it's actually experiencing a low level of inflammation. This ongoing inflammation can lead to a breakdown of collagen.

That's bad news for beauty. "Dehydrated skin shows all the lines," says Dr. Whitney Bowe, board-certified dermatologist. And while you might not be doing major harm by skipping or skimping on skin cream, Dr. Bowe notes that it increases the chance of dryness and irritation, which can lead to flakiness and itching as well.

All of this, of course, makes skin look older as well as more tired and worn.

Dehydration accentuates appearance of wrinkles says dr bowe board certified dermatologist based in new york city

If your environment is dry and adding to the issue, then it's even more important to moisturize. Also, if you're concerned about collagen loss and its impact on fine lines and wrinkles, certain creams can help.

Collagen, as you may likely recall, is a protein that - along with elastin - provides structure and support for much of your bodily tissue. Since collagen production decreases with age, it's even more important to support its synthesis and detract from its deterioration. In other words, be aware of how skincare habits affect these pivotal proteins.

Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-packed vitamins, and essential fatty acids are all important partners to have when combating unwanted collagen loss.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a powerful humectant, which is a type of moisturizer that draws water to the uppermost layers of the epidermis. There are various forms of HA such as sodium hyaluronate, which is the sodium salt form that is extracted from hyaluronic acid. It has a lower molecular weight than hyaluronic acid, which enables it to penetrate the top layer of skin and improve hydration at the underlying layers.

Vitamins such as vitamin C are excellent sources of antioxidants, which help defend the skin against free radical damage. This is the type of damage that comes from overexposure to the sun and other environmental elements that disturb the skin's natural balance.

Oils with essential fatty acids help build healthy cell membranes. They support the health and functioning of the skin barrier, which in turn keeps you looking more youthful.

Now you might be wondering if you can even find all of the above in one moisturizer. Well, we at JUARA have a particular product in mind. 

JUARA Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer

All three elements mentioned above - a form of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids - can be found in JUARA's Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer. It's kind of like the holy grail of hydration.

If your skin feels dry and depleted, or you're seeing more wrinkles than you'd really like, consider this nutrient-rich beauty booster that you can use both day and night.

It has sodium hyaluronate, whose attributes were already alluded to above.

The formula also contains antioxidant-rich turmeric - as does our miracle cream for under eye bags - tea ferment, and five flavor berry to counteract the effects of sun exposure and other toxins. Rather than ravaging skin cells, those rascally free radicals will be dealt with swiftly as the antioxidants protect your skin from further damage.

Avocado oil, candlenut oil, and illipe seed butter are mega-moisturizing ingredients that deliver fatty acids and make the skin feel smoother to the touch.

This JUARA moisturizer firms your face and feels great. It works best if you have a normal to dry skin type.

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Applying the right face lotion can decrease acne breakouts

Most people, at some time or another, have assumed that applying face creams to acne-prone skin is a no-no. However, breakouts don't disappear when your skin is dry. Dryness can exacerbate acne.

What you want to achieve is balance. Sometimes oil-free moisturizers work for those who want to avoid a greasy texture.

If you have oily skin you may want to try JUARA Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer. It's a refreshing cream-gel that helps control oil and minimize the look of pores. It's also fragrance-free, which can be a bonus for those with sensitive skin.

Moire moisture may help lessen the effects of acne

Sloughing off dead skin cells runs smoother with moisturized skin

The skin renewal cycle, also known as cell turnover, involves the shedding of dead cells to enable younger cells to make their way to the top. The end effect is to reveal fresh, new skin, which contributes to a healthy complexion.

It's one of our body's healthy and natural renewal processes and supports skin barrier health. Still, sometimes this cycle slows, and can use our assistance. Certain issues can also cause dirt and debris to get mixed up with cells and clog pores.

That's where we can help Mother Nature along.

It's important to wash, tone, and moisturize your skin. However, we occasionally forget that other critical step in radiant skin care: exfoliation. Whether it be chemical or physical exfoliation, our skin can sometimes benefit from a little nudge.

If you can help keep the top surface layer clear, you should see a transformation in your complexion from dull to dewy. Careful, though, not to overdo with too much scrubbing, as irritation may occur. (Although if you're using our enzyme scrub, then scrub away!)

Moisturizing is also a must. Moisturizer prevents water loss in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of our skin. If cells are being shed at a healthy rate and the layers beneath are not sufficiently moisturized, then you may be left fighting flakiness.

With regular cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing, you can support the cycles that keep you at optimum levels of loveliness.

And as if it needs to be said one more time, never neglect the neck. It's often one of the first areas to show sun damage and can make you look unnecessarily older if you forget to take it into account in your skincare routines and rituals.

Luckily, we have a lovely skincare suggestion for a polish you want to put all over.

Candlenut Body Polish

JUARA Candlenut Body Polish combines walnut exfoliants and nourishing illipe butter, for a one-two punch that perfects your complexion.

As discussed above, we often need to help brush away the dry flakes sitting on top and send moisture to the layers beneath. This polish takes care of those two things.

While the walnut exfoliant gently works away at surface debris, coconut oil, avocado oil, illipe butter, and other softening and soothing ingredients saturate you with moisture. Humectants and emollients heal and soften so that your whole body begins to have that natural glow. 

Since this formula contains no soap or surfactants, it will wash off cleanly without leaving any residue. That's one of the unique things about this particular product. You can apply it as a spot treatment or in the shower, as you would a normal scrub.

All you need to do is softly massage the dry areas until cream is sufficiently absorbed. Then you can brush off grains that remain or rinse lightly with water.

You can use this Juara product in the shower or on the go

A reminder about skin protection and sensitive skin

If you are wondering what can happen when people don't use lotions, it's important to think about what else is present in some of these products.

Many moisturizers have SPF in them. So, if people aren't moisturizing, they may also be skipping out on sunscreen. This, of course, can lead to sun damage. There would likely be more unwanted wrinkles, spots, under-eye bags, and fine lines in the long run.

If you miss that moisturizing step, you could also be opening yourself up to increased sensitivity.

How so?

Well, if your skin isn't receiving the moisture it requires, and you are using harsher products like salicylic acid and retinoids, you may experience peeling and more sensitivity in general.

Dermatologists zein obagi says moisturizer isn't needed but peer reviewed studies are needed

When it comes to putting your best face forward, moisturizer makes a major difference. If you use makeup, you've probably seen how it looks better when applied to a smooth, hydrated surface.

When you put makeup on dry or cracked canvas, as it were, it's not a pretty picture. Apply moisturizer and maybe a primer prior to putting on foundation and other makeup.

But back to the body for a moment, so we can share one of our best beautifying formulas.

Candlenut Glow Body Oil

Why should a moisturizer be basic when it can stimulate all your senses?

This oil will have you so satisfied with how you look and feel that you won't dare skip the step of moisturizing again. Actually, we're always going to have some of those just can't do it days, and that's okay. Just remember that luxury awaits you when you're ready to carve out a moment for self-care.

JUARA Candlenut Glow Body Oil feels indulgent and extra and all that, but it also represents basic body care at its finest. When you treat yourself to this ultra-luxe dry oil you are giving yourself the gift of serious skin replenishment and rejuvenation.

It has the antioxidants and nutrients your body needs to be beautiful. It even gives your hair a sultry shine. And with the signature JUARA Candlenut fragrance, you'll feel like you're on vacation at a distant tropical getaway.

Now, maybe the question isn't what happens to your body if you don't use lotion, but why in the world wouldn't you want to treat yourself? If you're feeling industrious, here's a video with DIY tips:

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