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7 Easy Tips to a Jamu Lifestyle

Metta Murdaya -
Self care rituals create a sense of balance and wellness in our everyday lives

Often, I think about how I can balance a sense of calm, wellbeing, and fun (safely!) to maintain and enhance my mental and physical health. Self-care is not just needless pampering or for self-indulgent purposes. Self-care is for our overall health. The more we can reduce stress and anxiety, the more our bodies, minds, and loved ones will thank us as we embody a happier and more supportive version of ourselves. If you like what you're reading, check out my book, "Jamu Lifestlye," which goes deeper into the pursuit of wellness - but with the mindset of joy! Because loving how we're living our lives is such an important part of being healthy.  

Self-care rituals vs. routines

It's easy to think "oh, self-care rituals, isn't that just the fancy word for having self-care routines?" Sort of. Yes, technically they are practices we do repeat in the morning, throughout the week, or at night. But done with intentionality and purpose, you can "ritualize" a routine and create a daily self-care ritual that eliminates stress and boosts your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, making for a natural glow that comes from the inside out. For example, taking 2 mindless minutes to wash and moisturize your face in the morning can be mundane. But it can also transform into a 2-minute ritual that provides you a quiet space to cultivate your self-awareness simply by reframing the action in mind. These 2 minutes are about you taking care of the biggest organ on your body. And you maintaining its health also sounds like a great way for your body to take care of you. You can even add a few deep breaths in this self-care morning ritual for a helpful reset, or you can give yourself a quick facial massage while applying moisturizer to make for a rejuvenating or relaxing (whatever your choice) moment of self-care. I'll bet those 2 minutes will feel much more satisfying than simply performing a string of habits mindlessly. It may even improve your mood after and that benefits everyone. 

What are the benefits of self-care?

When we're all at home, no longer having to commute to work or pay for that morning coffee we can definitely make at home for free, we could use some self-care rituals to add both structure and balance to our free time, especially when the days seem to blur together. Here's a list of suggested mini-rituals you can create and regularly perform in the morning or an hour before bed. Inspired by the Jamu lifestyle, you'll be incorporating some of these natural ingredients from our sample packs into your daily life that are commonly used in our eastern, Indonesian medicinal tradition. Of course, you can mix up the days since many of us do now anyway, but this might make them easy to remember!

A 1-week outline of self-care rituals


Be aware of your body and love it. Take care of it. Since going out for a massage is not an option, give yourself an energy boost with a daily neck massage or even a hand massage (oh those texting thumbs!) since we may spend more time on the phone at home now. A gentle face massage is always a good thing to incorporate into your self-care rituals, especially with our JUARA Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller. Even take a long bath to refresh your skin and help you sleep better. The point is this: you are important. And a massage or bath can not only increase circulation and relax the muscles which could use a break. It can also give you time to sit down, form an intention, and reflect on your mental wellbeing, which can be both relaxing and rejuvenating for your own self-care.


(Or Tamarind, or Tea… ) Toss some of that bright orange root in your food for a mindful meal as one of your self-care rituals! It can be as simple as adding some turmeric powder to your eggs or making a turmeric latte and sitting outside in nature. Even taking a walk with your tea should you still have space to social distance. Turmeric has plenty of health properties and is high in antioxidants. It’s also a core Jamu ingredient and is good for your overall health. So, take the time you have at home to engage in some adventures with eating. A little tip for cooking with turmeric - it will tend to taste better when your food has some fat in it, either oil or coconut milk. And it adds a little bit of some hot flavor as you feel the benefits of this root becoming more bioavailable.


Take a yoga class online or do a meditation practice (I've recommended Headspace or Calm which you can easily access on your phone.) Or, engage in something that helps your body strengthen and stretch. Even at home, you may still have a busy schedule. But taking the time to do a yoga routine or meditation session will help you create a self-care space for you to tune in with yourself and feel relaxed through purposeful breathing. If you’re new to a yoga or meditation routine and it seems like a lot to have a daily self-care practice, well, start with Wednesday because why not? It’s just as good as any other day! Just start doing something that allows you to take care of and feel at peace with your mind, body, and breathing. These self-care rituals are powerfully calming and balancing. Just take it one day at a time, then grow your practice from there.


Why wait for Thanksgiving when you can be thankful every Thursday? (Or every day, actually.) Research shows that being grateful can improve your happiness and sense of satisfaction. It is a sign that you are focused on the positive, in the present, and it keeps you from wanting more than you already have. This helps our head compensate for its natural tendency to look ahead, focus on worries, threats, and negative states as seen on the phone - and we could really use a distraction from bad news nowadays, especially from things we cannot control in life.


TGIF - or can it be Friday every day? Now it can be! Social distancing is not emotional distancing. A call or healthy chat session with a friend is always good to nourish yourself when you're stressed, and can absolutely be considered a self-care ritual all by itself. Research shows that people with strong social, high-quality relationships tend to have a healthier, happier, and longer life than their peers who are less socially connected. Consistent communication is also a sign that your memory will remain sharper longer. The benefits of talking and spending time with friends are endless. Oh heck, make this a practice to do more than just Friday! 


Well, this could go many ways – but we’re suggesting that you spice up your Saturday with actual spices! Jamu is full of healthy ingredients that can easily be added to meals and drinks. Cinnamon is great for those who have to manage their blood sugar levels. Chili pepper is not only yummy but also full of vitamins (and great if you have stuffed sinuses…) Ginger is naturally antibacterial and great if made into a tea for upset tummies. And the list goes on and on. Experiment and play with the spices in your cabinet! There’s a reason Jamu has lasted centuries as an empirically proven health tradition. Using herbs and spices is not only for flavor but for healing as well! People in Indonesia still rely on Jamu for maintaining their health. Curious to try authentic Jamu? Check out the "Jamu Lifestyle," written by JUARA Co-Founder, for a journey into delightful recipes, Jamu history and personal stories have your senses tickled by the mouthwatering photography. 


Get that skincare ritual going and enjoy a JUARA Face Ritual and a mask! Indulge in this treat and give your skin some extra TLC, maybe 1-2 times a week to maintain optimal hydration, smoothness, and health. This isn’t only for your face but your entire body and soul. Treat yourself to a luxurious body scrub like with our Invigorating Coffee Scrub where you see dark sumatra beans lather into a latte with this sulfate-free, cleansing body exfoliator. I like double masking our JUARA facial masks when I really want to purify my energy. I start with the Rose & Willowbark Blemish-Free Mask followed by a deeply hydrating, winter-dryness-busting Java Plum & Avocado Moisture Mask for best results. 

Again, all these can be practiced every day and any day, but once a week is a good start! Enjoy!