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What's a Beauty Ritual vs. a Routine?

Yoshiko Roth Hidalgo -
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It’s been accepted that skincare is the care of an actual living organ. And in some places, the term “skin care” has even been replaced with the term “skin health." But a more meticulous skincare and beauty ritual like receiving spa services off a menu, investing in facial therapy treatments, using skincare products and beauty masks at home, or going to shop for that one beauty product you've been dying to get your hands on, is still often viewed as a mundane routine at best. Or at worst, it's viewed as an act of superficial vanity. But committing to a daily ritual skincare treatment can help keep your body, skin, hair, and face clean. Not only will ritual skincare help you maintain healthy skin and give you a natural skin glow. It will also allow you the opportunity to provide for, love, and accept your body in all of its beauty. You may not require spa services off of a shop menu to treat your skin to the very best products out there. But you might want to consider the use of a great ritual skincare routine that is easy to use and makes you look refreshed and new. Read on for more tips to add to your skincare routine.

Routines Reduce Anxiety

The results of developing daily routines such as washing and moisturizing your face every morning can actually enhance your mental health. People, in general, don’t do well with uncertainty. They feel anxious at the prospect of losing control. And what they need is some kind of order to hold on to that can address their concerns and get them the security that they long to see. Creating and maintaining a skin care routine is a free way to fulfill those needs. It requires that individuals organize themselves to a point where they know what to expect. And over time, they learn how to work at the right objective while they come up with a sense of control. Routines always anchor and empower us. Yet ritual skincare exposes us to something even deeper you won't be able to find on a menu anywhere.

The Difference between a Routine and a Ritual

While routines are a matter of organization and repetition, ritual is meant to impart meaning and intention to the routine as a whole. Turning a skincare routine into ritual skincare requires making a conscious effort, a commitment, an intention to uplift, open, and add to an otherwise ordinary, mundane act. The otherwise mundane act of washing your face before bedtime with your favorite beauty product becomes an anti-stress ritual in which you free yourself from worry, and not to mention makeup, that may have piled up over the course of the day. The act of applying a moisturizer becomes a ritual of nourishing not just your skin from sun exposure but also gives your skin and soul the chance to receive back new energy, love, and the experience of tranquility. And the more we repeat our ritual skincare over time, the more meaningful these skincare products become to us. Once you develop a nightly home ritual with your skin products as a way of taking off the mental and emotional burdens of the day, you may find yourself feeling off-kilter on any other days that you forget. So, make the time to care for and love yourself one-on-one. These skin and beauty products may open up a completely different side of you that's looking for love and ready to receive it.

Skin care lends itself to such calming self-care rituals. While washing our face or applying a facial moisturizer is a simple task, it does take a level of focus, being in the moment, and touching your skin. You are literally getting in touch with yourself and increasing mindfulness during a moment of intentional self-care.


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