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6 Things You Should Know About Energy Healing

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What Is Energy Healing

Whether you want to enhance your overall sense of well-being or alleviate physical pain, there are plenty of health remedies out there that promise relief. Energy healing has been a prominent wellness practice for thousands of years and can be the key to achieving a better balance between your mind, body, and spirit.

Key takeaways

  1. The idea of healing energy is based within science
  2. Energy healing therapy can benefit any and everyone
  3. Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years
  4. Energy healing can help heal any physical or emotional trauma
  5. You can pair energy healing with other alternative remedies
  6. There aren't any negative side effects that come with energy healing

    From the ancient Indonesian wellness tradition of jamu to modern-day medicine, energy healing has been able to transform the lives of people across the globe. This holistic approach to healing focuses on the idea that our bodies have perpetual energy flowing through them. By properly balancing this flow, you can achieve better health and wellness.

    Keep reading, and we'll share six things you should know about the practice of energy healing.

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    #1. The idea of healing energy is based within science

    At first glance, it might seem like the idea of "healing energy" is something abstract. However, the principles that this age-old practice is built on are rooted deep in science.

    Everything in the universe, including you, is made of billions of different molecules that all vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies are deeply interconnected to your overall well-being and physical body.

    When your body is misaligned and unbalanced in terms of these frequencies, it can often manifest in things into physical ailments and other health conditions.

    #2. Energy healing therapy can benefit any and everyone

    One amazing part of this practice is that anyone can benefit from energy healing. Whoever chooses to embark on this uplifting journey has a future of health and wellness ahead of them.

    a girl smiling in front of a bush energy field energy medicine energy work energy medicine

    Even if it seems complicated at first, it's easy to enjoy the many ways that energy health can enhance your body's innate healing abilities. You don't need to be a trained energy healer in order to release any pent-up stress, tension, and anxiety in a healthy way.

    #3. Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years

    The background and history of energy healing is rich and complex. It's nearly impossible to put a date on when this practice first started, as from the dawn of time, people have understood the vast power that the unseen can have on physical, mental, and spiritual health.

    From Traditional Chinese Medicine to yogic traditions, energy healing has always been important

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is one of the most well-known alternative healing practices. Through TCM, the body's life force, otherwise referred to as qi or ki, can achieve a better balance through physical and spiritual healing.

    This is one of many examples of energy therapy at work.

    a girl practicing yoga nervous system improve quality cancer treatment improve quality chronic pain deep breathing

    In India and yogic traditions, there are seven energy centers in the body. For example, there is the heart chakra, which is called anahata. This is the center of love, compassion, and empathy.

    Energetic healing also was prevalent in the wellness custom of jamu

    Over two thousand years ago, the ancient herbal wellness tradition of jamu was born in the lush and vibrant Indonesian archipelago. There are various practices that go into this approach to holistic wellness, and one such is energy healing therapies.

    In "The Jamu Lifestyle," co-founder of JUARA skincare Metta Murdaya beautifully illustrates the many ways that one can indulge in the healing rituals of jamu.

    From recipes for jamu herbal tonics to methods of energy clearing, jamu is one way you can elevate your way of life while promoting better health and wellness.

    #4. Energy healing can help heal any physical or emotional trauma

    The different aspects of you aren't separated into distinct entities. Instead, each aspect is heavily intertwined with the others.

    Your mind-body connection is an important thing that always needs to be paid close attention to. And embarking on an energy-healing journey might be the key to releasing any physical and emotional trauma you might be carrying.

    a girl smiling in the mirror practitioner's hands off client's body data suggests nervous system patient's body

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    Your energy flow can get blocked by traumas, stressors, or toxins. This can throw off your energy balance.

    However, focusing your attention on healing energies can help your mind-body connection flow freely while improving your well-being.

    #5. You can pair energy healing with other alternative remedies

    If you've chosen to dive into the realm of energy healing, it might be worthwhile to explore how you can better enhance your practice.

    What's important to keep in mind is that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to alternative or integrative health. What works for some might not work for others.

    a girl practicing yoga other energy healing modalities energy medicine includes blood pressure sound healing touch

    Whether you want to try reiki treatments or simply see what laying on a massage table can do, it's important to make your journey unique and personal to you.

    It's also important to note that energy healing doesn't necessarily replace other methods of maintaining wellness. Instead, it can be used to enhance your current rituals or as a new practice altogether.

    #6. There aren't any negative side effects that come with energy healing

    If you're feeling apprehensive about engaging in an energy healing session, don't be! That's because there's nearly nothing that could go wrong.

    Energy medicine is about stress reduction, physical healing, and mental balance. There's no discomfort that can come with it, as it's only about finding ways to release negativity and blockages from your mind, body, and soul.

    Though you might feel some emotional or physical sensations as you follow your healing energy, that can be attributed to negative elements leaving your being.

    Final thoughts

    If you want to enhance your way of life and journey toward better wellness, energy medicine might be the perfect way to do just that.

    As you embark on this journey, you can finally live the healthy, happy life you deserve!

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