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3 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Lemongrass For Skin And Hair

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Lemongrass Benefits For Skin

Lemongrass is a fresh and zesty tropical plant that has long been used throughout history in health and beauty rituals. This herb boasts countless wellness benefits that have helped establish it as an important element in holistic medicine.

Key takeaways

  1. Lemongrass oil can help prevent acne
  2. It acts as a natural astringent and can reduce oily skin and hair
  3. Lemongrass essential oils can bring peace and relaxation to your entire body

Also known as barbed wire grass, lemongrass has been used for centuries to flavor culinary dishes, aid in digestion, and promote skin health. Its bold and citrusy aroma is often used as an essential oil and has no shortage of ways to uplift and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Keep reading, and we'll share three exceptional benefits of lemongrass that can help your skin and hair regain a healthy, luminous glow!

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#1. Lemongrass oil can help prevent acne

Lemongrass comes with countless benefits that can help heal you inside and out.

For centuries, this flavorful plant has been used in order to prevent infection and heal wounds as it is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

What is lemongrass essential oil?

Lemongrass essential oil is extracted via steam distillation from either fresh or dried lemongrass leaves. It's a perennial plant that also goes by names like barbed wire grass, silky heads, or oily heads.

It prospers in warm climates and is found most often in the tropical areas of Asia and Africa, specifically in countries like Indonesia, India, and Thailand.

Its long, fibrous stalks have a bold flavor that can add immense brightness and zest to nearly any type of culinary dish.

lemongrass bundled together on a table scalp wrinkles detoxify applied directly aromatherapy pores skin care lemongrass oil skin care properties skin care skin care properties

This plant can add some zesty yet potent flavor to countless culinary dishes

In fact, lemongrass is a popular flavoring agent for many dishes like broths, beverages, and curries.

However, its endless applications don't start and end with what you can eat!

Lemongrass and its applications in holistic medicine

Many cultures have often utilized lemongrass essential oil benefits in various rituals. For example, lemongrass is a prime ingredient in the indigenous drink fever tea.

The ancient Indonesian wellness tradition of jamu also often utilizes lemongrass in various herbal remedies.

This way of life focuses on prioritizing natural rituals in order to promote healthy living.

Jamu uses natural ingredients like lemongrass oil, candlenut oil, ginger, and turmeric in anything from healing tonics to skincare products.

Bringing the ancient wellness tradition of jamu into your life

In the book Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition, Metta Murdaya, co-founder of plant-based skincare JUARA, illustrates the beautiful and enriching path of jamu through home how-tos, natural jamu-inspired recipes, and gorgeous photography.

Finding ways to incorporate this holistic way of life into your daily beauty routine is one way to truly nourish your mind, body, and soul.

tea and other natural ingredients lemongrass essential oil beauty products lemongrass works skincare product releases serotonin remove dirt impurities wash scalp lemongrass oil skin

Delving into the benefits of lemongrass essential oil

Natural remedies and rituals can offer better health and wellness, regardless of where you may find yourself in life.

And by utilizing lemongrass essential oil, you can give your skin and hair a much-needed nutrition boost.

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of lemongrass make it a great way to treat acne and fight off unwanted breakouts.

It's a great idea to incorporate lemongrass into your daily skincare routine in order to ward off the bacteria that cause acne.

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#2. It acts as a natural astringent and can reduce oily skin and hair

Acne and oily skin often go hand-in-hand.

Excess oil can clog pores, which will lead to those pesky pimples you've been trying to combat.

However, not only is lemongrass great at fighting acne, but it's also exceptional at reducing oil on your skin and in your hair.

This plant has natural astringent properties and is able to curb excess oil production.

bath filled with greens and lemongrass plant treat skin infections drink lemongrass tea diluted essential oil dead skin cells jojoba oil hydrated skin elasticity skin skin skin

Keep your face and hair shine-free the natural way

Whether you're trying to mattify your complexion or rid your hair of that greasy shine, lemongrass essential oils might be just the thing you need in order to regain control.

#3. Lemongrass essential oils can bring peace and relaxation to your entire body

Beauty stems from how you feel on the inside.

Even the most carefully curated skincare routine won't mean much if you feel distraught and at war inside yourself.

Inner joy is one of the best ways to treat your body right

Finding peace and relaxation in your daily life can help you give your skin and hair the foundation to thrive.

And this, in turn, will leave you with a glowing complexion and silky soft hair!

dropper bottles of lemongrass essential oil lower diastolic blood pressure applied topically scientific research a few drops patch test fever grass deep cleanse skin skin skin

From aromatherapy to massage, lemongrass essential oil has an amazing calming effect

Lemongrass essential oil is also popular for massage, as it can help harmonize your nervous system while inducing peace.

Wrapping up

Lemongrass is more than a tropical plant with a vivid citrus scent. The amazing benefits of this natural remedy range from gently ridding sensitive skin of excess oils to promoting healthy hair growth.

You deserve to look and feel your best, and this is one way to do so!

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