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10 Things Indonesia Is Famous For

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What Is Indonesia Known For

Indonesia is home to more than endless jungles teeming with wildlife and a rich cultural history. This flourishing and ripe archipelago is known for many things, from the dangerous Komodo dragon to some of the most costly coffee you can find.

At a glance

  1. The largest archipelago in the world
  2. Home to the infamous Komodo dragon
  3. The tropical and enchanting island of Bali
  4. The world's most expensive coffee
  5. The historic Borobudur Temple, nestled away on the island of Java
  6. The ancient Indonesian wellness custom of jamu
  7. A delicious bowl of Nasi Goreng
  8. Countless fiery volcanoes spread across the lands
  9. The wild and imaginative island of Borneo
  10. The annual Hindu festival of Galungan

Diving into the contents of Indonesia is bound to leave you with a serious case of wanderlust. However, you don't even need to travel to this part of Eastern Asia in order to incorporate the best parts of it into your daily life.

Keep reading, and we'll share the top ten things that Indonesia is famous for.

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#1. The largest archipelago in the world

When you think of Indonesia, you likely imagine gorgeous coasts with crystal-clear waters paired with dense, luxurious greenery. This country is blessed with some of the most amazing beaches, all thanks to the miles of coastline it has.

In fact, Indonesia boasts an astounding 61,567 miles (99,083 km) of coastline. It ranks second, just behind Canada, for the longest coastline in the world.

The world's largest archipelago with the second-largest coastline in the world

The 17,000 islands of Indonesia also helped establish it as the largest archipelago in the world and the largest country formed by islands.

Though Indonesia is well-known for more than its land area, it's a great place to start.

#2. Home to the infamous Komodo dragon

If you thought dragons were a thing of the past, it's best to think again. On the Komodo islands in Indonesia, you'll find countless ancient creatures that have been roaming the earth for centuries.

The Komodo dragon may not have any wings or breathe fire, but they are rather quick on their feet and even sport a poisonous bite.

Once they reach adulthood, Komodo dragons can be as long as 10.3 feet (3.13 meters) and weigh an impressive 366 pounds (166 kilograms.)

If you come across a Komodo dragon, best be careful

These unique creatures are far from friendly, so it's a good idea to avoid coming face-to-face with one. They can run up to 12 mph (20 kmh) and even swim, so it might be hard to get away.

However, you probably won't need to worry about these dragons if you find yourself in Indonesia. They're found primarily at the Komodo National Park and likely won't be casually strolling the streets.

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#3. The tropical and enchanting island of Bali

As we said, Indonesia has no shortage of mystical shores and gorgeous greenery, beautifully accentuated by its tropical climate. Each of its 17,000 islands houses a unique history and diverse background, in addition to beautiful natural attractions.

The island of Bali is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in all of Indonesia. This magical island is ever-popular, and it's well worth your time to visit if you're looking for a place to spend your PTO.

From distinctive cultural significance to picturesque tropics

One of the most obviously entrancing parts of Bali is the lush greenery, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. The shoreline and colorful inland are iconic enough, but that's not all that goes towards the name of Bali.

From daring volcanoes to monkey-filled forests to hearty rice terraces, there's plenty to see.

This enchanting island is also dominated by the Hindu religion, which is easily noticeable from its many impressive temples. Places like the Pura Lmpoyang and the Tanah Lot are a must on any traveler's bucket list.

#4. The world's most expensive coffee

Even if you're not a coffee-lover or you don't start your day with a hearty cup o' joe, the coffee in Indonesia is bound to pique anyone's interest.

Here, you can find Kopi Luwak, which is the most expensive coffee in the world.

However, this coffee isn't brewed like you're likely used to. It's made from cherries that have been eaten, partially digested, and then defecated by the Asian palm civet.

Though that may sound slightly (or very) repulsive at first, it does produce a rather flavorful cup of coffee.

#5. The historic Borobudur Temple, nestled away on the island of Java

The natural attractions of Indonesia are a lot of what makes this archipelago what it is, but that's not all behind the charm of these islands. Here, you'll also find a rich history and extensive ties to ancient culture and traditions.

Indonesia is home to the Borobudur Temple, which is the world's largest Buddhist temple.

It's one of Indonesia's more well-known historic sites and is one of the more popular destinations to visit. It was even designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

an aerial view of a large temple local people capital city marine resources country's population central jakarta lesser sunda islands southeast asia coral reefs komodo national park indonesia famous things indonesia famous coastal plains central java indonesia is famous indonesian culture

A stunning part of Indonesia's diverse and rich culture

Built sometime in the 8th century, the Borobudur Temple was believed to be lost for thousands of years before the world rediscovered it in the 1800s. This temple is made of seventy-two bell-shaped stupas, which are some of the more recognizable features. Each of them also has a Buddha inside.

If you want to visit the Borobudur Temple, sunrise is one of the best times to view it. Be sure to make your way to the top, where you can gaze upon unparalleled views!

#6. The ancient Indonesian wellness custom of jamu

There are plenty of physical attractions, both natural and man-made, that make Indonesia famous.

However, it's something more deep and spiritual that truly sets this water-encompassed country apart from the rest of the world.

Indonesia is home to complex religious systems and rich diversity that spans all 17,000 of its islands. From unique wildlife to beautiful greenery, there is something special lying in every corner.

However, the true intrigue lies in its cultural diversity.

A wellness custom that has lasted for thousands of years

The people of Indonesia have long practiced various lifestyle and religious traditions. One of the most well-established is known as jamu and has been widely prevalent, even in the modern-day Western world, for over two thousand years.

Jamu is an indigenous wellness tradition that started with the healers and female members of ancient communities coming together to prepare and serve healing tonics and rituals.

Over time, these practices were passed down through the generations, often utilizing roots, plants, and fruits to promote complete and healthy living.

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Practicing jamu in today's modern world

Though jamu first appeared over two thousand years ago, the traditions still continue to this day.

Jamu often prioritized things like self-care rituals and beauty practices that promote happy and healthy living inside and out. This fundamental principle is reflected in JUARA's natural, plant-based skincare formulas.

In the book Jamu Lifestyle, JUARA's co-founder, Metta Murdaya, illustrates the uplifting and healing power of jamu's wellness tonics, herbal-infused cuisine, and focus on joy. By following a more holistic approach to life and happiness, you can truly treat your mind, body, and soul to the life you deserve to live.

#7. A delicious bowl of Nasi Goreng

It would be a shame to talk about what Indonesia is famous for without mentioning the cuisine. Though most people might be more intrigued by a Thai dish or two, Indonesian food is pretty popular and can truly treat your tastebuds to the trip of a lifetime.

One of the most signature dishes from Indonesia is known as Nasi Goreng. It's made from fried rice and vegetables, as well as chicken or seafood. It's often topped off with a fried egg as well. The rich, caramelized brown hue of the rice is enough to make your mouth water, but the real kick comes from the authentic Indonesian seasonings that truly bring it all together.

#8. Countless fiery volcanoes spread across the land

Once you step foot on the shores of the Indonesian archipelago, it's impossible to escape the natural beauty and intrigue that cascades across the land. From the low shores and crystal waters to the heaven-piercing volcanoes, there's no shortage of ways to be in touch with Mother Nature's finest.

Indonesia has seemingly endless volcanoes stretching across the entire archipelago. In fact, the total number of lava-spewing mountains here comes out to an impressive 147, with 76 of them being active volcanoes. Only two other countries in the world have more volcanoes (the United States and Russia.)

Impressive volcanic peaks that can reach the heavens

The volcanoes of Indonesia are attractions in and of themselves. Each one is impressive and awe-inspiring and is enough to help make Indonesia famous.

Take, for example, Mount Agung on the island of Bali or Mount Bromo on Java. If you truly want to treat your eyes to something spectacular, it's a good idea to venture to Kawah Ijen. Because of the high amounts of sulfur here, the flames actually appear to be a vivid electric blue!

lush rice paddies in a jungle unesco world heritage sites east timor bahasa indonesia famous things Indonesia proclaimed independence natural habitat traditional houses international trade indonesia consists united nations mount leuser national park west java famous people world heritage site

#9. The wild and imaginative island of Borneo

Each of the islands of Indonesia is famous for unique things. From the tourist hotspot of Bali to the rice paddy-strew island of Java, each shore you step on will offer something special.

Borneo is the largest island in Asia and the third largest in the world. It's split between the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei and is covered with dense jungles, unique flora and fauna, and countless endemic species that can only thrive here.

#10. The annual Hindu festival of Galungan

Across the entirety of Indonesia, there are rich and vibrant ties to many facets of religion. Though the vast majority of Indonesian people are Muslim, the religious diversity here is vibrant.

On the island of Bali, each year, the Hindu festival of Galungan is celebrated. For ten days, this famous religious holiday helps good spirits arrive back on earth.

A religious holiday that revolves around the victory of "good"

This Balinese holiday is all about celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma, or the victory of good over evil. This period is also the time when the spirits of deceased relatives come back to earth to visit those still living.

On the last day of this festival, known as Kuningan, these spirits return from whence they came. Often, the streets are lined with penjor, which are bamboo poles with various types of offerings on the ends.

Wrapping up

Indonesia is famous for many things, and it can be truly challenging to list all of them. Whether you're looking for the perfect place to spend your next tropical getaway or you're simply looking to elevate your health and wellness, this archipelago has something to offer everyone.

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