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5 Benefits Of Using Rice Water For Skin

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How To Use Rice Water For Skin

You don't need to resort to heavy and harsh products to take care of your skin. In fact, natural ingredients are healthier and usually more effective at targeting your specific skin concerns!

You can easily incorporate ingredients like rice water into your skincare routine to provide your skin with excellent benefits. Popular Asian beauty customs have utilized the power of rice water for many years as a reliable way to obtain glowing and soft skin.

So, what are the real beauty benefits hiding in this simple ingredient? We'll break it down for you below. Plus, we'll let you know an easy way to make your facial rice water right at home!

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Key Takeaways

  • Rice water calms irritated skin
  • Acts as a skin-brightening agent
  • It can be a natural sun protectant
  • Combats the effects of aging
  • Treats various skin problems, including excess oil

1. Soothes Sensitive Skin

Our skin is a delicate feature of ourselves that needs to be treated with care and attention. Many people struggle with sensitive skin and need to be even more gentle with its handling.

Rice water is a soothing and relaxing ingredient that is amazing for calming stressed or irritated skin. Using skincare products that contain rice water is a great way to gently nurture your skin.

Facial washes such as JUARA's Rice Facial Cleanser can quickly refresh your complexion while soothing sensitive or stressed skin. This product's velvety formula whisks away any excess body oil or makeup residing on your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

At JUARA, we believe natural and healthy ingredients are essential for your skin. This cleanser takes inspiration from centuries-old Indonesian beauty traditions to successfully deliver a revitalizing treatment that will leave your skin glowing and refreshed.

This cleanser's rice bran oil and rice starch are the key aspects behind its soothing and protective properties. After using it, even dry and inflamed skin will be left feeling incredibly soft and renewed!

2. Brightens Your Complexion

It's normal for our skin to turn dull eventually. Over time, it doesn't seem to carry the same youthful glow of our past. That's where rice water comes in!

Although the specific brightening benefits of rice water haven't been scientifically proven, it's been used extensively in Japanese skincare regimes for many years. Many K-beauty products also have rice water named on the ingredient list.

Rice water treats dull skin and works to reveal a healthy and glowing complexion. Using rice water is a great way to obtain supple skin without the use of harsh chemicals. For tired or haggard skin, this natural ingredient can do wonders for revitalizing your complexion.

A lack of hydration can also cause dull skin. JUARA's Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer is the perfect way to give your skin the moisture it needs to glow and radiate!

This God-send of a moisturizer contains a bounty of natural ingredients that give your skin the gentle and nurturing treatment it needs. Drawing from ancient Jamu knowledge and inspiration, the rice bran oil and fermented sweet black tea in this product's formula are critical for enhancing and supporting your skin barrier.

Your skin deserves to both feel and look energized and revitalized! Providing it with the benefit of natural ingredients such as rice water is the first step to improving your skin's complexion.

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It Can Be Used As A Complexion-Lightening Agent

The natural benefits of rice water are seemingly endless. It can also be used as a skin-lightening agent to help treat the unwanted appearance of dark spots. In addition, the collagen contained in rice water effectively reduces facial scars caused by acne.

If your skin problems include blemishes, uneven tone, or hyper-pigmentation, incorporating rice water into your skincare routine will be a lifesaver.

3. Protects Against Sun Damage

One of the greatest plus sides of rice water is its role as a natural sun-protectant for the skin. The sun is recognized as one of the most significant contributors to skin damage and premature aging, so it's important to include ingredients in your skincare routine to protect against it.

Rice water has been shown to be effective as a natural sunscreen, especially when paired with other plant-based extracts like raspberry seed oil. So rather than relying on harsh products that might irritate sensitive skin, you can depend on rice water as a natural way to protect against sun exposure.

However, rice water isn't just effective at preemptively protecting you against UV exposure. It's also an excellent tool for soothing and treating sunburned skin. The gentle properties of rice water can soothe any inflammation or redness you may be experiencing on your face.

Your skin is an outward representation of yourself, and a glowing complexion is a beautiful way to show your positive energy! Natural ingredients like rice water are the perfect methods for getting the skin you deserve.

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4. Fights The Effects Of Aging

Not only is rice water excellent as an SPF, but it's also extremely beneficial when it comes to treating the effects of skin aging. Rice water has vast anti-aging benefits that can help reawaken your youthful skin that's been hiding away for too long.

The amino acids and antioxidants present in rice water are natural weapons for combating the effects of age. Unfortunately, over time, our skin begins to lose the glow and radiance it carried during our early years. But with the right skincare products, you can regain the firm and supple skin you once had.

Rice water is fantastic at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. By using this trustworthy, traditional ingredient, your complexion can begin to appear young and energized once again.

To reap the full benefits of rice water as an anti-aging agent, use products like JUARA's Basics of Beauty Set, which contains both our signature Tamarind Tea Toner and our Rice Facial Cleanser. This duo should be added to your skincare routine ASAP!

The powerful combination of natural ingredients in these products quickly soothes skin irritation while providing a hydrating and revitalizing treatment. These products also contain candlenut, an ingredient well-known for its rich and velvety moisturizing abilities.

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5. Treats Various Skin Ailments

Because of the gentle and soothing nature of rice water, it is also able to successfully treat a variety of skin issues. Most products that are designed to treat skin concerns like eczema or dry skin are too harsh on your skin barrier. That's where rice water steps in.

Rice water rise is gentle yet effective enough to successfully treat skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. But most notably, the astringent effects of rice water also make it a great way to treat oily skin.

Usually, skincare products that are meant to be used for oily skin like an exfoliating scrub are in fact too drying and end up stripping the skin of its natural moisture. This just leads to further skin complications and more oil production.

However, rice water is tender enough on your pores to reduce oily skin and shine while still providing your skin with hydrating and fulfilling moisture. It's really that good!

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How To Prepare Rice Water At Home

It’s pretty simple and straightforward to prepare your own homemade rice water. In fact, there are many different ways to create your own rice water product.

One thing to keep in mind is that the shelf life of rice water is seven days. After this point, the natural fermentation process will begin and the rice water won't be effective for use in your skincare routine.

To make rice water, all you need is rice and water (duh!). The easiest way to make rice water is via what's called the "soaking method".

  • Start by cleaning the rice itself
  • Add it to a bowl of cool water
  • Soak the rice for 30 minutes, using your fingers to mix the concoction
  • Remove the rice, and you'll be left with your own soaked rice water!

As a simple facial toner

You can use a homemade rice water toner to help soothe any skin irritation you may be experiencing. Either use a spray bottle to spritz rice water directly on your face as a revitalizing mist or apply the rice water with a cotton ball. After letting it dry, rinse your face with warm water.

As a soothing facial serum

Rice water mixed with aloe vera can make a simple and soothing facial serum that you can safely use every day. Start by adding one tablespoon of rice water to one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Apply a thin layer, and you're done!

For an extra healthy dose of nutrients, add a capsule of vitamin E to the mix. Thoroughly combine, and apply to your skin for all-day use.

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