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9 Ways To Relax Your Mind

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How To Relax Your Mind

Do you often struggle to clear and calm your mind? In our fast-paced world, it can often feel like everything is moving at a million miles a minute with no hope of slowing down.

Regardless of how crammed your schedule might be, it's important to set aside some time to rest and relax. Relaxation can give you a mental break from everyday stressors, allowing you to embrace a more peaceful and fulfilling mindset.

At a Glance

  1. Take a Break
  2. Follow a Skincare Routine
  3. Focus on Your Breathing
  4. Spend Time in Nature
  5. Listen to Music
  6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  7. Exercise
  8. Get Creative
  9. Take a Break From Your To-Do List

    Keep reading to learn nine simple yet effective methods to unwind your mind.

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    The Ways Relaxation Can Help You

    If you feel stretched thin and low on time, it might be because relaxation is not a priority. But whether you're struggling to navigate parenthood or you're faced with the demands of a new job, you deserve to set aside some much-needed "me" time.

    However, your moment of self-care shouldn't be a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. It's important to take a break every day! Practicing relaxation consistently can help you perform your best and reach your maximum potential, which can help you be more efficient in the long run.

    The benefits of relaxation are far-reaching, as this mindful practice affects the rest of your health. This is one of the many reasons why taking a holistic approach to wellness is so important. Relaxing your mind and body can:

    • Slow heart rate and lower blood pressure
    • Improve digestion and control blood sugar levels
    • Ease muscle tension and relieve pain
    • Lessen frustration and anger
    • Lower fatigue and boost energy levels
    • Increase self-confidence and improve focus
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    The Science of Stress

    Stress isn't just an emotion. This gut-wrenching feeling can manifest in physical ways, as well. If you've ever felt especially nervous or anxious, you've likely experienced sweaty palms and a racing heart. This is your brain's "fight or flight" response, telling your body to jump into action.

    This reaction occurs after your body releases certain hormones. These stress hormones are designed to help your body cope with the stressful situation you've found yourself in.

    Cortisol & Adrenaline: The Effects of Stress Hormones

    Adrenaline is a hormone that speeds up your heart rate in order to send more oxygen to your muscles. This quick energy shot prepares you to face challenges with strength and vigor.

    Cortisol is another common stress hormone that calibrates body processes to help you better handle stress. Increased cortisol levels can suppress immune response or slow digestion so that your body can instead focus its energy on the stress at hand.

    Once the storm has passed, your body relaxes and self-regulates. However, this process isn't always as smooth as it should be, and it can take longer for the heightened adrenaline and cortisol levels to subside. That's when it can become incredibly helpful to practice calming techniques.

    How to Relax Your Mind

    There are a few key ways to relax your body and mind after a stressful event. However, it's a good idea to make these practices a habit. This will help you cultivate a calm state of mind and strengthen your mental resilience.

    Keep reading to learn nine calming techniques for a fulfilling life.

    #1. Take a Break

    Relaxation doesn't need to be an overly complicated routine. The point of this practice is to give you much-needed time to unwind and rest. Just stepping away from a stress-inducing task can be more than enough to give you the mental reset you need.

    If you spend long hours working on your laptop, be sure to step away at least once an hour. Do some gentle stretching, fix yourself a cup of herbal tea, or light our jasmine-scented Awake Candle.

    Additionally, don't forget to take a longer break at least once or twice a day. Read a few chapters from a book, apply some body lotion, or watch a movie. It might seem like not a lot, but a few minutes for yourself will save your sanity in the long run.

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    #2. Follow a Skincare Routine

    Self-care is the key to relaxation and fulfillment. If you've been feeling anxious and stressed, a skincare routine can help you refocus your energy on your wellness.

    The beauty of skincare is that you can easily personalize your ritual. If you struggle with oily skin, you should use a gentle cleanser and a hydrating toner. For those with fine lines and wrinkles, an anti-aging hand cream can firm and soften your mature skin.

    Here's a simple step-by-step routine for a soothing night in:

    1. Run yourself a bath and use a natural body wash to wash away the day's dirt and grime.
    2. Massage your damp skin with our Invigorating Coffee Treatment. This exfoliating scrub features energizing ingredients that stimulate blood flow, smooth texture, and awaken the senses.
    3. After drying your skin, apply our Candlenut Body Creme from head to toe for a highly nourishing skincare treatment. This whipped body creme melts into the skin, locking in moisture with a subtly sweet scent.
    4. Follow up with our Candlenut Glow Body Oil, an ultra-luxe dry oil that transforms dull, dry skin into a luscious, dewy complexion.

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      #3. Focus on Your Breathing

      The simple things you do every day can have the largest influence on your mental well-being. Learning to breathe deeply and purposefully can help you relax and feel calm. It just takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere without arousing suspicion.

      To relax with your breathing, focus on inhaling and exhaling with care and attention. Notice the natural rhythm of your deep breaths.

      Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Ensure your shoulders are relaxed and free of pent-up tension. Place your hand on your stomach so that you can feel it rise and fall with each breath.

      As you breathe, be sure to count. Count to four with each inhale, and then count to four for each exhale. Feel free to experiment with controlled breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, or deep breathing exercises.

      For a quick how-to on using your breath to reduce stress and improve mood, check out this short YouTube video:

      #4. Spend Time in Nature

      A peaceful place surrounded by the greenery of Mother Nature can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. As you enjoy the present moment, you will be able to feel any worrying thoughts fade.

      Taking a walk through a park or tending to your home garden can be beneficial for both your mental and physical health. It'll help you feel refreshed and relaxed, as your brain doesn't need to work as hard in lush environments.

      #5. Listen to Music

      Music can help you relax and connect with your emotions. Performing or listening to music activates the parts of your brain that are involved in thinking and sensation. Music also causes your brain to release chemicals like neurotransmitters and hormones that help evoke emotional reactions.

      You can passively listen to music as you complete household chores or daily tasks. But you can also take some time and focus your attention on the depth of each track. Pay attention to the instruments used and the way they seamlessly blend together.

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      #6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

      Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a relaxation technique that allows you to deepen your mind-body connection. To do this, pick one muscle group at a time and slowly tense it for a few seconds. Then, gently release it and move on to the next body part.

      Like many relaxation techniques, PMR helps reduce muscle tension and the physical symptoms of stress. It can be particularly effective in the evening after a long, draining day.

      #7. Exercise

      Some people have the misconception that relaxation needs to be a still practice. However, you can rest your mind and body while still staying active. Gentle exercise can encourage relaxation in ways that sedentary practices don't.

      Here are a few ways to use physical activity to feel calm and reduce stress:

      • Go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood.
      • Look for a Pilates or yoga class.
      • Try seated exercises - these are ideal if you have mobility restrictions.
      woman going for a walk anxiety anxiety complementary and integrative health mental health professional help other relaxation techniques

      #8. Get Creative

      Activities like knitting, scrapbooking, painting, or pottery are great for managing stress and promoting positivity. Creative endeavors can help you redirect anxiety, negative thoughts, or stress into something beautiful.

      #9. Take a Break From Your To-Do List

      Sometimes, the best way to relax is to take a break from your day-to-day routine. Though a set schedule can encourage focus, you deserve to set aside some time for something out of the ordinary. Life can get busy, and you often don't realize when your wellness takes a back seat.

      Take time to do something you enjoy, whether it's an at-home manicure or reading a mystery novel. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get swept away in a busy schedule, but don't underestimate the power of a fulfilling hobby!

      Final Thoughts

      Mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing aren't the only ways to promote relaxation and rest in your daily life.

      It's important to infuse your regular routine with moments of self-care that allow you to feel your best, inside and out.

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