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How To Wear Perfume Oil With Confidence

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How To Use Perfume Oil

Stargazer lilies, a fresh cup of coffee, a forest full of pine trees. Even reading these phrases may trigger emotions or memories as you conjure a sense of the scent in your mind.

Our sense of smell is powerful in many ways and laden with a lifetime of associations. You can capture a bit of this magic with a few drops of properly placed perfume oil.

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1. Choose a perfume oil that puts a smile on your face

While there's no grand mystery when it comes to putting on perfume, there are a few tips and tricks to help preserve the integrity of the scent and make it last all day.

We'll go through some of the important steps to consider when wearing perfume oils, and the first of these is how to choose a scent that suits you. 

If you're looking for a warm, rich, and sensual scent, we can think of no better option than our Candlenut Perfume Oil.

This blend has base notes of candlenut, coconut, and blooming white jasmine that infuse the skin with a sultry vibe. 

This alcohol-free formula also stimulates the senses with freesia, bergamot, and rose. These blooms bring about an air of romance, yet remain subtle enough for an office atmosphere and daily use. 

Since it's small enough to fit in your pocket, it's like taking the best of the tropics with you wherever you go. You can reapply it as needed throughout the day.

This perfume oil is dermatologist-tested and doesn't cause irritation, even for those with sensitive skin. Its round roller head conveniently delivers just the right amount of fragrance. 

For something that's a little bit lighter and slightly more floral, there's JUARA Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil. This fresh fragrance gives you a sense of strolling through a tropical garden and skimming your fingertips along the lush landscaping, or waking up near an Indonesian tea field and taking in a deep breath. 

This refreshing scent is formulated with tiare flower and jasmine, as well as magnolia petals, violet leaves, and tropical greens such as palm fronds and bamboo.

If you're not sure which one is right for you, there's always the option of getting one of each. That way you can reach for the one that suits your mood at the moment. 

Juara candlenut perfume oil or tiare jasmine perfume oil are excellent fragrance options

2. Start with a clean canvas

So now that you have a couple options from which to choose, we can talk about how to use perfume oil with confidence.

Let's start with when a person should apply perfume. Whether it's eau de toilette, eau de parfum, or perfume oil, it's important to start with clean skin. 

While there are those times we may spray perfume to cover up odor or a certain staleness, you ideally want to have a fresh start.

The simple answer is that you should apply perfume oils post-shower or bath. You want your skin free and clear of body odor or other smells before you apply perfume oil for the day. 

This way, the perfume oils can work their magic with your unique natural scent and body oils. Sometimes fragrance oils will end up smelling slightly different on someone else, so you only know once you try them for yourself. 

If you are trying a new perfume, you may want to avoid using fragrant body washes or soaps, and stick to something more straightforward and unscented. 

In general, you should just be aware of the various aromas you're layering on. This could include soaps, shampoos, hairspray, and moisturizers.

And that brings us to our next tip. 

3. Consider how moisturizer mixes with your perfume 

Some pairings are classic; orange juice and champagne, rest and relaxation, Sonny and Cher, just to name a few. Other times, it only takes two to cause a clash. This can be true for some scented moisturizers and particular perfumes

You don't want your moisturizer to interfere with your favorite fragrance. That's why the basic rule of thumb is to wash and moisturize with unscented products, pat dry, and put on your perfume. 

However, there are cases where certain scents work well together. There are also luxurious skincare lines like JUARA that plan ahead for such occasions and create products that compliment each other. Layering on a similarly scented moisturizer can make a little perfume oil last a lot longer.

Perfume oils like Candlenut Perfume Oil and Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil just so happen to have moisturizers that boast the same beautiful fragrance.

In fact, there's a whole Crazy for Candlenut Set, which includes a full-sized bottle of our Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel, the nourishing and skin-smoothing Candlenut Body Polish, and our indulgent Candlenut Body Creme. 

If you find this warm, tropical, and sensual blend to be the right fragrance for you, then you're in luck. You'll be able to get your skin washed, exfoliated, and moisturized with the same wonderful scent as the oil you smooth on your skin.

If you like to wear scents that are a little lighter, try combining Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil with our refreshing Tiare Jasmine Body Creme.

Like the oil, the cream delivers the delicate scent of jasmine and magnolia, making every inhalation a joyful reminder of nature's gifts. 

The cream contains omega-rich candlenut and illipe butter, among other skin-loving ingredients. It's whipped up to the perfect consistency that melts on contact and makes your skin feel velvety soft.

Apply concentrated perfume oils with body lotion of same top notes for beautiful fragrance result

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4. Apply perfume oil in all the right places

Whether you're using an applicator stick or one of the popular roller bottles that make application easy, knowing where to apply perfume is important. 

Since many perfume oils, such as the ones we make at JUARA, don't contain alcohol, they can be directly applied to the skin without causing any irritation. 

Applying oils to our skin extends the fragrance longer than the perfumes we spray because of the direct contact with our pulse points.

One of the most common tips you'll see when reading up on perfumes is about applying them to pulse points. These are the areas on your skin where you can feel your blood circulate through your system. These spots emanate heat and help intensify and disperse the scent.

The inner wrists are a classic spot for a reason. Not only are the wrists pulse points, but when you're constantly moving about throughout the day you will be sharing the scent a bit more this way. The same can be said for your inner elbows.

Other pulse points include the area behind the ears, the nape of the neck just above the collar bones, and the crease behind your knees.

So whenever you're applying fragrances, plan for the perfect application. Be strategic about where you apply concentrated perfume oils. Dab a little behind your ear lobes, and choose a few other locations - maybe even share with your hair!

5. Roll or dab, but don't rub

When using scented oil, you can apply directly to the skin, but you don't want to rub it in and ruin the delicate blend. 

A lot of people will apply perfume and immediately rub it in. For whatever reason, many of us have the tendency to do this, even though it's another no-no in the list of tips pertaining to perfumes.

This holds true whether you're spritzing on eau de parfums or applying concentrated perfume oils. 

When you rub fragrances in you might dull the top notes. The top notes are the delicate molecules that make their way to your olfactory senses first.

Rather than rubbing your wrists together, let the fragrance sit on the surface and play off your natural scent. When you rub perfume in vigorously it mixes too much with your natural oils. This action can alter the way fragrances smell.

However, there are a couple of exceptions to the no rubbing rule. If you gently rub just a little of the scent from your wrists onto your clothing or hair, that will be fine, but just remember that moderation and gentleness are key.

6. Try the traditional way of applying perfume oils

The aforementioned tip is actually a traditional way to apply perfume oil, and that is putting it indirectly on clothing. 

Rather than putting pure perfume oil directly on your clothes - which could increase the chance of staining them - we'll share with you the steps to take to do so indirectly. 

The traditional way of applying concentrated perfume oil is to first apply the oil to your wrists or palms. Only a small amount is needed. You can try 2-3 drops or use a few swipes of a roller bottle. 

Then, put your wrists together gently. 

Next, glide your wrists or palms over your clothing to distribute the fragrance. You can always repeat if you want your clothes to have a slightly stronger smell, though keeping things understated is always a good way to go. 

As long as you put a small drop or two and pat it into your inner wrist prior to running it across your clothing, you should be able to share the scent but not leave stains.

Transferring the fragrance to clothing or hair can help extend the life of your preferred perfume all day long.

You can put perfumes on inner wrists then transfer fragrance to hair and clothes

7. Add more as needed throughout the day

Some perfume oils may be less intense than scents that are part of an alcohol mixture. 

However, certain concentrated perfume oils are stronger than eau de parfums or eau de toilettes and this should be kept in mind when applying them. 

Certain perfume oils should be used sparingly at first. Just a few drops of concentrated oil are enough.

Due to the oil base of perfume oils, it more easily remains on the skin over the course of the day. So even the perfume oils that are more subtle at first may last a little longer. Since most don't contain alcohol, they won't evaporate at that quicker rate.

With concentrated perfume oils and other perfume oils, the fragrance may not emanate from the skin immediately. This might tempt you to add more oil. 

However, perfume oils can increase in intensity when you move about. This is especially true if you have applied the oils to your pulse points. 

Fragrances can be overpowering if you go overboard, so remember that just a few drops can go a long way. You probably want to smell pleasant or alluring or intriguing. Too much perfume can have the opposite effect. 

While you can always roll on more perfume oil as needed, it's hard to undo a scent you've applied unless you take a shower or bath. One of the perks of JUARA perfume oils is the fact that you can easily put it in a purse or pocket and sneak it out for a retouch at any time.

If you close your eyes you can let it transport you away from a stressful situation. Let an alluring aroma take you on a two-minute tropical vacation as you meditate. A naturally uplifting scent makes a great pairing with a positive mantra to keep you moving and motivated. 

Apply more perfume oil only as needed

A quality fragrance has the potential to give you a boost, or aid in relaxation, depending on the combination of ingredients. It may help you reframe a situation or put a pause on reality for just a moment as you take a time-out to appreciate beauty with a too-often underrated sense.

The nose knows a lot. Scents are associated with both making and retrieving memories, so why not enhance some of the stories you add to your life's ongoing narrative? You and your loved ones may even be able to recall good times together down the road with a little help from a simple perfume oil.

If you'd like to watch a short video that contains some of the information above, this one will take less than a minute. It can serve as a quick refresher for some of the aforementioned tips.

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