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12 Beauty Benefits Of Jasmine Oil For Your Skin And Senses

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Benefits Of Jasmine Oil For Skin

Jasmine oil is an essential oil sourced from the flowers of the common jasmine plant, but there's nothing common about this aromatic oil that's packed with powerful healing benefits.

Below we share a dozen ways you can enjoy jasmine oil.

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1. Jasmine oil fights inflammation and helps calm the skin

Jasmine essential oil benefits the skin in several ways and has been used as a natural remedy for centuries.

While multiple varieties of the jasmine flower exist, the essential oil is primarily derived from two species, namely Jasminum grandiflorum (Royal Jasmine) and Jasmine officinale.

This natural essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help with overall skin health and are particularly beneficial for skin concerns like psoriasis and eczema. Wherever there is redness, itching, or sensitivity, inflammation is likely part of the issue.

On top of all that, jasmine has an inviting scent that makes it even more welcome in a skincare routine.

A moisturizer like JUARA's Tiare Jasmine Body Creme harnesses the delightfully delicate scent of jasmine and combines it with other marvelous moisturizing botanicals. 

This cream also contains nourishing candlenut, rice bran, and avocado oils that are rich in omega fatty acids. Whipped together with Illipe butter and other natural ingredients, this moisturizer melts on contact, putting you in a pampered state of beauty bliss.

Jasmine essential oil is a perfect skin moisturizer moisturizing dry and irritated skin

Tiare Jasmine Body Creme can be used as a daytime creme to infuse the skin with an uplifting fragrance that will follow you through the day. It's as close as a moisturizer comes to tossing fresh flower petals at your feet.

It's also the perfect nighttime moisturizer, sending you off with sweet dreams or making a romantic moment that much sweeter.

And speaking of jasmine's reputation as a bit of a love potion...

2. Jasmine oil's scent sets the scene to spice things up

Jasmine is a night-blooming flower possessing intriguing olfactory benefits.

For centuries, people have regarded jasmine as a romantic bloom, using jasmine flowers as garlands in weddings and other such ceremonies. 

Some people claim that jasmine oil has the power to arouse and enhance romantic encounters.

There is evidence that using jasmine essential body oil in aromatherapy (as well as synthetic blends of jasmine in fragrances) can elicit positive feelings and increase energy levels. It seems both science and tradition agree that jasmine essential oil can help you lighten the mood as you dim the lights.

Whether or not it's a natural aphrodisiac, as some insist, its natural scent is generally considered sweet, pleasant, and uplifting. Some of the most popular perfume companies utilize jasmine in their fragrant formulas. 

At JUARA, we combined the enchanting aroma of jasmine with magnolia petals, leaves of violet, tropical greens, and Tiare flower to create our popular Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil

This fragrance was inspired by the aroma and peaceful energy of Indonesian tea fields at sunrise. 

You can apply this dermatologist-tested, alcohol-free formula directly to the skin for happy sigh-inducing moment of zen. And since it's small enough to fit in your pocket (let's hear it for pockets!), you can reapply it and enjoy the jasmine oil benefits at any time of the day.

3. Jasmine oil's aroma can increase alertness

Along the lines of what was mentioned above, the health benefits of jasmine oil can include improved mental health and wellness. 

Aside from just smelling good, there is some evidence suggesting that behavioral arousal results from the topical application and inhalation of jasmine essential oil. 

In one study, researchers applied jasmine oil topically on the abdomen of the subjects. The jasmine oil group - as compared to the control group - rated themselves as more vigorous and alert. The findings point to jasmine oil's stimulating effect. 

Given that jasmine essential oil seems to promote positive feelings, this may provide some alternative options for those feeling low. 

At JUARA, everything we do is inspired by Jamu, the ancient Indonesian tradition of wellness. That means we take a holistic approach to health and beauty. If you find aromatherapy is a helpful addition to other treatments used to improve your mood, we have a little something you might love.

The JUARA Awake Candle is part of our fresh and floral Tiara Jasmine Collection. 

As with the Tiare Jasmine perfume oil and the Tiare Jasmine Body Creme, we hope to bring a bit of the essence of Indonesian tea fields to your home. Our Awake Candle has a similarly intoxicating and uplifting scent that will make your morning or evening wellness rituals a little more luxurious.

These hand-poured candles are crafted with a special blend of soy and vegetable wax that burn longer and cleaner than your typical candles. As a bonus, the glass container has a beautiful batik design that adds an element of elegant style.

4. Mixed with other essential oils, it creates calming feelings

Although there's some evidence that jasmine essential oil can increase energy and alertness, other studies have shown that in combination with certain essential oils, or taken in the form of tea, it may help with relaxation. 

The odor of jasmine tea at a low concentration has had a sedative effect on mood as well as nerve activity.

In one study conducted over 10 days, researchers had people with generalized anxiety disorder inhale jasmine oil for 5 minutes each day. This aromatherapy appeared to bring down the elevated state of mind and have a positive effect on symptoms like insomnia and irritability.

Jasmine oil - especially when blended with other relaxing oils like lavender - will lead to an overall calmer state. With its slight sedative properties, jasmine may relieve some tension and clear your mind.

With so many of us holding on to so much stress, it's definitely worth a try. 

Who would say no to an aromatherapy massage using jasmine essential oil and a nourishing carrier oil like coconut oil? Not only could it improve blood flow, but it may also promote skin rejuvenation.

Try jasmine oil massage with coconut oil or use a few drops of with other facial oils

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5. Jasmine oil can be a wonder at wound healing

One great thing about our bodies is that they can take pretty good care of us when we take care of them. Of course there are exceptions, but generally when we get wounded, our bodies tend to respond in helpful ways. 

For example, when you cut yourself, you usually bleed. Pretty soon your blood cells begin to clump together. This clotting protects the wound and prevents additional loss of blood. In addition, antibodies are sent to the wound site.

Then there are some natural remedies to nudge Mother Nature along with the healing process.

Jasmine oil is a natural cicatrisant, which means cell regenerative or wound healing. It helps lighten acne scars, for example.

An animal study concluded that jasmine extract helped speed the healing of wounds such as diabetic ulcers by enhancing wound contraction and tissue formation.

Jasmine oil also has antiseptic properties that make it even more of an asset for the treatment of wounds. Jasmine's antiseptic properties will slow or stop the growth of microorganisms that can cause skin infections.

Diluting jasmine essential oil and applying it to cuts and scratches could help with healing, but you may want to seek medical advice before relying on it over other remedies.

6. Banish breakouts with the natural antiseptic properties of jasmine

Jasmine essential oil addresses several skin concerns, and one of the most common complaints when it comes to our skin is acne. No one loves discovering pesky pimples or getting greasy skin.

That greasy appearance you may see (especially on the forehead, nose, and cheeks) is caused by excessive sebum production. Jasmine oil can help control the excess sebum production that contributes to oily skin and breakouts.

Jasmine oil helps balance out hormones to cause a more stable skin situation. The good thing is that it manages all this without causing dry skin. If diluted or mixed with non-comedogenic face oils, it can even work for acne-prone sensitive skin. 

With its natural antiseptic properties it reduces the likelihood that bacteria will grow and contribute to acne breakouts.

Jasmine oil contains powerful acne fighters like benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate. These have antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. Not only is this good news for those suffering from breakouts, but it points to jasmine's broader health benefits like fighting off illness and improving overall immunity.

As a natural cicatrisant, jasmine oil can help fade acne scars. In other words, jasmine has you covered from minimizing the initial breakout to dealing with damage control.

With frequent use of jasmine oil as part of a multi-step skincare routine, you're likely to see smoother, moisturized skin.

7. Jasmine essential oil may help you decrease dandruff

As already alluded to above, jasmine essential oil won't lead to dry skin. In fact, it can fight against it. 

This comes in handy when dealing with dandruff. 

Dandruff is the result of having an extremely dry scalp. Jasmine oil is moisturizing, which is clearly helpful for folks with dandruff. 

Certain shampoos address the root cause (pun intended), but others have harsh chemicals and cause build-up or irritation. If you're looking for alternatives, consider jasmine oil. 

The antiseptic properties can also minimize bacteria on the scalp and help with other bothersome conditions like scalp acne.

Sometimes we forget that underneath all that hair is skin, with all its unique needs. 

Since we know jasmine oil is great for the skin, it follows that it would be a friend to the scalp. When combined with carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, or argan oil, jasmine essential oil can be nourishing and restorative for the scalp.

8. Jasmine may jumpstart hair growth

Continuing on the subject of our scalps, let's talk a little about hair growth.

Jasmine may have a role in restoring hair follicles while also strengthening the individual strands and preventing hair breakage.

So not only could you have help with wound healing, experience fewer breakouts, and be in a better mood, but you could also have a nice, healthy mane!

Jasmine oil is good for reducing hair breakage and can improve overall skin condition

9. Breathe a little easier by inhaling jasmine

In several communities across Asia, jasmine has been used as a community medicine for several ailments, including respiratory and skin disorders. 

Since we've covered several skin issues already, let's take a break from those and focus on breathing. As an aside, focusing on the breath is always a good relaxation tip!

In some of the studies that looked at the effect of jasmine on mood, the researchers also measured other health indicators. They found significant improvements when it came to blood oxygen saturation as well as breathing rate.

If you don't already have an essential oil diffuser, there's no time like the present. It can aid in relaxation or uplift your mood. Play some soft music and light your JUARA Awake Candle to complete the spa-like scene. 

It seems that depending on concentration and context, the results will vary, but one can almost certainly be assured that whether aiding in alertness or relaxation, this oil garners an overwhelmingly positive response.

10. Jasmine essential oil moisturizes

Jasmine oil is an emollient that fights against dry skin. It is a naturally hydrating oil that won’t clog pores. 

Like several other essential oils, jasmine essential oil possesses strong moisturizing properties. 

Jasmine oil is even gentle enough for those who have sensitive skin. 

When mixed with other nourishing facial oils, a few drops of jasmine oil will replenish your skin and help support the skin barrier. 

11. Evens out skin tone and gives you glowing skin

Skincare products with jasmine oil can really enhance your natural glow and give you radiant skin.  

It can take your skin toner or moisturizer to the next level. Since it has the capacity to lighten scars and diminish dark spots, it's almost like a primer you can use before you apply your makeup primer.

The soothing properties jasmine oil contains improve overall skin health and heighten your natural beauty.

Who knew common jasmine flowers could fuel such change and help make your skin glow?

Ahieve spa like skin with glow promoting benefits of jasmine oil

12. Jasmine oil may have some anti-aging benefits

Some of our favorite jasmine oil benefits are those that address premature aging and the effects of aging in general - not unlike our hand cream with anti aging effects

As a natural healer and promoter of healthy skin, it makes sense that jasmine essential oil would address the issues associated with mature skin.

Using diluted jasmine oil on your face and neck may slow the development of fine lines and wrinkles. As noted above, it can also contribute to a healthy glow. 

There's also some evidence that the components within this oil promote collagen production. Collagen, along with elastin, is what gives our skin strength and elasticity. 

Promoting collagen production or minimizing collagen loss may be the most important skincare tip you'll hear about in beauty circles.

If you have a green thumb and grow jasmine, check out this video on how to make jasmine oil:

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