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What Is Skin Cycling And Should You Try It?

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What Is Skin Cycling

Skin cycling is a skincare routine where you only use active products on specific days of the week, rather than slathering on each product you own every day.

At a glance

  • Skin cycling is a cyclical skincare routine where active ingredients are only used on specific days.
  • It works by giving your skin "rest days" and preventing your skin barrier from becoming irritated.
  • On the first night, use an exfoliating product to rid the skin of impurities.
  • Retinoids can be applied on the second night in order to firm and moisturize the skin.
  • On nights three and four, your focus should be on skin recovery and moisturization.

This cyclical approach helps to improve skin health and refine your complexion. The idea of skin cycling is based on the idea that alternating products can yield better beauty results. But the key to its potential effectiveness lies in the ingredients and skincare products that you use.

Keep reading, and we'll share all the details of skin cycling you need to know.

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What is skin cycling?

If your Instagram feed is full of skincare tips and tricks, you likely stumbled across the term skin cycling. This ritual involves taking a cyclical approach to skincare, where various products are alternated over the course of four days.

This four-night cycle is designed to help your skin regenerate and renew itself, by not subjecting it to active ingredients every single day.

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How does skin cycling work?

Though the term skin cycling was coined by New York-based board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, this method of skincare has been around for quite some time. Over the years, it's adapted into both a popular trend and an effective method for renewing skin.

One of the core elements of skin cycling is "rest days", wherein you allow your skin to breathe without applying active products. By alternating the use of active ingredients like glycolic acid or retinol, you can help your skin build up a tolerance and maintain its strength.

Though skin cycling routines can be amended to fit all skin types, it can be especially useful for those who struggle with skin irritation or redness on the regular. And unlike a one-size-fits-all beauty routine, an individually curated skin cycling routine allows you to stay flexible.

How to curate the perfect skin cycling routine

To fully experience the benefits of skin cycling, it's important to develop a routine that works for you and your skin. So let's delve into what each day of your skin cycling ritual should look like.

Night one: Use an exfoliating product to rid the skin of impurities

The best way to start your skin cycling routine is by exfoliating. Whether you use an at-home chemical peel or a skin-smoothing body-polishing scrub, exfoliation is a foundational step of any skincare ritual.

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The primary goal of physical or chemical exfoliants is to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, makeup, and dirt that might be clogging pores. And a gentle facial scrub is also a great way to prep your skin for the remainder of your nighttime skincare routine.

For a skin-smoothing and pore-refining experience, you'll be best off with JUARA's Radiance Enzyme Scrub & Enzyme Mask. This invigorating cleanser and scrub contains natural physical exfoliants like jojoba and bamboo beads that serve to refine and purify your skin.

Night two: Retinoids can be applied in order to firm and moisturize the skin

Regardless of your skin type, skin cycling is ideal for preventing skin irritation or redness. By limiting your usage of active components, you can ensure that your skin isn't overstimulated or stripped.

The second night of your specific skin cycling routine should involve applying a retinoid. Derived from vitamin A, these skincare ingredients are great for erasing fine lines and wrinkles or other premature signs of aging.

Opt for an anti-aging facial serum if you have sensitive skin

If you have reactive or sensitive skin, retinol usage might lead to more harm than good. In this case, we recommend using an all-natural serum loaded with plant-based botanicals, instead.

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Our Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while being gentle and good to your skin. Carefully crafted with a proprietary blend of botanicals, this brightening vitamin C serum contains natural ingredients like watermelon extract and goji berry, perfect for your newest skin cycling routine.

For a more localized anti-aging skin treatment, use a soothing cream like our Coconut Illipe Hand and Nail Balm.

Nights three and four: Allow your skin to recover and focus on moisturization

If you want your active products to do their job well, you need to ensure that your skin has time to rest and relax. So, the last two nights of your skin cycle should focus solely on skin recovery.

These days are essential to improving skin health and enhancing your natural glow. Your skincare products should contain hydrating ingredients that will infuse your skin barrier with some much-needed moisture.

Prioritize skin barrier moisturization and all-natural ingredients

older woman looking confident acne prone skin conditions unclog pores

Your daily skincare routine wouldn't be complete without an all-natural body lotion. And our Tiare Jasmine Body Creme is the perfect overnight treatment for thirsty, dry skin, as it's full of skin-nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, illipe butter, and candlenut oil.

This hydrating cream is rich yet delicate and pairs perfectly with our Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer. This gel moisturizer is made with ultra-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and is a much-needed addition to any morning routine.

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Final thoughts

From improved collagen production to an even skin tone, skin cycling may bring you the beauty benefits you've long been seeking. Discovering the beauty routine that's right for you is the key to healthy, glowing skin - and that's the least you deserve!

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