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What's The Difference Between A Facial Cleanser And A Face Wash?

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What Is Cleanser

The first step of your daily skincare regimen should involve a facial cleanser. Face cleansers rid your skin of makeup, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that cling to the surface, helping to keep your complexion healthy and refined.

At a glance

  • A facial cleanser is a skincare product that gently removes excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and makeup from your skin.
  • There are various types of face cleansers, including foaming cleansers for acne-prone or oily skin, gel cleansers for dry or sensitive skin, and cream cleansers for normal or combination skin.
  • Unlike cleansers, face washes often contain harsh surfactants that dry and disrupt the natural pH balance of your skin.
  • Always cleanse your skin two times a day with lukewarm water before following up with a daily moisturizer.

Keeping your pores clear not only promotes better skin health but also encourages a naturally gorgeous glow. It preps your skin for the remainder of your beauty routine while leaving your complexion smooth and radiant.

Keep reading, and we'll share with you everything you need to know about facial cleansers and washes.

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What is a facial cleanser?

An effective yet soothing facial cleanser is the foundation of any well-rounded skincare routine. The primary purpose of facial cleansers is to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells that conglomerate on your skin and clog your pores.

Removing impurities from your skin's surface is essential for maintaining blemish-free skin. You can't expect to keep your skin clear without taking the necessary time to cleanse your skin both morning and night!

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How do cleansers work?

Most facial cleansers contain surfactants, compounds that absorb the impurities on your skin before being rinsed away. Gel cleansers, cream cleansers, and foaming cleansers are all specifically formulated to be gentle on your skin barrier while effectively unclogging pores and removing dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Types of cleansers

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product when it comes to skincare. You need to find the products that work best for you and your needs!

Foaming cleansers: For oily or acne-prone skin

The foundation of any nourishing and healing skincare routine is a soothing face cleanser. And if you're looking for a way to deep cleanse your skin, a foaming cleanser is likely the best choice. That's because a foaming formula has a texture ideal for whisking away dead skin cells, bacteria, or dirt.

For deep cleaning, you're best off swapping out your favorite foaming product with an exfoliating cleanser. To better cleanse and nourish your skin, enhance your at-home spa day with our energizing coffee body scrub or regularly indulge in our Radiance Enzyme Scrub & Enzyme Mask.

woman washing her face dry face cleansing impurities cleanser cleansing

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Gel cleansers: For dry or sensitive skin

Gel cleansers are ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin. Gel cleansers remove excess oil and prevent clogged pores, all without stripping your skin.

The Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel from JUARA is an award-winning purifying body cleanser that hydrates and freshens the skin, making it the queen of all gel-based cleansers.

Cream cleansers: For all skin types

Made for all skin types, the Rice Facial Cleanser from JUARA is a lightly foaming and sulfate-free cleanser that's infused with natural ingredients and fruit extracts to promote a bright, healthy complexion.

Its creamy and luxurious formula is gentle enough to double-cleanse with, all while maintaining a high degree of effectiveness.

What is a face wash?

Unlike facial cleansers, soaps and washes often contain harsh chemicals and aggressive surfactants that can potentially dry your skin. It's important to promote natural moisture and a healthy pH balance in order for your skin to stay healthy and radiant!

For healthy skin from head to toe, use a plant-based body wash formulated with all-natural ingredients, like JUARA's Candlenut Bar Soap.

woman washing her body with soap skin clean muslin cloth make up micellar water

This simplistic yet delicate foaming soap cleanses your skin without stripping away natural moisture. Its creamy formula is packed with hydrating ingredients like candlenut oil, mango seed butter, and shea butter, all of which work together seamlessly to mend and nourish dry skin.

Tips for properly cleansing your skin

Though cleansing your face might seem like a straightforward enough process, there are some things you should always bear in mind.

For starters, consistently wash your face twice a day. This prevents buildup and keeps your skin clear and fresh. Gently massage your cleanser on a wet face, and be sure to only use lukewarm water in order to prevent skin stripping. Rinse any traces of your product from your face before patting it dry.

Lastly, don't forget to follow up with a skin-soothing moisturizer. A moisturizer helps to nourish your skin and replenish the natural oils that might have been erased.

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Even after washing your hands in the sink, apply a natural anti-aging hand cream to heal and hydrate your skin.

Final thoughts

Whether you have flawless, glass skin or you struggle with a plethora of skin issues, cleansing is an integral part of any skincare ritual. From removing bacteria and oil to refining your skin tone, a soothing and gentle face cleanser can help you heal and nourish your skin the way you should.

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