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Herbal Tonics: Uses, Benefits, And More

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Herbal Tonics

Herbal tonics have countless restorative and healing properties that help to encourage a well mind, body, and soul. For thousands of years, these stimulating and refreshing drinks have been enjoyed across the globe.

At a glance

  • A herbal tonic is a healing and restorative beverage made from seeping various herbs in hot water.
  • For thousands of years, herbal tonics have been used to enhance and heal the mind, body, and soul.
  • These healing tonics frequented the Indonesian herbal customs and practices known as jamu.
  • It is common for herbal tonics to be enjoyed in the form of a tea.

Medicinal tonics can be made from an assortment of healing herbs, including ginger or turmeric. These beverages have seemingly endless benefits and can be used to soothe an upset stomach, invigorate the senses, or calm the nerves.

Keep reading, and we'll share the countless uses and benefits of herbal tonics and how you can incorporate them into your life.

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What is an herbal tonic?

An herbal tonic is a refreshing and restorative beverage made by steeping various herbs in hot water. Many herbal tonics are often infused with other natural ingredients for a more robust flavor and increased health benefits.

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The history of tonic herbs and remedies

For thousands of years, herbal tonics have been used to heal and mend. Various cultures around the globe have created their own unique formulas and recipes for tonics, in order to treat illnesses, promote vitality, and aid in digestion.

Many of these ancient tonics are still used by countless individuals and families in our modern world. It's important not to understate the importance of natural herbal remedies and holistic healing when it comes to your overall wellness and well-being.

Herbal medicine from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Indonesian jamu rituals

It is believed that drinking herbal tonics for health benefits first started over 4,000 years ago under TCM. Ayurvedic and Unani practices also adopted this custom, in addition to the ancient Indonesian rituals of jamu.

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The power of jamu and natural remedies

Herbal tonics are only one of the many aspects of the jamu lifestyle. Natural skincare treatments and social community engagement are other common jamu practices.

In the book "JAMU LIFESTYLE: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition," co-founder of jamu-based skincare brand JUARA Metta Murdaya explores the history, recipes, and modern footprint of the jamu lifestyle.

At the heart of jamu are herbal tonics and concoctions, including the "get well" elixir known as Tolak Angin.

Infuse your self-care day with the essentials for better health and wellness

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If you're looking to treat yourself to a curative and mindful evening at home, try this Jamu Wellness Gift from JUARA. In addition to Metta Murdaya's award-winning book and a Tolak Angin herbal syrup with honey and mint, you also get the best-selling Candlenut Body Creme from JUARA.

The types of herbs in tonics

When crafting herbal infusions and tonics, there are a variety of plants that can be used. One of the most popular are called adaptogens, which are herbs that help assist your body's stress response. It makes for a great way to calm down and unwind after a long day!

Herbal infusions commonly come in the form of teas. When herbs are steeped in hot water, you get a soothing and enriching drink that can help balance the senses and mind.

Incorporate herbs, roots, and spices into your daily tea

For a calming and healing beverage, try JUARA's Soothing Island Comfort Green Tea. This tasty, creamy blend of natural ingredients includes organic turmeric, bilberry leaf, and ginger.

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Recent research from 2023 has pointed to the profound benefits of ginger when it comes to stomach health, so it's worth it to pour a steaming mug if your gut is in need of a pick-me-up!

Final thoughts

The first step to healthier living is to infuse your day-to-day with natural alternatives and herbal remedies. That's the best way to give your mind, body, and soul everything they need to truly thrive!

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