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Skincare and Wellness Company JUARA Hosts a Winter Wellness Giveaway with Brands Mindful Nutrition and My Barrière

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JUARA’s wellness collection features the “get well” Jamu Tolak Angin and “Jamu Lifestyle”, a luxurious book showcasing the recipes, how-tos, and beautiful stories of this traditional way of life.

New York, NY - Skincare and wellness company JUARA announces a partnership with Mindful Nutrition and My Barrière for an exclusive Winter Wellness giveaway. This collaboration aims to inspire diverse approaches to holistic wellness for individuals by going beyond a single product or brand.

This Winter Wellness collaboration is just the beginning for skincare and wellness brand JUARA, as they set their sights on exploring and connecting with more like-minded wellness companies in the future. JUARA fully recognizes that wellness is a deeply personal journey for all, and no one product or brand can “do it all”. Because of this, JUARA seeks to curate a comprehensive experience for individuals seeking mindful, healthy, and happy living through continued wellness collaborations. 

JUARA, a well-established skincare brand promoting beauty through simplicity, has been quickly shifting their primary focus from clean beauty to holistic health. The company firmly believes that self-care is both a fundamental part of healthy living and an individualistic journey, sharing this message through their wellness offerings and plant-based skincare products. They continue to expand their products to include a wide range of wellness teas, complementing their award-winning skincare line. As a part of this dynamic shift, JUARA plans to focus on wellness collaborations with like-minded companies. 

Mindful Nutrition, a veteran-owned company at the forefront of mental health awareness, creates delicious and healthy hot cocoa mixes.

This Winter Wellness Giveaway, being one of many to come, features two other wellness brands: Mindful Nutrition and My Barrière. 

Mindful Nutrition, a veteran-owned company at the forefront of mental health awareness, specializes in nutrient-rich, healthy hot cocoa mixes. Ingredients such as magnesium, ashwagandha, and collagen are tastefully blended into these hot cocoa mixes, offering a delicious and nutritious treat for the mind and body. Each drink mix is designed to “create moments of mindfulness” by encouraging a restorative mind-body connection and relaxing indulgence for the consumer.

My Barrière is an innovative supplement company that has created transdermal vitamin patches. These wearable vitamins deliver essential nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D3, biotin, iron, and zinc to the body while offering a stylish approach to daily supplementation. They’re hypoallergenic and third-party tested to ensure comfort and each comes in a wide variety of cute and chic designs to appeal to a unique sense of style. My Barrière's commitment to simplifying wellness aligns seamlessly with JUARA's vision.

My Barrière’s wearable vitamins are both practical and stylish, effortlessly delivering essential nutrients to the body while serving as a fashionable accessory.

JUARA has always been committed to celebrating natural beauty and holistic well-being. The company aims to empower its community to embrace various forms of wellness, understanding that each person's path is unique. This Winter Wellness Giveaway and future collaborations are a testament to JUARA's dedication to promoting holistic well-being in all its facets.

As JUARA paves the way for a new era of holistic self-care, the company invites individuals to join them on this transformative journey. The wellness collaboration with Mindful Nutrition and My Barriere marks the beginning of a series of exciting partnerships that will redefine the modern-day approach to wellness.

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