Community Fun: Self-Care Series on IGTV

Beauty is more than skin deep. We believe that true beauty incorporates wellbeing and community building which keeps us together. Join us as we feature content creators and a variety of guests sharing self-care tips, inspiration, and entertainment in snackable 20 minute episodes! Miss the live? No worries! Flip through our IGTV to catch up! Don't forget to follow us on @juaraskincare.

If you missed our JUARA Wellness Webinars last season, you can browse through and catch up here.


Episode 10

Date: 10th December, 2020

Name: Metta Murdaya

Title: Founder of JUARA Skincare

Topic: “Jamu Inspired Cocktail & Mocktail Tutorial”

Instagram: @mmurdaya


Learn how to make a Jamu inspired Tummy-Happy Cocktail with JUARA Co-Founder Metta for all the holiday season eating! Light, refreshing, festive and fun, even if you're alone, this Jamu cocktail uses easy to find ingredients to give a joyful, tropical spritz to your holiday spirit without weighing you down. Don't drink? No problem! We'll make the non-alcoholic version too!

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Episode 9

Date: 27th November, 2020

Name: Heather Whitman

Title: Sommelier & Founder of Vininterest

Topic: “What's the Holiday Drink that goes with Everything?”

Instagram: @vininterest


Heather has been a featured guest in JUARA Wellness Webinar series sharing how one can awaken our senses, relax, and enjoy a wine the way it is supposed to! Here we focus on a favorite that we can all enjoy a celebration with, whether physically together or apart!

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Episode 8

Date: 19th November, 2020

Name: Sheila Ferguson

Title: The Worry Expert

Topic: “Mindfulness Exercise”

Instagram: @fergusonsheila


Mindfulness Community:

Sheila's Book: Journey Back to Me 

Life is hard enough with people saying “don’t worry!” But anxiety does happen, if you’re going to be stressed or worried, then do it right where you will feel lighter and more productive! Join author Sheila Ferguson, The Worry Expert, on our IGTV series and she will show you how to do that! Sheila is the author of Journey Back to Me: Touring the Landscape of My Mind -- a fictitious story packed with lessons on mindfulness.

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Episode 7

Date: 16th November, 2020

Name: Andrea Bednar

Title: Master Performance Coach

Topic: “The Ultimate Self-Care Tips for your Home and Health” 

Instagram: @andreabednar



Andrea is a master performance coach that specializes in training people to design, practice, and sustain. Watch Andrea (and dogs!!) for 3 kinds of self-care you can incorporate in your day you won't believe you're missing out on!

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Episode 6

 Date: 12th November, 2020

Previously on 22nd October, 2020

Name: Aisha Beau

Title: Digital Content Creator & Speaker

Topic: “The Ultimate Self-Care Tips for your Home and Health” 

Instagram: @aishabeau



Podcast: Re-Written - available on blog, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Tune In + Alexa, iHeart Radio, Pandora 

Aisha is a self-care writer, digital content creator, and speaker, specializing in beauty, wellness, travel, and mental health, as well as an advocate for women of color. Watch Aisha on talking about how a mindful morning & evening routine have helped improve her day!

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Episode 5

Date: 5th November 2020

Name: Heesung Choi

Title: Fashion/Shoe Designer & Entrepreneur

Topic: “Inspired Design for Better Tomorrow”

Instagram: @sevenallaround @heesung_


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Heesung Choi is the founder of Seven All Around, a comfortable and stylish footwear brand that is ethically sourced. Before Heesung founded her own company she used to be the head of womenswear at Belstaff, Rag & Bone, and Public School. Watch Heesung as she dives into the latest fashions and her inspirations!

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Episode 4

Date: 29th October, 2020

Name: Metta Murdaya

Title: Founder of JUARA Skincare

Topic: “The Indonesian Gua Sha: Kerokan”

Instagram: @mmurdaya


Metta Murdaya is the founder of JUARA Skincare. In this IG Live episode she will focus on introducing the ancient but not forgotten Indonesian healing technique, kerokan. Want to know how Indonesians use a simple coin to heal a cold? Watch Metta Murdaya as she explains the power of kerokan and a tutorial on how to do it at home!

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Episode 3

Date: 9th October, 2020

Name: Meredith Morgan

Title: Content Creator & Curvy Model 

Topic: “Finding Joy in Movement” 

Instagram: @meridethmorgan,  



Merideth Morgan is a content creator & curvy model. Hear Merideth talks about bridging the gap between straight and plus sizes for inbetweeners sizes 6-8-10-12!

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Episode 2

Date: 29th September, 2020

Name: Ferdy Talan

Title: Content Creator

Topic: “Mastery and Self-Care” 

Instagram: @joyofpracticing



Ferdy is a content creator specializes in creating practicable knowledge for piano playing. Hear Ferdy as he shares his knowledge on mastery and self-care! 

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Episode 1

Date: 17th September, 2020

Name: Madisen English

Title: Digital Creator

Topic: “Natural Beauty, Natural Hair” 

Instagram: @naturally_madisen


Madisen is a content creator specializing in natural hair, self-care, and wellness. Hear about her skincare routine!

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