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Kombucha Skincare Benefits You Should Know About

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Kombucha Skin Benefits

Kombucha has quickly been gaining popularity in recent years. But this bubbly drink can do more than quench your thirst. Though its many restorative and curative properties have helped establish it as an excellent natural health remedy for hundreds of years, this fermented tea drink has countless beauty benefits as well.

Key takeaways

  1. Kombucha can clear breakouts and remove dead skin cell buildup.
  2. This fermented beverage is an excellent way to reduce the signs of aging.
  3. Kombucha tea soothes inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.
  4. This antioxidant-rich tea can effortlessly brighten your skin.

Known as "the elixir of life," incorporating components of this fizzy beverage into your daily skincare ritual can help you obtain the supple and glowing complexion you've been long seeking. This fermented tea boasts a rich variety of probiotics and antioxidants that will promote better skin health.

Keep reading, and we'll share four amazing skin benefits of kombucha that you should know about.

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What is kombucha?

Kombucha is one of the buzziest drinks out today. From health gurus to beauty bloggers, any and everyone is seemingly looking for a chance to indulge in this immune-boosting drink.

Especially when you consider the many health benefits that drinking kombucha can bring, it's impossible to resist the allure of this fizzy beverage. Even better - try using the best kombucha skincare products!

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For centuries, kombucha has been used for more than easing the tastebuds.

In short, kombucha is tea that has undergone a fermentation process. Traditionally, it is made with a base of black tea, but other tea types like jasmine, mint, or green tea can also be used.

Throughout history, kombucha has been utilized in many various herbal remedies and health fixes. The ancient Indonesian wellness custom of jamu often incorporated organic elements like kombucha, turmeric, and candlenuts in order to create healthy jamu tonics and the base for skincare rituals.

Kombucha is full of antioxidants, natural probiotics, and other organic acids.

The reason why kombucha is so revered when it comes to gut health, glowing skin, and immune support is that it's a great source of probiotic properties and organic acids. These natural elements neutralize free radicals while supplying your body with a hearty dose of healthy bacteria.

But this elixir of life doesn't end there. Thanks to the vitamin C and B vitamins in this fermented drink, it's able to effortlessly reduce oxidative stress, support cellular function, and promote healthy collagen production in your skin barrier.

#1. Kombucha can clear breakouts and remove dead skin cell buildup.

It's time to apply these many kombucha skin benefits to your daily routine.

a big jar of kombucha acetic acid kombucha good kombucha may hyaluronic acid

If you suffer from acne or the occasional breakout, it might be worthwhile to explore the many benefits of kombucha.

The fermentation process leaves kombucha full of skin-cleansing elements like lactic acid bacteria.

Because of the fermentation process that kombucha undergoes, it's full of antimicrobial properties which are excellent at inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria that leads to acne. The bacteria and yeast in kombucha also allow it to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and other impurities hiding in your skin's pores, further preventing the unwanted onslaught of pimples.

The probiotics in kombucha skincare products even help to reduce inflammation, thus minimizing the signs and effects of skin concerns like acne or atopic dermatitis.

If you're searching for natural and organic remedies for acne, try experimenting with an enzyme scrub to better promote healthy cell turnover and a glowing complexion!

#2. This fermented beverage is an excellent way to reduce the signs of aging.

The unique combination of polyphenols and vitamin C in kombucha paves the way for countless more potential benefits. These elements help to better protect your skin from free radical damage, which is often one of the reasons behind signs of premature aging.

an older lady applying face cream symbiotic culture of bacteria skin's microbiome skin maintain

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If you're looking to quickly erase those fine lines and wrinkles and achieve younger-looking skin, kombucha might be just the way to do that.

A gentle daily moisturizer with kombucha will give you smoother, younger skin.

The best way to take advantage of the many skin benefits behind this fizzy drink is by incorporating it into your daily skincare routine. With JUARA's Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer on hand, you'll be able to hydrate dry skin, smooth fine lines, and brighten your skin in a split second.

This nutrient-rich moisturizer is made from plant-based organics like kombucha, five-flavor berries, and rice bran oil. These natural ingredients serve to protect your skin from environmental stressors while promoting a hydrated, healthy glow.

#3. Kombucha tea soothes inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

Even if you prefer to utilize the drinkable form of black tea kombucha, a healthy gut can still encourage healthy, radiant skin. That's because of the many probiotics found naturally in kombucha!

These probiotics help to treat inflammation and can be particularly effective against inflammatory skin diseases and conditions like eczema, atopic dermatitis, allergic inflammation, and even UV-induced skin damage.

#4. This antioxidant-rich tea can effortlessly brighten your skin.

Though the many probiotics in kombucha can encourage anything from improved gut health to better skin hydration, the antioxidant properties of this bubble beverage can bring it to the next level.

someone pouring a big jar of kombucha skin microbiome board certified dermatologist

Kombucha is rich in antioxidants. For example, the polyphenols found in kombucha can help to prevent and treat various health conditions and diseases. Flavonoids, found primarily in green tea-based kombucha, are just another antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory element of kombucha.

Kombucha may be able to smooth, even, and brighten your skin tone.

This amazing blend of antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins makes kombucha the perfect cure for dry, dull, and drab skin. This sparkling drink is able to promote healthy skin and a glowing complexion, all thanks to the positive effect that kombucha can have on your body!

If you truly want to make the most of your kombucha skincare journey, use JUARA's Miracle Tea Eye Creme to better treat the delicate areas of your face with a healthy, natural remedy.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to spend the day sipping on the bubbly or infusing your skincare routine with kombucha, this fermented beverage can do a lot to promote better health and wellness, inside and out.

You only deserve the best!

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