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8 Medicinal Herbs And Spices For Better Health

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Best Herbs For Healing

It's easy to feel your natural health begin to wither away in today's fast-paced world. You're likely tired of being force-fed all the manufactured chemicals and harsh medicines marketed by big brands.

Herbs For Healing

  1. Ginger is a long-time staple of ancient Indonesian wellness traditions
  2. Cinnamon is able to keep blood sugar levels stable
  3. Garlic can lower blood pressure and help ward off illness
  4. Chamomile has wonderful calming properties that can promote sleep and reduce anxiety
  5. Echinacea is great for combating illness and can be used as an anti-infection
  6. Turmeric is widely renowned for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Lavender is a calming herb that can ease anxiety and promote better sleep
  8. Ashwagandha is great for naturally managing stress and anxiety

    Luckily, Mother Nature has long provided us with a myriad of healing herbs that truly promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. For thousands of years, various cultural traditions from around the world have found ways to heal naturally simply by utilizing the herbs around them.

    Don't know where to begin when it comes to these herbal remedies? Below, we'll go over seven of the top plants with healing properties you can use in your everyday life to promote complete wellness.

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    #1. Ginger

    Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years as a way to treat illnesses, promote healthy living, and improve wellness. Many of the spices sitting in your kitchen have a long and complex history that doesn't start and end with your dinner dishes!

    Take, for example, ginger. You may only think of it as a sushi condiment, but nearly 2,000 years ago, it was worth much more than that. In fact, even a pound of it was worth more than a sheep at the time. It's one of the most well-known Chinese medicinal herbs and has been used in countless traditional healing rituals.

    The History Of Ginger's Medicinal Benefits

    Ginger was long sought after due to its amazing medicinal advantages. Since the 1500s, it's been a popular way to promote health through natural means.

    In Asia, India, and Arabic regions, ginger has had a long history. For example, Chinese traditions utilized this powerful ingredient to treat anything from nausea to diarrhea.

    In Indonesia, it is often used for its purifying and calming benefits and is even able to refine the pores of the skin.

    In fact, ancient Indonesian cultures often used many spices and herbal remedies in order to treat the mind, body, and spirit. The Indonesian tradition of Jamu was one prevalent way of living that prioritized holistic healing through natural means.

    Herbal Remedies Through Ancient Jamu Rituals

    Taking root nearly 2,000 years ago, the Jamu lifestyle was built on fundamental principles of self-care, herbal healing, and joy. Even now, people around the globe have adopted this way of life to feel better in a modern, fast-paced world.

    Take, for example, the Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer from JUARA. The formula of this natural skin moisturizer starts with Indonesian ritual inspiration and ends with healing spices like ginger and cinnamon.

    It's a great way to effortlessly hydrate your skin while balancing and smoothing your overall complexion.

    Find Healing Herbs That Make You Feel Good Inside And Out

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    #2. Cinnamon

    And that brings us to the next herbal remedy on our list - cinnamon!

    Cinnamon has been a popular ingredient in Jamu elixirs for thousands of years thanks to its appealing taste and wonderful healing properties. It's native to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and has long been used there to treat anything from muscle soreness to swelling.

    More Than A Delicious-Tasting Spice

    In fact, the wellness benefits of cinnamon are amazingly fulfilling. It's also easy to utilize home remedies with cinnamon, as most households always have this spice on hand.

    Nowadays, it's been proven that cinnamon is able to effectively lower fasting glucose levels in order to keep blood sugar levels stable. So, feel free to add a stick of cinnamon to your morning tea or coffee to keep your energy levels high all day.

    In addition to its wide assortment of healing properties, it is also deliciously flavorful.

    #3. Garlic

    Garlic is a must when it comes to both cooking and healing. This perennial plant is well-known for its astounding flavor, but its medicinal properties are what stole the spotlight for a long time.

    Native to central Asia, garlic has long been used to reduce fevers, treat colic and liver disease, and prevent infections. Garlic's power largely stems from its amazing antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties.

    A Natural Way To Lower Blood Pressure

    But the benefits of garlic don't end there. Research has also shown that garlic can effectively lower blood pressure while reducing any risk of stroke or heart attack.

    If you know you might have issues with high blood pressure, it might be worth it to throw a few extra cloves of garlic into tonight's dinner. A 2020 meta-analysis of studies showed that garlic supplements were linked to a 16-40% reduced risk of cardiovascular events. This further proves the tangible evidence of the healing properties of garlic!

    A popular way to indulge in the healing benefits of garlic is by fermenting garlic in honey. And if you see a cold start to come on, be sure to down a clove or two to quickly fight off illness.

    Garlic can either be consumed raw or cooked. Plus, it's deliciously fragrant, giving you just one more reason to eat some!

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    #4. Chamomile

    At first glance, chamomile is just a gorgeously dainty flower from Eastern Europe and Asia. But don't let its simple daisy-like appearance deceive you - its medicinal benefits are impossible to overlook!

    Herbal Medicine For Great Sleep

    One of the most popular uses for this flower is to promote sleep. For years, chamomile has frequented traditional medicine and wellness rituals. Chamomile tea is a wonderful way to catch a few more Zs at night.

    In addition, it's able to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, making it a must-have for those cozy days in.

    Throughout time, chamomile has been used extensively in Europe to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. And it's been found to have extensive antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, antidiarrheal, and antidepressant properties. This flower can truly do it all!

    From being used to manage premenstrual syndrome to alleviating ulcerative colitis, there's very little that chamomile can't do for your health. To indulge in its benefits, you can either prepare it as a tea, apply it as a compress, or use it on your skin topically. A steamy cup of chamomile tea is also great for sore throats.

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    #5. Echinacea

    Echinacea is another flower that is about more than pleasing your eyes. It looks like a giant magenta-colored daisy and is one of the more common healing herbs out there.

    When it's harvested, it's pulled up by the root as you can utilize all parts of the plant. The roots are the most powerful, but they'll leave you needing to plant enough as they're harvested in their second year.

    A Powerful Remedy From A Beautiful Flower

    This herb is able to tackle the more intensive issues that many other herbs can't handle. Traditionally, it has been used to treat seizures, arthritis, cancer, and even snake bites. Today, it is more commonly used as a home remedy to ease the common cold and the flu.

    It's made from elements that are thought to alleviate pain and have antiviral and antioxidant effects. Studies have shown that it can even benefit upper respiratory infections.

    #6. Turmeric

    Turmeric is another spice that has been widely used for thousands of years, originating in South Asia. It's a major staple in Indonesian healing rituals and is featured in the Indonesian Lulur treatment.

    It's been frequently used medicinally for over 4,000 years but is still very popular today. It's widely used as a delicious cooking ingredient and is even utilized in skin treatments.

    The Most Powerful Herbal Medicine

    Turmeric has been widely studied and has been found to have plenty of antioxidant, anticancer, and antibacterial properties. Plus, it has potent anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great ingredient in skincare products. In the past, it was used to treat skin conditions, soothe the digestive system, and alleviate upper respiratory infections.

    It was often used in traditional medicinal practices, such as the ancient ritual of Ayurveda from India. Nowadays, it's often utilized to ease allergies, arthritis, digestive issues, and even depression.

    It's widely regarded as one of the top nutritional supplements, making its way into extracts and many culinary dishes. Not only does it taste delicious, but it'll promote holistic health the right way.

    Health Benefits That Soothe And Calm The Mind And Body

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    #7. Lavender

    Another one of the most popular medicinal herbs in today's world is lavender. This pleasant and calming shrub hails from the Mediterranean and is from the mint family.

    Promoting Health And Relaxation

    Lavender is often used in things like essential oils, baking, and personal care products. From medicine to aromatherapy, this herb has been widely used by humans for countless centuries. It's even believed to help with things like improving memory, pain relief, and promoting better sleep.

    It has plenty of calming properties that make it highly sought-after. If you're looking to get a good night's sleep or simply feel a bit more peace, it's a good idea to add some lavender to your daily routine!

    Watch the following video to learn how to prepare a simple herbal tea with lavender, giving you one more easy way to incorporate healing plants into your daily wellness routine.

    #8. Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or Indian winter cherry, is an evergreen shrub that is native to Asia, Africa, and parts of India and the Middle East. This herbal plant has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of health concerns.

    From Ayurvedic medicine to traditional Indonesian Jamu customs, ashwagandha is one of the most widely recognized medicinal herbs.

    Research even shows that ashwagandha can help to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress. It's also widely recognized to be an effective adaptogen, a natural substance that can support the body's ability to manage stress and anxiety.

    However, ashwagandha can do more than calm inner stress and turmoil. This healing herb can also reduce swelling, soothe the mind, and lower blood pressure.

    Final Thoughts

    While traditional herbal remedies have stood the test of time, ongoing research continues to uncover new applications and benefits for these ancient herbs. Western applications of herbal medicine can help to maximize the potential of these natural remedies.

    Explore creative ways to incorporate these healing herbs into various aspects of your life, from culinary dishes to holistic skincare routines. The versatility of these medicinal herbs allows for endless possibilities, ensuring that you can easily find a personalized approach to wellness.

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