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How To Pair Body Oil With Lotion: A Guide To Luxurious Body Care

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How To Layer Body Oil And Lotion

Regardless of the time of year, our skin can sometimes feel moisture-deprived. There's nothing more haggard and frustrating than a dry complexion, so finding effective ways to deliver hydration is essential.

Key Takeaways

  1. Prep your skin by cleansing it with a gentle wash
  2. Next, use a rich and creamy moisturizer to provide maximum hydration
  3. Lastly, layer on a body oil to lock in moisture and transform a dull complexion into pure radiance!

Body oils and lotions are excellent tools for hydrating dry skin. When used together, they become the ultimate moisturizing treatment!

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1. Cleanse According To Your Skin Type

Our skin is delicate, and it's our responsibility to treat it with a tender touch. Especially during the winter months, it's easy for our skin to suffer. The cold air steals our skin's natural moisture, leaving it dry and dull.

But even year-round, many of us struggle to heal dry skin. When we have dry skin, it's hard to obtain that glowing complexion we deserve.

How To Repair And Moisturize Dry Skin

Each of us has a unique complexion that contributes to our fantastic individuality. Through our skin, we can express our life experiences and find empowerment.

Treating our skin well is the first step to feeling confident in our bodies. We need to be active in taking responsibility for our natural beauty!

Repairing dry skin might not be as simple as finding one perfect body moisturizer. Instead, it's a more in-depth process. And it starts with finding a skincare routine to provide your skin's protective barrier with the nutrients and hydration it needs to thrive.

Our skin barrier is delicate. So it's necessary to use products and ingredients that are gentle and supportive.

That's why body oils and body lotions are so effective. This powerful duo can penetrate your skin barrier to provide complete moisturization. Layering products like these can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of dryness.

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Everything Starts With Clean Skin

Before applying moisturizers and oils, you must ensure your skin is cleansed. Any hydrating products you use will be much more effective if your skin's surface is free of impurities like dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria.

Find the proper wash for your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, find a reliable wash to whisk away dirt and oil to unclog your pores. For those with more sensitive skin, ensure you use a gentle cleanser that doesn't exacerbate irritation.

Cleansing your skin helps your body oils and moisturizers be more effective. Cleanse in the shower or a warm bath, as the hot steam will open and revitalize your pores.

This is key to allowing your skin to be susceptible to the moisturizing effects of your body lotion and oils!

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2. Use A Body Lotion That'll Deliver Maximum Moisture

The moisturizing lotion or cream we use is the key to repairing dry skin. This is how we keep our skin hydrated and full of luxurious moisture.

Some debate whether to use body lotion before their body oil or after. Of course, you can do whatever you feel is best for your skin, but there's a reason why body lotion comes first!

Body moisturizers and lotions are what hydrate your skin. Body oils essentially serve to lock in moisture and preserve that powerful treatment. Using body oil is similar to slugging, and it's an excellent way to give your skin the rich moisturizing treatment it deserves.

Vitamin c both stretch marks oils dryness

Natural Ingredients Provide Your Skin With Genuine Moisture

The moisturizer or body lotion you use should be able to deliver your skin vital hydration. Again, natural ingredients are essential, as they can work together with your skin in ways that other simple active ingredients can't.

You should also ensure your moisturizer is compatible with your unique complexion. For example, some body lotions are more effective with certain skin types!

Shea butter and cocoa butter are popular ingredients in body lotions due to their rich and creamy moisturizing properties. Nutrient-rich formulas are ideal as they provide your skin with essential vitamins needed to repair damaged skin at the source.

JUARA's Candlenut Body Creme uses natural and luxurious ingredients to moisturize your skin the way it deserves. The inspiration for our skincare products comes from a profound understanding of the power that healthy skin has over our entire well-being.

We believe moisturization is about more than hydration. It's about repairing our body's armor to withstand anything!

The natural ingredients in this creme, like candlenut oil and rice bran oil, effortlessly smooth your skin's texture to let your complexion glow. These well-established natural ingredients have been used for centuries in ancient Indonesian wellness and health customs, and there's a reason why they're so effective.

This body cream is about more than a list of ingredients. It's about the profound collaboration hidden in this creamy and smooth formula. This velvety formula makes it exceptionally easy to awaken your skin's radiant glow!

Our Kartini Oil Candlenut Creme Duo is perfect if you want to give your skin the potent moisturization it deserves. By pairing our signature Candlenut Body Creme and luxurious Kartini Body Oil, your complexion can obtain the luminous glow it's been missing.

Benefits neck cocoa butter benefits oil oils oil

3. Find Body Oils That Are Perfect For Layering

Layering body oil and lotion isn't a one-step process. To truly enjoy the extensive rewards it can bring, you need to be diligent in your hydrating skincare routine!

A steamy, warm shower is critical in the beginning. And the last aspect is regarding your chosen body oil.

Complete moisturization comes from more than a trusted body lotion. The body oil you find should be able to lock in any moisture and repair dehydrated skin.

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Why Body Oil Is So Effective

Our body naturally produces oils to keep our skin supple and soft. But over time, many of our body's natural processes slow down.

As our skin ages, it's normal to see an increased amount of stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. But body oils help promote our skin's natural level of oil and moisturization, which is another reason why many oils are so effective at providing extra hydration.

Primarily, body oils are exceptional at locking in the hydration from our previously applied moisturizer. Oils with natural ingredients are also much better at penetrating our skin barrier to deliver a deeper hydrating treatment.

At JUARA, our Candlenut Glow Body Oil is lightweight enough to leave your skin feeling refreshed and youthful while still carrying a rich level of hydration. Its turmeric oil brightens a dull complexion, while its coconut oil nourishes and hydrates dull skin.

Gently massage this body oil into your skin after applying your moisturizer to allow your skin to absorb maximum hydration. Want some extra pampering? Add a few drops of this rejuvenating body oil to a warm bath and let your skin slowly soak in its delicious radiance.

The scent of this body oil is heavenly, but if you want to indulge your senses further, you can go for our amazingly popular Candlenut Perfume Oil. Its fragrant scent of rose, bergamot, and white jasmine allows both your skin and inner peace to reach new levels of indulgence. 

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