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5 Benefits Of Avocado Oil For Face & Skin

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5 benefits of avocado oil for face & skin 2021

As if avocados didn't already have our attention with their ability to make any meal more delectable, they decided to go all out with their nutrient-rich oil. The avocado, when pressed (literally) provides us with a whole array of health benefits for our skin.

Key Takeaways

  • Avocado oil benefits include mega moisturizing power
  • A few drops of organic avocado oil for skin may improve certain skin conditions
  • Essential fatty acids in extra virgin avocado oil may improve acne
  • Wound-healing avocado oil may promote skin healing whether rough texture or itchy skin is due to allergic reaction or from wounds and cuts
  • Use avocado oil in your skincare routine for its anti-aging benefits

    Avocado oil is a great addition to just about any skincare ritual, regardless of age or skin type. In fact, you can use avocado oil for skin, scalp, or hair. 

    But we're already getting ahead of ourselves. Below you can find the top 5 benefits that avocado oil can offer you and your skin. Well, go on!

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    1. Avocado oil is a mega moisturizer

    Avocado products by juara

    Vitamins are essential for good health, and our skin readily receives the rewards of the plentiful vitamin E that avocado oil contains. It already lives in cell membranes, so it's absorbed easily into the skin, especially when combined with other agents or eye creams.

    This moisturizing vitamin helps to strengthen the skin's lipid barrier function, which enables even better moisture retention. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant.

    That means it fights free radicals, slows the harmful cycle of sun damage caused by UV rays, and replenishes skin with hydration.

    Coconut oil coconut oil skin hydrated

    A few drops of avocado oil are excellent for those with dry or chapped skin

    This oil also possesses nutrients like potassium and lecithin. Potassium is important for new skin cell growth, and the skin cell renewal cycle is part of what keeps skin soft and supple.

    As an emollient, Lecithin also has the capacity to soften and moisturize. The fatty acids present in lecithin help seal in moisture by creating a barrier on the skin. This also protects the skin from unwanted elements.

    The best ingredients to mix avocado with

    Even a small amount of avocado oil on damp skin can help you deal with dry, flaky, or rough patches on the skin. When mixed with other moisturizing ingredients like organic honey or your favorite essential oil, a few tablespoons of this concoction will bring about smoother, softer, and more hydrated skin.

    Avocado oil has anti inflammatory properties

    2. Using avocado oil improves certain skin conditions

    Eczema and psoriasis affect a lot of people, and some may not even realize the exact condition they're dealing with. Both can make your skin itchy, red, and inflamed, causing a lot of discomfort and frustration.

    The urge to scratch may feel overwhelming and doing so often makes the situation worse, sometimes causing bleeding or at least additional redness and irritation.

    Monounsaturated fatty acids for psoriasis and eczema

    With psoriasis, the skin tends to be more scaly and thicker than with eczema. Eczema tends to appear on body parts that bend, like fingers, elbows, knees, or necks.

    Generally, the onset is earlier (in childhood) than with psoriasis, which doesn't generally show up until the late teen years or adulthood. The latter is often linked to serious health issues like diabetes or heart disease.

    If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should have your condition reviewed and addressed by a medical professional.

    While there may be a prescribed medicine or cream that is needed to treat these conditions, a lot of natural oils can also address some symptoms and make your skin all the more radiant with the appropriate care. Both of these skin conditions cause swelling and inflammation.

    Coconut oil sunburned skin skin care routine sweet almond oil

    Avocado oil mixed with the right skincare products can maximize its anti-inflammatory benefits

    The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil can have a healing effect on such conditions that irritate the skin and undoubtedly annoy you.

    Since avocado oil is a moisturizing emollient, it can help soothe and repair the skin as well. The lecithin (that aforementioned fatty acid) present in avocado oil helps your body beat back dry skin and also helps improve conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

    Studies back these ripe avocado health claims

    If you're looking for medically reviewed or academic research to back up these claims, there's a study from the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at Ruhr University that offers up some interesting information.

    The beneficial effects on the subjects using the cream containing avocado oil lasted for the entire length of the observation period. According to the researchers, these findings suggest it may be suitable for use in long-term treatment.

    As is often the case, more peer-reviewed studies are needed to understand all the effects of avocado oil, but there are some very good indications that using this oil for skin health may be a good option.

    3. Use avocado oil to help with acne

    Avocado oil helps with the effects of aging

    The benefits of using this oil are not limited to dry skin or flaky skin. Even oily skin that is acne-prone can benefit from the oil when used in something like an enzyme mask.

    Avocado oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can calm irritation and reduce redness. Fortunately for acne, avocado oil addresses these side effects without clogging pores or leaving behind greasy buildup.

    As mentioned above, this oil also contains potent antioxidants. Antioxidants help keep your skin clear in a couple of ways. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, along with pollution and other environmental factors, can make acne worse by clogging pores and causing inflammation.

    By fighting free radicals, the antioxidants and essential fatty acids in avocado oil help reverse these tendencies.

    A lot of people trying to combat breakouts think of oil as the enemy, but achieving balance is the key. Keeping skin moisturized will help regulate sebum production.

    You don't want skin overcompensating by producing excess oils when you dry out your skin with various products. Thinking holistically about your approach to acne can help improve overall skin health and reduce future breakouts, like with our holistic enzyme mask

    While there aren't specific foods that cause acne, there are certain components of a diet that can exacerbate acne and lead to breakouts in those that already have acne-prone skin. Here's Dr. Dray (no, not that one - that's Dr. Dre), with some words of advice:

    4. Applying avocado oil works well for wound healing

    Juara avocado

    First aid should clearly be the first step for cuts and scrapes on the skin, but to help the healing process along, this oil may come in handy. Using avocado oil as a way to help with wound healing works so well for a couple of reasons.

    Oleic acid in avocado oil can promote collagen production

    As one 2013 study shows, acids like the oleic acid found in this oil can promote collagen production. This aids in the creation of connective tissue which rebuilds skin after an injury.

    Another reason it makes sense to use this oil as part of the wound-recovery process is because of its anti-inflammatory effects. The acids like linoleic acid in avocado oil reduce inflammation, which allows for faster healing.

    The nutrients and vitamins you benefit from when using avocado oil help keep skin moisturized. This provides additional benefits related to healing, including nourishing the skin barrier.

    Hydrated skin and a healthy skin barrier keep unwanted irritants out. So raise a glass (or jar of avocado oil) and toast to healing!

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    5. Avocado oil for anti-aging benefits

    Use avocado hot oil treatment for hair massage into scalp or apply avocado oil on face

    The healthy fats found in avocados and present in avocado oil may help our skin as we age - especially when used in creams for your hands, face, arms, etc. The fatty acids (like oleic acid), proteins, and beta-carotene in this oil help increase collagen metabolism. Any assistance with collagen production improves the suppleness and elasticity of our epidermis.

    Environmental stressors impair the skin's barrier function and cause inflammation of the tissue. Continued inflammation can exhaust the body's defense system, weakening the strength of the skin's supportive structures that provide elasticity. It even impacts the presence of hyaluronic acid which helps with hydration.

    So say goodbye to under-eye bags because your next miracle eye cream will certainly contain avocado oil. 

    Coconut oil aloe vera skin protection

    The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado oil lead to various skin benefits.

    When it comes to addressing early signs of aging, it's a real skincare winner.

    Avocado oil for skin contains vitamins that help counter some of the less flattering features that come with age. Since vitamin A and E are both antioxidants, they address photo-damage that leads to fine lines and discoloration on the face, neck, and décolletage.

    Fortunately for skin, avocado oil is one of the most commonly used oils in the Indonesian tradition of Jamu, which inspires all of JUARA's beautifying formulas. TheRadiance Vitality Oil, for example, is infused with candlenut, avocado, and coconut oils, among other hydrating and nourishing ingredients.

    Before you use avocado oil mask from jar or hot oil scalp or hair mask try patch test

    Avocado oil and Jamu

    Indonesian beauty rituals have long depended on this fabulous fruit, alongside other nourishing botanicals like turmeric, coconut oil, and shea butter. Avocado oil can help with everything from chapped skin to brittle hair to dry scalp.

    Avocado oil may just become one of your body's best friends. It's a natural moisturizer that has a variety of healing effects on the skin.

    Avocado oil and olive oil are preferred over other oils

    Avocado oil is a carrier oil, as opposed to an essential oil. If you're relatively new to the oil game, essential oils are distilled from the root or leaves of a plant and are highly aromatic.

    Carrier oils, like olive oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil, generally come from the seeds or nuts of a fruit

    When you're in the process of seeking out skincare products you may want to look for avocado oil in the list of ingredients. Unless you're allergic to avocados, of course, your skin and hair will likely see the positive effects of this impressive oil.

    A fruit with plenty of scientific evidence to back these claims

    Many of these health benefits have been documented in peer-reviewed studies and medical research, not to mention years and years of experience and empirical testing by healers around the world.

    The combination of potent botanicals will boost your beauty ritual and leave you feeling luxurious.

    Avocado juara

    A perfect addition to your skincare regimen

    All you need is 2-3 drops a couple of times a day. First, cleanse your skin with warm water and a gentle product like our Rice Facial Cleanser, then apply toners or serums of your choice.

    Finally, you can massage the Radiance Vitality Oil into your skin and gaze upon your absolutely luminous look.

    If your face is feeling particularly parched, you can combine this oil with your favorite moisturizing cream for additional hydration. However you decide to incorporate this holistic healing oil, you'll love the radiant glow it gives your skin.

    And now you'll know that these beauty-boosting benefits are in no small part due to the gifts of the great avocado oil.

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