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How To Apply Eye Cream Correctly

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How To Apply Eye Cream Correctly

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin has a big job and a lot of area (literally) to cover. It protects us from environmental irritants, maintains a moisture balance, and so much more.

Sometimes we need to put in a little extra love and attention as we take care of our skin. This is especially true for certain areas.

You may have observed that the skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive when it comes to sub-optimal sleep patterns, changes in your diet, or just the passing of the years.

With radiant-looking skin care in general it's important to be gentle, and when applying eye cream or other beauty products to the skin around your eyes, it's best to be extra careful.

Before we talk about how to care for this vulnerable area of our visage, let's go over a few of the reasons it requires some extra care.

Under-eye worries and woes

The skin around the eye area is delicate. Some folks experience issues like sagging skin, puffy bags, or dark circles. Most people will have more fine lines and wrinkles (commonly called crow's feet) around the eyes.

There are a few reasons why the eye area is especially vulnerable.

As we get older, the muscles surrounding the eyelids can stretch out and lose some of their strength. This can lead to skin sagging. Fat that once lent support to the area can move below the eyelids and add to that puffy appearance.

Water retention can be another cause of under-eye puffiness. Consuming too much salt and too little water can exacerbate the issue. That's why you want to make sure you're drinking enough fluids, especially if you're savoring salty foods.

It does make a difference, however, which kinds of fluids you're putting in your body. Drinking too much alcohol can negatively impact your health in general, and your skin in particular. Water is life, and moisture is a big part of what makes skin happy and healthy.

The under-eye zone has skin that is thinner than elsewhere on your face and body. Because it can appear almost translucent in some cases, it adds to an unwanted shadowy look. What's happening is that the thin skin shows some of the blood vessels that are right beneath the surface.

Occasionally an extreme situation (like when drooping eyelids impair vision) may require medical intervention, but for the most part, it's all part of the aging process and can be taken in stride.

Some skin concerns in the eye area are hereditary, but that doesn't mean you are powerless in counteracting the effects. There's a certain amount you can do to address signs of aging and give your skin a more youthful glow.

Try to get enough sleep, stop smoking (or don't start), and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Excessive stress can also add to skin troubles, so remember to take a deep breath and do the best you can for you today. Self-care is well worth your time.

Lastly, use eye creams and other products to help replenish what your skin needs most.

Skin care products that are more than meets the eye

As beauty bloggers or any given article can tell you, not every eye cream or anti-aging gel does what it claims. A product that promises it will completely erase crow's feet could be exaggerating just a bit, but there are still some rather impressive options out there.

When it comes to eye cream, you not only need to know how to properly apply it, but also what it contains.

The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of the skin on your body

JUARA's products are all inspired by the Jamu, the Indonesian tradition of herbal healing, wellness, and beauty. Ingredients are sourced from nature and harness the knowledge and experience garnered from ancient times up to today. Like the recipes themselves, JUARA blends all the best together.

Exotic oils and other nutrient-rich ingredients are complemented with well-researched skincare approaches and dermatologist tested to make sure everything is safe and effective for the skin.

Every product from JUARA brings out your natural beauty and helps your skin stay hydrated. Harsh chemicals are avoided, and the company is cruelty-free as well.

When you apply an eye cream or any other product from JUARA - like our refreshing enzyme mask - you will feel the effectiveness of the thoughtfully designed formulas with that dose of indulgence you deserve. As you use JUARA, you'll  notice the firming and smoothing effects on your face and body, while you take in the wonderfully aromatic tropical fragrances.

Let's look a little closer at a couple of JUARA's eye creams that enhance your skin's natural moisture barrier and help maintain its suppleness.

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Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme (with turmeric)

While it's pretty unrealistic to expect a complete shake-up in the space-time continuum, there are a few things you can do to make it appear like you're slowing down the clock. Using the right ingredients and a gentle touch when you apply eye cream is key.

Opting for natural ingredients that have proven their place in skin care circles is always a step in the right direction. One product that relies heavily on the wonders of Mother Nature is JUARA's multi-tasking tonic, the Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme. 

Packed with hydration-boosting botanicals, calming agents, and antioxidants, it addresses all the common concerns regarding that delicate skin around the eyes. From fine lines and wrinkles to dry skin or eye bags, this product is (as it says in the name) the complete package.

Fermented sweet black tea or “Teh Ajaib” (Magic Tea in the Indonesian language) takes center stage in this formula. Also known as kombucha, this ingredient started out as a longevity drink but has since been used to invigorate and energize skin.

According to a Shape article on kombucha in our skincare, it can help restore the skin barrier and balance out bacteria. Dermatologist Shasa Hu, M.D. says that many studies point to the positive impact probiotics can have on inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne.

When topically applied, these probiotics could help regulate the skin's microbiome, which would support the natural ability of the skin to protect itself from further environmental aggressors. Hadley King, M.D., another dermatologist in the article, says all of the aforementioned assets of kombucha can  make skin look more moisturized.

Use this cream to get vitamin c apply kombucha to reduce dryness

Having hydrated skin, as you may know, helps it appear and feel more youthful. And with all the vitamins and minerals this Miracle Tea Eye Creme contains, there are multiple layers of potential protection.

Another featured ingredient in this eye cream is the Indonesian spice and skincare staple, turmeric. It's a potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

As you can imagine, any inflammation in the area around your eyes can cause puffiness. The turmeric in this eye cream tames the inflamed skin and helps reduce the appearance of unsightly bags. Golden chamomile is another one of the skin care ingredients in this cream that can soothe skin and lessen the look of puffy eyes.

The antioxidant properties in turmeric play an important role as well. So not only is it anti-inflammatory, but it fights free radicals.

Free radicals are a byproduct of cellular metabolism, but even though they're part of a natural biological process, it's not always great news for your body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that essentially steal electrons from stable molecules thus creating a chain reaction that can cause damage to healthy cells. This means more oxidative stress and older-looking skin.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun, pollution, and other environmental toxins can all trigger free radicals and lead to premature aging. The antioxidants in turmeric minimize the damage caused by free radicals by giving up their own electrons to neutralize free radicals (without becoming unstable themselves). Way to go, antioxidants.

It's hard to cover all the amazing ingredients in this impressive eye cream, but we should also highlight the clove flower's ability to inhibit melanin synthesis, which enables it to brighten dark circles and even out skin tone. The Indian gooseberry in this formula makes skin more supple by inhibiting the breakdown of collagen, which is an essential part of the supportive fabric of our tissue.

We could go on and on about The Miracle Tea Eye Cream but suffice it to say it's all in the name. This eye cream is a marvelous little miracle worker that tightens and brightens and makes you look well-rested and wonderful.

And while we're on the subject of miracles, there's another eye cream that you can use if you have especially dry skin and want to reduce the look of wrinkles around the eye area. With JUARA, there's more than one way to show yourself some love.

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Miracle Tea Recovery Creme

Not all eye creams are created equal. The Miracle Tea Recovery Cream is a nutrient-rich eye cream specifically formulated for skin that thirsts for more moisture.

When you use this cream, the plant-based retinol alternative manages to both brighten and smooth skin, making it feel much more supple. However, while retinol causes skin to be sensitive to sunlight, that's not the case with this cream. That means you can use this cream day or night.

Kombucha is once again the miracle worker for this cream. With its Alpha Hydroxy acids, lactic acid, and magic acid, it gently exfoliates that dull layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin.

To help hydrate the skin, a combination of moisturizers must be used. Humectants, emollients, and occlusives all play a part.

Hyaluronic Acid or Aloe vera are often used in skincare products to attract moisture to the top layer of the epidermis. In this recipe it's glycerin that gets the job done. Coconut, candlenut, and avocado oils all help seal in that moisture, and keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

The Miracle Tea Recovery Creme also contains vitamin C, which is essential for collagen synthesis. Since our collagen production peaks at night, you can smooth on this cream in the evening and double down on your beauty bet. Since collagen helps our tissue heal and repair itself, you'll be doing wonders for your skin while you're sound asleep.

Any article that mentions hyaluronic acid will underscore the hydrating ability of hyaluronic acid

How to apply your eye cream like a pro

Now that we've covered what's in - or what should be in - your eye cream, let's discuss how you can apply eye cream to that delicate skin of the eye area. Whether you're hoping to diminish the look of dark circles or decrease the intensity of crow's feet, the way you apply eye cream remains the same.

There's more than one article about how to apply cream to the area around your eyes, but if you follow each step below when applying eye cream, you'll be just fine.

Step 1: Select your preferred eye cream.

Consider what you're looking for in a product. Do you want to minimize fine lines, or is brightening dark shadows in the eye area your priority? Different eye creams may shine more in one area than another, though some can check off multiple boxes in your must-have list.

Step 2: Apply eye cream with ring finger and a delicate touch along the orbital bone.

Make sure your hands are clean and then proceed to put a pea-size amount of the product on your ring finger. The ring finger tends to exert less pressure when we use it to apply products on our skin, and being gentle is imperative. Pulling or pressing too hard when working with the area around the eyes is never a great idea.

Using a small amount to begin with is best. You can dab small dots of the cream on the inner corner below your eye and proceed in a semi-circle up to the brow bone. When you gently tap the skin you help the product become absorbed and it also stimulates circulation. 

Be sure to stay along the orbital bone and not too close to the eyes or eyelids.

Step 3: Wait for eye cream to absorb into skin before applying other skin care products

After you apply eye cream, wait a moment to let all the goodness get to work. If you immediately add on another layer of product, you could be rubbing off some of the essential ingredients that need to work their way below the surface.

So put a pause on putting anything else on your skin until it's dry or only slightly tacky. There's no need to rush. Just relax and enjoy the feeling of using quality eye cream.

You can read this article from Healthline on applying cream to the area under your eyes or watch this video for additional tips and tricks.

If you have questions or concerns about anti-aging beauty rituals and keeping your face looking youthful, there's more information out there. You can help reduce puffiness, do away with dark circles, and address wrinkles when you apply eye cream.

JUARA's eye creams continue to inspire and impress. Clients who use the eye creams keep coming back, time and time again. We look forward to hearing how you feel when you use it for yourself.

Customer reviews suggest this eye cream does what it says and compliment customer service

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