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5 Signs You May Have Combination Skin

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How To Know If You Have Combination Skin

At times, our skin can be challenging to understand fully. Yet, learning our individual complexion is a journey we must all embark on.

Key Takeaways

  1. Your skin is a combination of oily and dry skin types.
  2. Though your moisturizer may be great for your cheeks, it worsens your oily T-zone.
  3. You have dry skin in colder months and oily skin in warmer weather.
  4. Your T-zone is excessively oily.
  5. Your nose has larger pores than the other areas of your face.

We all have a unique skin type that makes us who we are. Here are five signs that you have combination skin.

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1. You Can't Figure Out If You Have Oily Or Dry Skin

When you analyze your skin, it can be hard to determine your skin type accurately. We have misconceptions and previous ideas about what our skin is or should be, and it's hard to leave that behind at times.

Though our faces are unique in their own way, finding out our skin type can help determine the perfect skincare routine for our complexion.

Dry Versus Oily Skin Type

Oily skin types are greasy and shine more than usual, and this imbalance can be attributed to an overproduction of our skin's natural oils (also known as sebum). On the other hand, dry skin is usually characterized by tiny, tight pores or flaky patches.

If you find yourself frequently reaching for blotting sheets and eyeing a shiny T-zone, you likely have oily skin. And you may have dry or dehydrated skin if your face has flaky patches or tight, uncomfortable skin.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to characterize your skin as either oily or dry. In that case, you may have combination skin!

The Intricate Balance Of Combination Skin

Combination skin is just that. It's a combination of oily and dry skin that often go hand-in-hand. Finding the perfect skincare routine for combination skin can be rather tricky as you need to carefully balance your products to tackle your skin's unique concerns.

Not only do you need to manage your skin's excess oil production, but you need to give your complexion the moisture it needs to heal its dry barrier. That's where products like JUARA's Coconut Illipe Hand and Nail Balm come into play.

Remember that it's not just our faces that have a skin type! Our entire bodies are a canvas of our life, and our skin is an artistic masterpiece. That means that anywhere from your face to your legs can have a particular skin type.

You can rely on this hand balm from JUARA for an incredibly moisturizing yet firming treatment. Its rich and silky formula gives your skin the strength and hydration needed to build a strong protective barrier. Anything from wrinkles to excess sebum will be effortlessly reduced with the help of ingredients like rice bran oil and oat bran.

Oily skin dry skin oily skin normal skin sebaceous glands different skin types normal skin dry skin feels oily

Ingredients That Heal Combination Skin No Matter Where It Might Be

The ingredients JUARA uses aren't chosen at random. They have been used for years in ancient Indonesian wellness customs as a way to achieve everlasting and glowing skin. And now, we use the same ingredients to create skincare products that revitalize and heal your skin the way it deserves.

This hand balm will quickly ease discomfort whenever your nails or skin feels dry or stressed. Its formula is a graceful balance of moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and illipe butter and smoothing elements like sea algae and rice bran oil.

If you're focusing on the areas of your face in your skincare routine, don't neglect the rest of your body! For an all-over hydrating treatment, JUARA's Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel is another effortless way to get glowing and radiant skin from top to bottom. Use it in the shower, and watch how our iconic candlenut oil replenishes and nourishes your dried complexion.

2. Your Moisturizer Is Great For Your Cheeks, But Leaves Your T-Zone Oily

Combination skin is typically marked by a careful harmony of dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. When your face feels unbalanced in this way, finding the right ways to treat your unique complexion can be challenging.

Regardless of your skin type, you should always use a daily moisturizer to maintain a healthy and hydrated glow. But people with combination skin often face discord when applying their moisturizer.

If you’re not quite sure whether you have the combination skin type, you can analyze how your skin response to your moisturizer to find out more. 

Sensitive skin type skin care routine mild products skin produces oil free skin type dry skin dry patches skin care

Not All Products Are Created Equally

On the one hand, your moisturizer may be readily absorbed by dry cheeks. But on the other hand, the oilier areas of your face, like your forehead, nose, and chin, may dislike the additional moisture.

If this happens to you, there are a few key ingredients you can incorporate into your skincare routine. To reduce oil buildup, use mattifying elements like salicylic acid. You can also opt for oil-free elements like hyaluronic acid or glycerin.

These ingredients can provide your skin with hydration without exacerbating sebum production.

3. The Weather Can Alter Your Complexion

A significant sign of combination skin has, in fact, little to do with the skincare products you use. Instead, combination skin reacts to our outside environment, and the weather plays a massive role in how our skin behaves.

Combination skin can act differently as the seasons change. In hot weather or during the summer, combination skin feels extra oily. Your T-zone likely becomes greasy during the day, and it can be hard to keep that pesky shine in check.

In warmer weather, make sure you use a lightweight moisturizer and a mild cleanser. If you need to, you can also use blotting paper during the day to help manage the shine.

But during the colder months, when your skin is deprived of moisture, your skin can appear drier than anything else. If you're used to your skin changing drastically during seasonal shifts, you might have combination skin!

Dry skin determine your skin type dry skin skin feels sensitive skin type normal skin oil free skin skin skin

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4. Your T-Zone Is Oily, While The Rest Of Your Face May Be Normal Skin

Oily skin and combination skin can often get intertwined. That's because a primary indicator of combination skin is an oily T-zone.

While the rest of your face is dry or even normal, combination skin can leave your T-zone in a perpetual state of shine. And if you have any oily skin, you're likely prone to getting stubborn breakouts.

A buildup of skin impurities like dead skin cells, facial oil, dirt, and makeup usually causes clogged pores. These elements can potentially clog your pores and leave you susceptible to breakouts. And when you have particularly oily skin, it's easier for acne-prone skin to become exacerbated.

How To Reduce That Pesky Shine Without Making Your Skin Feel Tight Or Dry

If you have more oil on your skin than not, a purifying cleanser or exfoliator can go a long way in mattifying and revitalizing your complexion. However, be sure to avoid harsh scrubs or drying products as you still need to maintain a healthy level of moisture for dry areas on your face.

JUARA's iconic 3-in-1 Radiance Enzyme Scrub & Enzyme Mask is perfect for those with oily skin. This cleanser, exfoliator, and enzyme face mask treatment tackle any and all of your skin concerns to leave you with youthful and glowing skin after one use.

Its highly effective yet gentle exfoliating properties effortlessly whisk away skin impurities. Without stripping your skin of its natural barrier, this naturally brightening enzyme product also rejuvenates dull skin to leave you with a refined and radiating complexion!

If your skin has dry patches, this product's beautiful combination of natural ingredients moisturizes dry skin quickly. From the refining and brightening ingredients like apple enzyme to clove flower to JUARA's signature moisturizing candlenut oil, there's no limit to what this product can do for your skin.

You can use this enzyme scrub twice weekly to boost your skin's natural brilliance. After gently massaging the product into wet skin, let it sit on your face for another two minutes for a mask effect.

This allows the enzymes to deeply penetrate your skin, both evening and softening a dull complexion. Rinse, gently pat dry, and then watch how your skin glows, free of excess oil!

Different skin types cheeks sebaceous glands sensitive skin type sensitive skin dry skin dry skin

5. You Have Enlarged Pores Around Your Nose

Oily skin is a primary marker of combination skin. Typically, that oily shine is concentrated in an area known as the T-zone, which includes parts of your face such as your forehead, nose, and chin.

Your face will be excessively oily, and your nose may also have enlarged pores. Finding the best cleanser for combination skin will help ensure your face is free of breakouts and buildup.

You don't need a combination skin type to have large pores. Many factors, such as age, genetics, and sun exposure, can affect pore size. Though you can't alter the shape or size of your individual pores, you can use products that minimize their appearance.

To reduce the appearance of large pores, try beauty products with ingredients like retinol, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). These elements effortlessly minimize pores and contribute to a smooth and even complexion.

Just because you have combination skin doesn't mean your skin type ends there! If you also have sensitive skin, your face may be much more vulnerable to the effects of active skincare ingredients. For example, AHAs and BHAs might be too stressful on your skin and can lead to irritation.

Make sure you slowly incorporate new skincare ingredients into your routine to avoid damaging your skin. Natural formulas will be much better at healing your skin and providing you with the glowing complexion you deserve!

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