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Community Support: Free Webinars to Keep You Sane through Stressful Times

Metta Murdaya -




JUARA provides a series of webinars to address the questions, concerns, and self-care needs of our community to offer something positive to give back. We're lining up sanity-saving how-to's, answers to medical, relationship, professional, and overall self-care questions to be presented in an authentic, no-nonsense, straight-talking sort of way, with a big dash of positive vibes.

These sessions feature experts, front-line practitioners, and people who have mastered the life of working from home, and entrepreneurs who's seen rough times to help us all through! 

We've wrapped up Season 1 of our first JUARA Wellness Webinars and are so grateful to our guests, for their generosity, expertise, time, and most importantly - their genuine desire to offer genuine value to you. We're so excited to share the recordings with you so take a browse, share with your friends, bring your favorite comfort drink and enjoy! 


Note: If you want to be a guest on our webinar with something to offer the community, please fill out this Google form here. We want to feature you, your expertise, and your offer to the community.