How Generations of Indonesian Women Are Preserving an Ancient Juicing Tradition

Jamu, the general term for traditional herbal drinks that help improve digestion and maintain overall health, is a daily way of life and a cornerstone of culture across the Indonesian archipelago. “Jamu is all about accessible wellness, and that’s what makes it so powerful; it’s not just a beverage, it’s the concept of taking care of yourself,” says Metta Murdaya, founder of jamu-based beauty line Juara and author of Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition. A typical jamu juice, which falls somewhere on the bitter and sweet spectrum in taste, is created first by blending together a combination of roots, herbs, and spices to balance taste and desired health benefits. Then, the mixture is boiled in water until it’s ready to be bottled and served at room temperature later.


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