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Recipe Spotlight: Turmeric Eggs & Tamarind with Brussel Sprout Slaw

Metta Murdaya -

Jamu drink

One of my favorite jamu (herbal tonics) from Indonesia is the Kunir Asem. It is a combination of Turmeric and Tamarind blended in a superjuice (as I like to call it) with water, lime, a pinch of salt and palm sugar (or agave/honey.) Together, turmeric and tamarind together have a positive effect on your digestive system and helps fight inflammation in your system. But sometimes I don’t feel like making up a beverage – it’s not so convenient, but I know what is – breakfast or brunch. We all enjoy it so why not combine that Indonesian grassy spice of turmeric and the tangy sweet flavor of tamarind fruit in our everyday routine? Make the exotic accessible, in this easy-to-make recipe I created for my “secluded weekend on my own” leisurely brunch – and for sure I’ll be making it again!

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Scrambled Turmeric Eggs with Tamarind Sauce – Serves 1.


2 eggs

3 Tbsp milk

1 clove garlic, finely chopped (or garlic powder as a shortcut)

2 big pinches or 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder

pinch of sea salt

generous crack/shakes of black pepper (the bioperine in black pepper helps turmeric be more bioavailable and easily absorbed by the body)

coconut oil (to heat in the pan and a little bit for the egg mixture, adds a bit more of a tropical flavor note and turmeric is also more effective when mixed with a fat/oil)

Optional: Add a pinch of Garam Masala or Everyday Spice mix (from Trader Joe’s or of your choice)

1 tsp (or more, to taste) Tamarind Sauce/Tamarind Chutney found in the Asian/Indian section of supermarkets. Often the sauces are pre-made, great for dips, sauces or condiments.

Put the turmeric powder (optional spice powders if using), garlic, salt and pepper in the mixing bowl and put in a few drops of coconut oil.  Using a silicone spatula (best bet is to use one that is colorful, turmeric stains everything easily), blend well until you get a smooth paste.  Incorporate the milk into this mixture until well blended, then finally scramble the eggs in using a fork. Heat a little bit of coconut oil in a pan to medium, add  the egg mixture into pan and using the same silicone spatula, stir until fluffy and almost cooked through (the residual heat will end up cooking the eggs the rest of the way.  You can always vary by making it into an omelet and adding whatever ingredients to it that you like!

Brussel Sprout Slaw – Serves 1:

3-4 Brussel sprouts, raw, finely sliced to make ribbons

1 Tbsp pepitas (pumpkin seeds), toasted

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Juice of 1/4 Lemon

Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Optional: Add chopped baby kale, shredded carrots, julienned red bell peppers, red grapes, dried cranberries or diced seeded cucumber for additional greens, color or crunch.

Mix all ingredients together and serve.  You can use a slight squeezing motion as you mix to better help bruise the hearty leaves and allow the flavors of the dressing to seep in better.  If using this method, best to add in the more delicate add-ins (bell peppers, grapes, cucumbers) after the squeeze/toss session. This is supposed to be a clean, light and fresh salad to complement the richer flavor and softer texture of the scrambled eggs.

How to serve:

Plate the scrambled eggs on a plate, and drizzle lightly with tamarind sauce. Surround the eggs with a ring of Brussel slaw. Enjoy the delicious texture and temperature contrasts, as well as these healthy flavors together!