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Acne in Your 40's: 4 Ways to Fight It Naturally

Jill Sung -

Is that acne on my skin? Do my concealer creams even hide that topography on my skin? Acne at 40…REALLY? Is my future going to be filled with time spent hiding mountain ranges and molehills on my face all while I curse the hormonal acne and breakouts that have popped up everywhere on my skin? Like many women, I'm now on the search to figure out what are the causes of acne and skin breakouts, and especially, what causes adult acne in your 40s. Do I need a vitamin or two? A new skin care routine? Are there other women dealing with hormonal acne and menopause that can relate to my process? Feel free to answer back.  Because I could really use that vitamin right now. Ugh, hormones... What did women ever do to you?

Acne in your 40's


We all have deadlines, people to take care of, relationship woes, general life, etc. It’s surprising that I, as well as several other women, don’t have more hormonal acne on our skin and at our age if you think about it. But did you know that stress boosts the adrenal hormones of cortisol and androgen? And cortisol and androgen cause a little bit of testosterone that in women creates overactivity in our skin and oil glands? Yeah, I didn't know that either. But it makes sense considering that my skin is now dealing with acne at 40. So for any other women out there dealing with this kind of hormonal acne too, I see you. And I don't just mean the acne breakouts on your skin. I mean, I see your struggle. And your acne. Because my skin is breaking out in acne too.

Resist: Meta-analysis shows that yoga asanas can free skin and women from hormonal acne and cortisol production. And meditation decreases the body’s physiologic response to stress which benefits your overall health. Not the typical treatment prescribed for hormonal acne like an oral vitamin or topical cream your doctor or dermatologist would suggest. But if it's free and it'll help my skin care, acne, and menopause, then I'm willing to try anything! Wouldn't other women too?


Perimenopause, or menopause transition, post-pregnancy, and pre-period, along with hormone-related health issues like PCOS, all affect skin and hormone levels in women and make oil production, blackheads, acne, hormonal fluctuations, and pimples on your skin worse. And it's even common for women over 33 to form pre-period pimples on their skin and experience hormonal fluctuations - I mean, what's up with that? Women already have to go through menopause. Now all of these pesky side effects like acne on our skin too?

Retaliate: If you too are also dealing with hormonal acne at 40 on your skin like many other women, use non-stripping cleansers along with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments on your skin. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide unclog skin pores and get rid of natural bacteria hidden deep beneath your skin which contribute to your hormonal acne. Then follow up with an inflammation-fighting moisturizer treatment. Finding the balance in your skin care is key. So make sure to see your doctor or dermatologist for health issues related to menopause and see what treatment option will be the best for combatting breakouts in women due to menopause. Even set up a free consultation. Who knows - there might be a topical medication or series of hormonal treatments that your doctor or dermatologist suggests that actually works!


I don’t mean that fried foods and chocolate can cause your skin to develop hormonal acne at 40. But sugar feeds hormonal acne in women like no other. Sugar increases your insulin which boosts your androgen hormones. Those hormones are the direct culprit of hormonal acne and those pesky breakouts you're trying so hard to avoid through your skin care. And although the link between pollution and acne is still being established, there’s no denying that the particulates of pollution are probably not good for your skin. In fact, that's all the more reason why a good skin care routine is vital for women to treat hormonal acne and treat their overall health, no matter their age.

Resist: Cut out high glycemic foods or any other oral substances that might have hormonal effects. Even consult your doctor and do a deep dive of what to eliminate in your diet. Not sure what causes that insulin high, but check out the estimated glycemic load of your foods. Keeping your hormones in check is so much about what you eat.


Over-washing, as in more than twice a day, or harsh cleansers and exfoliants with high acid content can dry out the skin and cause the hormones in women to go out of whack. And with aging and sun damage, the collagen of your skin breaks down, and pores become bigger making them easier to clog and harder to treat acne.

Retaliate: Women should exfoliate gently and regularly to remove the build-up of dead skin cells. Gentle cleansers with oil-free or non-comedogenic moisturizers keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Not to mention that they can get rid of any leftover makeup you might have been wearing. Boost that healthy skin with collagen building, anti-oxidant agents that can soothe breakouts and inflammation. Even try an oral vitamin as a treatment for your hormones. Sticking to a consistent skincare routine can go a long way towards maintaining healthy skin cell turnover, fewer clogged pores, and a balanced skin barrier. AKA less acne and hormones for you to fight. Our 4-step JUARA Face Ritual for oily and combination skin type combines gentle cleansing, hydration, purifying botanicals, and age-delaying antioxidants. 

Pimples and breakouts aren't news. But knowing that acne and hormones are just a normal part of life makes having them much easier. Also knowing that there's a treatment out there helps me freak out less. All in all, these problems and solutions are manageable, sometimes free, and easy to employ. Maybe now I can convince my acne and hormones to turn my mountain back into a molehill.

Do you or any other women have any other tips for managing acne and breakouts?