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What Is The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin?

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What Is The Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

As the leaves begin to fall and the air becomes crisp and cool, a lot of us like to cozy up under a blanket and enjoy a nice warm beverage. However, it's not all Hallmark movies and happiness if you're suffering from super dry skin.

The cold air is often accompanied by a more arid atmosphere, and that loss of moisture in our environment affects our skin. You may feel more itchy and irritated than usual, and notice dry skin flaking off more frequently.

If you have extremely dry skin you might have to deal with stinging and burning, or even cracked skin. You're not alone if your sensitive skin woes outweigh all that talk about pumpkin-spiced everything this season.

Your particular symptoms may vary, but we have gathered some helpful information, and can share with you some of the best body lotions for dry skin so you can get back to enjoying an awesome autumn and a wonderful winter season.

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Common concerns for those with dry and sensitive skin

Sometimes you're moving along merrily with your day when an overwhelming need to scratch an itch overtakes you. It can be a challenge if you are wearing multiple layers, and a nuisance any which way.

Itchy skin is a common symptom of dry skin. Unfortunately, it's easy to forget to apply body cream, body lotion, body butter, SPF, and all the other substances our skin might require depending on the season. You'll be thanking yourself later, though, when you no longer feel the need to rip right through your pants, tights, thermals, or leggings to reach that itchy patch on your shin.

You may be able to skip your daily lotion habit on more humid days, but when the weather changes, everything changes. Central heating kicks in, the air gets drier, and your skin suffers.

When the moisture decreases, your thirsty skin needs a drink! Careful, though, because dousing the skin with water isn't the answer. In fact, taking long or hot showers can have a negative impact on dry skin. So while you don't want to become dehydrated and should certainly intake enough liquids every day, standing in the shower for an excessive amount of time is generally a no-go.

Some other causes for dry skin include smoking, using harsh deodorants, chemicals, or cleaning products, and simply getting older. Yes, just by sticking around a while we are likely to experience slightly drier skin due to the fact that our sebaceous glands produce less oil over time.

A decrease in those naturally occurring oils can actually make it more difficult for the skin barrier to maintain the moisture balance and perform its regularly scheduled programming, so to speak.

The skin's barrier is the outermost layer of your epidermis, or stratum corneum, which has skin cells consisting of keratin and other moisturizers, which are supported and surrounded by lipids (meaning cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides).

This skin barrier protects you from toxins getting in and moisture getting out. A healthy diet, good sleep hygiene, and smart skin care are all needed to ensure the proper functioning of the skin's barrier.

For other fall and winter skin tips, check out this video:

Look for body lotions with skin-loving ingredients

Since we've established it's important to maintain a skin care routine in order to stave off as many dry skin symptoms as possible, let's consider what that might look like for a moment. It's also good to remember that rough hands and cracked heels are more common during extreme seasons, so don't forget to give your hands and feet the attention they need.

Since our body loses some of the natural oils it needs to maintain healthy moisture levels, we should reintroduce certain ingredients in order to protect and improve the appearance of our skin. Whatever region of your body requires lotion, make sure you're incorporating time-honored wellness traditions and scientifically-backed skin benefiting ingredients.

The best body lotions for dry skin will contain a combination of moisturizers. Sometimes more than one type of moisturizer is needed since they don't all work the same way.

There are three main types of moisturizers, namely, humectants, emollients, and occlusives. Because most product labels won't have ingredients listed by type of moisturizer, it's good to have some more details, such as the specific ingredients in each category.

Hyaluronic acid a humectant and shea butter an emollient can be in a fragrance free lotion

Humectants pull water molecules from the air and bring them to the skin’s surface. They can also draw moisture from the deeper epidermis to the uppermost layers. Honey, aloe vera gel, glycerin, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid are all examples of humectants.

Emollients help by introducing more lipids into the mix and strengthening the skin's protective barrier. They soften and condition the body's surface by filling the space between skin cells with oil droplets, and leave your skin feeling smooth. Hydrating shea butter, linoleic acid, and oleic acid are all emollients.

When heavily applied, emollients like mineral oil or jojoba oil can also function as occlusives. So then, what exactly are occlusives?

Well, occlusives effectively trap the moisture in by forming a physical barrier that prevents trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Some of the occlusives frequently found in body lotions for dry skin are beeswax, olive oil, lanolin, and white petrolatum. You may have had success using vaseline on your heels, and if so, that's an occlusive in action.

A lot of people these days are looking for all natural ingredients like cocoa and shea butters, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and other plant oils. All of the amazing botanicals out there are making a real difference in the natural skincare scene.

Shea butter and many of those aforementioned oils are packed with fatty acids like linoleic acid, and also contain antioxidants like vitamin A and E. That means more moisturizing and healing elements to mend rough patches.

Very dry skin might need a little more attention

For sensitive skin that is also dry, Dr. Jennifer MacGregor of Union Square Laser Dermatology suggests using a body lotion with a humectant like hyaluronic acid to draw moisture in, and an occlusive like petroleum to keep it there.

While some folks may be able to address rough skin with a body lotion that contains all natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, and green tea extract, those sensitive skin types who are also dealing with chronic conditions such as eczema or psoriasis might want to consult a board-certified dermatologist and get a comprehensive treatment plan in place.

Products that have received the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval often contain ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and glycerin.

Colloidal oatmeal calms and moisturizes eczema-prone skin, and will form a protective film on the surface of the skin that can fortify the skin barrier, or serve as a stand-in when it's not doing its job. Glycerin brings in moisture, and ceramides can soothe dry skin and severely dry skin.

National Eczema Association says shea butter la rochay posay lipikar balm ap help itchy skin

If you do have easily irritated skin, opting for a fragrance-free cream or fragrance-free formula for any skincare product might be something to try. However, not every fragrance-free lotion contains ingredients that will address your concerns, and many naturally scented products can provide ample nourishment.

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The best body lotions for dry skin

Luckily, JUARA draws upon a rich wellness tradition and has been dealing with dry skin for ages. Over time, the wisdom has been honed, refined, and shared so that we can still reap the benefits today.

The oils and extracts used in JUARA's formulas bring out your natural beauty and support skin health. Whether it be a body cream, an eye cream with turmeric, body wash, or a creamy body lotion, JUARA has an abundance of options that will give you gorgeous, glowing, supple, and soft skin from head to toe.

Let's look at a couple of JUARA's body creams that will blow your mind as they beautify your body.

Candlenut Body Creme

JUARA's Candlenut Body Creme not only smells divine but manages to work miracles for mature skin. You can use it at any age, though, to give your skin the gift of glow.

The nourishing candlenut oil with its high fatty acid profile, absorbs quickly into the skin, penetrating deep into the epidermis to restore and repair. Candlenut oil is packed with plant compounds that boast anti-inflammatory benefits and antibacterial effects. In addition, this hydrating lotion has antioxidant-rich vitamin E.

This is good news for those dealing with various skin issues. Whether you're worried about a loss of elasticity, dealing with dullness, or are totally over that acne, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties make this lotion for dry skin a must.

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients help protect the skin from environmental toxins and a dry climate. The former fights against free radical damage caused by ultraviolet rays and other pollutants. The ingredients that combat inflammation help to soothe skin and support the skin's ability to heal itself.

Humectants, emollients, and occlusives come together in this concoction to hydrate and smooth skin. The candlenut, avocado, and carrot seed oils, along with the calming rice bran oil and indulgent Illipe butter, keep your skin feeling soft.

This silky smooth body cream melts on contact, and will help your skin retain moisture without giving you that greasy feeling. You can use it every day to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

Like cerave daily moisturizing lotion you can use candlenut body cream daily

After you have bathed or showered using an enzyme scrub and patted dry, warm the Candlenut Body Creme in the palms of your hands, and massage it all over your body. Let it fully absorb as you breathe in the fragrant aroma and say farewell to flaky skin. As it absorbs, if you decide to dance around the bathroom like the glorious goddess you are, then...bonus points!

For those who aren't the best at being consistent when it comes to applying body lotion, one way to remember your daily dose is to put it right beside your bed or next to your bath or shower. Set your skin up for success! And, whenever you need a skin refresher, feel free to reapply.

The non-greasy formula firms and smooths out some of our skin's imperfections while fueling its rejuvenation. You'll start to notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a balancing out of uneven tone and texture. In other words, say buh-bye to bumpy skin.

As if all of the above wasn't enough for one body cream to boast about, it also possesses an aroma that will wow your senses. The abundant plant oils provide a subtle, seductive scent with hints of tropical greens, a touch of fresh coconut, and fragrant florals like freesia, blooming white jasmine, and rose.

If you want to level up and really give your skin that extra luxurious glow, try infusing the Candlenut Body Creme with a few drops of our Kartini Body Oil. Named after an inspirational Indonesian princess, it's a really great way to revel in a royal beauty treatment. 

Tiare Jasmine Body Creme

The whipped airy texture of JUARA's Tiare Jasmine Body Creme along with its lush tropical fragrance and velvety feel will transport you to a faraway place where no one knocks on the bathroom door or bugs you about anything you have to do. (It also helps if you put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door).

The fresh, sweet scent of jasmine and magnolia paired with palm fronds and tiara flowers was inspired by the aroma that wafts over you when waking up to the dewy tea fields of Indonesia. Smoothing this cream on your skin is a gift you can give yourself morning and evening, making your skin care more radiant by the second. 

While it feels delicate and light, the rich omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acid content means it can deliver moisture deep down while softening the surface at the same time. Just like the Candlenut Body Creme, it has candlenut and avocado oil, making it intensely nourishing.

Fruit derived antioxidants in a lotion help protect skin

This mix of vitamins and nourishing botanicals will calm sensitive skin as it moisturizes and mends irritated skin. Rice bran oil has long been used to improve the condition of dry, stressed skin, and even eczema.

With all this luxurious richness and indulgent ingredients like Illipe butter, it's still impressively non-greasy to the touch. It absorbs quickly and immediately makes a difference.

If you are looking to extend the exotic beauty ritual a little longer and indulge even more, try the Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil. It will help you carry that revitalizing and uplifting feeling with you throughout the day.

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