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5 Self-Care Products You Need This Women's Month

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Self Care Items Every Woman Needs

Every woman feels empowered and confident when giving her body, mind, and soul the love and affection she needs. And having the right self-care products in your arsenal is the first step to being your best self!

Here are five self-care items that you need this Women's Month.

Our Top Self-Care Must-Haves

  1. An anti-aging serum to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful
  2. A body scrub to keep your skin soft and energized
  3. A jade face roller
  4. An under-eye cream to keep the delicate parts of your face hydrated
  5. The right perfume to empower you and give you confidence

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#1. A Powerful Anti-Aging Serum

Being a woman means you need to take charge of your self-care. There are so many things on your plate already, but taking care of your mind, body, and soul is one way to enjoy being yourself!

Self-care is about more than pampering yourself every once in a while. In fact, it's an integral part of maintaining your health and wellness. Your emotional, mental, and even physical health can suffer without it.

The Power Of Self-Care

Self-care is a journey we all must take to grow closer to ourselves. It helps us discover parts of our minds and emotions that we might have never known. Plus, it allows us to both look and feel our best.

And that's how we can regain our confidence and feel empowered in our own skin!

Self-care isn't just a modern-day buzzword to ensure we don't forget to care for ourselves. It's a fundamental aspect of many lifestyles dating back thousands of years.

Self-Care: The Jamu Lifestyle

For example, the Jamu lifestyle is an ancient Indonesian herbal wellness tradition that started over 2,000 years ago. This lifestyle focuses on things like community engagement, self-care rituals, and herbal tonics.

It's how many Indonesians took care of the health and wellness of their families for a long time. And it's still prevalent in today's society!

An Ancient Lifestyle In Modern-Day

Here at JUARA, our inspiration comes from our Indonesian roots and the wellness traditions that have been a part of it for centuries. Our products contain the same ingredients ancient Indonesians used to create herbal remedies and medicines to protect their health.

And now, we use these ingredients to give your skin the nutrients and nourishment it needs to thrive.

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An Anti-Aging Serum Your Skin Has Been Needing

To start your self-care ritual off on the right foot, every woman needs a trusted anti-aging serum to keep her looking youthful and energized. As we get older, our skin can start to reflect this change, and that's okay!

But if you want to keep your skin feeling supple and taut for longer, getting an anti-aging product in your skincare arsenal is a good idea.

The sooner, the better!

JUARA's Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum is full of powerful yet nourishing ingredients that work to return your skin to its youthful glory. It's made with natural ingredients stemming from the Indonesian Jamu lifestyle that has served its purpose in ancient skincare rituals for centuries.

Natural Ingredients That Protect And Heal Your Complexion

This unique formula contains a Radiance Complex consisting of elements like turmeric, clove flower, and green tea, perfect for righting and protecting your complexion. In addition, it is high in vitamin C, which is fantastic for brightening the skin and leaving your face glowing.

But the real anti-aging power comes from the palm peptide and golden bamboo.

These ingredients can smooth, firm, and improve your skin's elasticity to noticeably change your skin in seemingly no time at all. 

#2. A Reinvigorating Body Scrub

Self-care doesn't start and end with redefining your skincare routine. Of course, that is an integral part, but it's not all-inclusive.

The Power Of A Self-Care Ritual

Your skincare routine isn't just beneficial for your skin. It has countless benefits for your emotional and mental health - benefits that can be hard to get from other regular habits.

Being intentional every morning and night to care for your skin allows you to consistently practice listening to and honoring your body. 

Some Time For Me, Myself, And I

One of the best ways to treat yourself is by indulging in a mini at-home spa. It can be as simple as hopping into the shower for a long, warm session of one-on-one time.

And with the right products, it can be a truly refreshing experience.

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The Key To Reawakening Your Body And Mind

If you're feeling particularly drowsy and unmotivated, JUARA's Invigorating Coffee Scrub is precisely what you've been missing. So start your shower ritual with this scrub to get your skin feeling awake and energized.

Its natural Sumatra coffee bean exfoliants effortlessly whisk away dull and dry skin to leave your entire body glowing. In addition, its lather can turn any suffering complexion into the glowing skin of your dreams.

Its smell is intoxicating enough to get your mind and body moving again.

It's that good!

Completing Your Shower Routine

Any woman needs quality products to keep in her shower. So after enjoying this unique and natural coffee scrub, make sure to seal in the good feelings with JUARA's iconic Candlenut Body Creme.

This one-of-a-kind body creme is ideal for moisturizing your skin and keeping it healthy and nourished.

Your routine isn't complete without it!

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#3. A Jade Face Roller

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is jumping on the train to own a jade face roller. However, jade rollers have been around since 7th-century Chinese skincare rituals, commonly used for their healing properties.

But is this actually something you need for your self-care days?

Why You Need A Jade Roller

The answer is yes! All girls should have at least one jade roller that they can keep to treat their skin. Because jade rollers can bring amazing benefits to your skin that your skincare products alone can't replicate.

A quick facial massage with a jade roller can do many things for your skin, such as boosting circulation, reducing puffiness, and even smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

The pressure you apply to your skin with the jade roller (don't press too hard!) can do miracles for helping the blood in your face properly circulate.

Benefits For More Than Your Skin

But the benefits of jade rollers don't end there. Jade stones are said to have calming abilities and can even ease your mood. So, your self-care day truly won't be complete without some calming jade!

How To Use Your Jade Roller

At first glance, jade rollers are usually dual-ended and have a jade stone at each end. Both ends are able to seamlessly roll across your face.

It's best to ensure your skin is clean before using your jade roller. Using it after applying your skincare products and undergoing your beauty ritual can help your products better seep into your skin and work their magic.

Make sure to roll your face in an outward motion. This is ideal for boosting blood circulation and draining lymphatic fluids in your face.

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#4. A Hydrating And Uplifting Under-Eye Cream

All women need some essential skincare staples for their beauty routine. It's the best way to ensure your skin is glowing and treating yourself the way you deserve.

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and can be hard to care for. That's why so many of us struggle with dark under-eye circles or fine lines in this area. This tender skin is more susceptible to the woes of the world, and we need to do our part to care for it.

Protecting Your Skin From The Effects Of Time

Over time, our skin starts to show the life we've lived. Our face garners wrinkles, sun spots, and markings showing our time in this world.

And that's something to celebrate!

However, it's also okay to want to give your skin the tools it needs to return to the glowing radiance it used to have. Everyone deserves to feel empowered and confident in their own skin!

A Natural Under-Eye Cream To Heal Your Skin

A great way to do this is by adding a gentle yet effective under-eye cream to your skincare ritual. And JUARA's Miracle Tea Eye Creme For Bags Under Eyes is just the thing to help your skin bounce back.

This product is made with turmeric, a natural ingredient known for its amazing health benefits. Not only is it great for reducing inflammation and irritation on your skin, but it's even great for fighting infections and cancer and helping treat digestive issues.

Natural Ingredients To Treat Your Skin Right

The Indonesian wellness tradition of Jamu often uses turmeric in herbal tonics and skincare rituals. However, the benefits of this seemingly simple ingredient can't be ignored.

This under-eye cream also contains fermented sweet black tea to smooth fine lines and African golden flower to decrease the signs of eye puffiness and dark circles. It truly includes any and everything your skin needs to look and feel young again!

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#5. The Right Perfume

Any woman knows that self-care and confidence come from more than one sense. You can't just focus on your appearance through self-care to feel empowered.

Self-care is about taking care of all aspects of your wellness and beauty. And that means your scent as well!

The Benefits Of Wearing Perfume

Everyone knows that perfume has some magical capabilities. With the right scent, you can captivate the room and ooze femininity.

But did you know that the benefits of perfume go deeper than that?

With the right scent, you can effortlessly boost your confidence and leave a lasting positive impression on your mental health. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, and it can do some amazing things for our mind, body, and soul.

Finding the right scent to rock can help you feel more self-assured and give you higher self-esteem. When you radiate confidence, it manifests inside your own mind as well. It's not just affecting the people around you!

Wrapping Up

Self-care is a never-ending journey that’s more about the process than the destination. But, with the right self-care products at hand, your mind, body, and soul will benefit from the love and care you show yourself!

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