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5 Indonesian Islands You Should Know About

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How Many Islands Does Indonesia Have

Indonesia is a rich and diverse land teeming with lush vegetation and seemingly endless islands. From the vibrant travel hotspot of Bali to volcano-packed Java, this part of Southeast Asia has no shortage of incredible and inspiring places to learn about.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bali is an incredibly popular travel destination
  2. Lombok is a beach-lovers paradise
  3. Komodo is home to the infamous Komodo dragon
  4. Flores has the stunning turquoise-colored Kelimutu Lakes
  5. Java's landscape was largely formed by volcanos

Indonesia’s far-reaching community is spread across thousands of individual islands, with each harboring its own unique and distinctive culture. Each has deep roots in ancient wellness traditions and various herbal remedies that have been used for centuries as a way to promote holistic health and happiness.

Keep reading, and we'll share five of the most fascinating and exotic islands in Indonesia that you should know about!

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#1. Bali Is An Incredibly Popular Travel Destination

Whether you're an avid traveler or you're looking to enjoy a much-needed tropical getaway, you'd be hard-pressed to find a place as gorgeous and engaging as Indonesia to spend some time. However, this immense archipelago is more than just a prime vacation destination.

Indonesia is a diverse and colorful nation that has an intriguing and lively culture. What makes Indonesia so unique is the impressive number of islands that fall under its jurisdiction.

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How Many Islands Does Indonesia Have?

There are over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. However, this is still an estimation, and the specific count of islands is virtually unknown.

In fact, even Indonesia itself doesn't know how many islands it has, as the count can't be confirmed for certain.

What makes Indonesia's overarching culture so intriguing is that each of its thousands of islands has its own unique subculture. Throughout history, each island has developed its own set of traditions and customs that set it apart from the rest.

As you travel across the Indonesian territory, each isle you come across will have its own established culture. But Indonesia as a whole also has plenty of other customs and traditions that span the entire country.

The Ancient Wellness Tradition Of Jamu

The ancient Indonesian wellness custom of Jamu first began nearly 2,000 years ago in central Java. This holistic way of life has long offered the Indonesian people a means of treating their health and well-being properly.

Even to this day, Jamu is a popular way for people to improve and nourish their minds, bodies, and souls.

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The Power Of Natural Wellness Healing

The Jamu lifestyle revolves around healing herbal remedies and powerful beauty rituals that are created with natural ingredients such as roots, plants, and fruits. All across southeastern Asia, Jamu has manifested in unique ways, often depending on the natural elements available in the specific regions.

For example, on the island of Java, Jamu recipes and remedies often use more roots and spicy ingredients. On the other hand, Bali Jamu incorporated more leaves and fruits.

A Little Slice Of Paradise

One of Indonesia's most infamous islands is Bali. This tropical vacation hotspot is frequented by tourists and beach lovers alike and is one of the most attractive islands in Indonesia.

Because Bali is popular with visitors, it can get relatively crowded in the high season. But that's not for no reason!

Bali is often referred to as the "Island of the Gods" and boasts plenty of incredible beaches and lush landscapes.

Plus, Bali is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to engage in fun activities. Kayaking, surfing, and diving are common pastimes here, and it'll be easy to indulge in the scenery and intrigue of Bali island.

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#2. Lombok Is A Beach-Lover's Paradise

Perhaps one of the most enticing aspects of Indonesia is its stunning crystal beaches. So, if you're looking to enjoy some time on picturesque shores, you'd be best off heading to the island of Lombok.

Though Lombok is an amazingly gorgeous island in Indonesia, it's not as well-known as Bali. It sits just east of Bali and has a few small cities that offer plenty of other things to do.

For example, the city of Mataram is home to the 18th-century palace of Taman Mayura as well as the Hindu temple of Taman Narmada.

#3. Komodo Is Home To The Infamous Komodo Dragon

Did you know that dragons exist in Indonesia? The infamous Komodo island is home to the ancient Komodo dragon, the world's biggest and most bizarre lizard.

A Chance To See Something Unique

Komodo dragons have been around for millions of years, and these wild reptiles can be found at the Komodo National Park in the Indonesian islands.

On Komodo Island, you may come across some wild Komodo dragons, so just be aware of their powerful bodies and poisonous bite!

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#4. Flores Has The Stunning Turquoise-Colored Kelimutu Lakes

Komodo Island is one of the smaller Indonesian islands, and it sits next to the wild and stunning isle of Flores. Flores is a rather long island, so it might be best to try going on a scenic road trip if you'll be venturing here.

One of the main attractions on this island is the Kelimutu Lakes, a pair of two lakes that are filled with dazzling turquoise-blue waters.

Just keep in mind that Flores does not have as much infrastructure as other Indonesian islands, but that doesn't mean its raw nature is any less appealing and sensational.

#5. Java's Landscape Was Largely Formed By Volcanos

Indonesia is full of colorful coral reefs, rich cultures, and lush landscapes. But on the island of Java, most of the beauty can be attributed to extensive volcanic eruptions and activity.

Java is one of the more densely populated islands, and there are countless smoking craters around the island. For example, the craters at Kawah Ijen and Mount Bromo are popular tourist attractions, and the lake crater of Kawah Putih is surrounded by plenty of impressive waterfalls.

Wrapping Up

Indonesia is an impressive place, boasting thousands of distinctive and unique islands. Whether you're looking to book a tropical getaway or learn more about the ancient history of this exotic land, Indonesia always has something to explore!

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