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Stop Human Trafficking. A partnership to empower women to come to their own light, to live a safe life where they can be the champion of their future.

A partnership to empower women to come to their own light, to live a safe life where they can be the champion of their future.

Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program is a (501) (c) (3) non-profit based in New York, which provides provide prevention, mentorship, and empowerment programs for survivors of gender based violence, abuse, exploitation and human trafficking in the USA, along with and prevention programs to empower women in Indonesia.

Current Projects

JUARA participates in various ongoing projects on the ground with Mentari and their anti-trafficking advocates. JUARA means winner/champion, and JUARA works closely with Mentari founder Shandra Woworuntu to support their mission to help women champion their own natural beauty, bodies and destiny. Our efforts are ongoing, highlighted ones below.

Hygiene, Education & Economic Empowerment

Cianjur, Indonesia. Many women in these areas do not have access to sanitary napkins. This is also an area where there is a higher percentage of young chilren being sold into marriages due to poverty, lack of education, income and basic services. Mentari's project is to teach the women how to create reusable, fabric sanitary napkins so they can personally use, and eventually sell them, for income. Women will be taught not only basic sewing, but also be educated on personal hygiene for health, and of awareness of their own physical rights and boundaries, while also empowering the community with viable alternatives to trafficking to generate income.

Reintegration, Mental Health Services & Skill Building

New York, USA. Mentari supports survivors through an extensive list of programs designed to make a holistic impact in their lives. This includes services ranging from prevention programs, art for healing programs, culinary arts program, job preparation and assistance and peer to peer support.

Mentari was founded in 2014 by Shandra Wowowruntu and a team of anti-trafficking advocates, driven by her own personal story as a trafficking survivor from Indonesia.
Shandra also frequently works as an advisor, expert witness, and speaker to government officials in the USA and government bodies internationally on recognizing signs of trafficking, advocating for laws to prevent and reduce trafficking. JUARA is partnering with Mentari to support empowerment and education initiatives for women in Indonesia to prevent their likelihood and "targetability" for human trafficking. By enabling women in at-risk communities become financially empowered and educated about their own human rights, we can help prevent this pervasive problem at the source.

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