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Mental Anti-Aging Practices

Metta Murdaya -


Mental Anti-Aging Practices

As the co-founder of JUARA, I’m often told “You don’t look your age.”.  To which I say jokingly, but not really, “Well, of course… I use JUARA. You’re looking at the original guinea pig!”.  But in addition, they also say “Well, it’s also because you don’t ACT your age.”.  Now that’s a different thing.  Judgment aside, I think they mean “You have more energy, always on the go, excited about something, and therefore look younger!”.  I did some thinking – against what standard AM I supposed to act? I don’t FEEL any particular age – only my arthritic hip to remind me that  I’m no longer in my 20’s, but I do feel alive, vital, present – and I think it shows.

There is an Indonesian philosophy about beauty called Rupasampat Wahyabiantara, which focuses on harmony between inner and outer beauty. With time, outer beauty may gracefully age, but inner beauty, knowledge and a youthful attitude can still blossom through time. I have a few, what I call, mental anti-aging practices I’ve found helpful over the years, which has not only kept me energized, but has also emanated youthfulness on the face. Speaking from my own experiences, here are a few I’d love to share, and plan on taking well into the future years to come!

Always Learn Something New, or Improve Something

Whether it’s a new skill, language, sport or just learning a different perspective of how others think, having an orientation of learning not only triggers neurons in the brain to create more new brain cells (you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!),  It keeps the mind fresh, youthful and curious, increasing brain plasticity– not to mention current since the world is changing so quickly! The beauty of watching little children, as I watch my young nephews grow from babies through toddlerhood, is the wonder they have at everything. The positive sense that there is something out there that we can learn is beautiful, and feeling that way does brighten the eyes, encourage the smile – both awesome and natural beauty enhancers, au naturale!

Practice Gratitude to Reduce Stress

We know stress is a part of our everyday lives. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, from work, family, or just life!  Stress doesn’t only bring on the “frownies” including furrowed brows and a frown (hello wrinkles!), but it also triggers an inflammation in the body (cortisol) which can also have negative effects on the skin including aging. A little exercise I like to do when I’m feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed is to stop and just breathe for a minute, then think of 3 things that I am truly grateful for at that moment. It can be simple – like my Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum that I can apply and it’s like an instant feel-good pick-me-up (this is not a plug from a brand owner, it is genuinely true…), friends who check in on me to make sure I’m OK since I travel so much, and a bed at home which supports me well when I need to collapse at the end of a long, long weary day – we’ve all had those! Simple pleasures, really. And it does reduce stress. And Turmeric – adding Turmeric to your diet also helps your body better manage stress.

Doing Something That You Believe In

There’s nothing that radiates youthful, positive energy like someone who is absolutely passionate about something they are doing, large or small.  This year is a time for not just reflection but change.  We’ve had to think about what is important to us, now it’s time to act. Dedicating mind-space and time to support a cause that you feel strongly about can give you energy (vs imagine doing chores or tasks you abhor… how draining is that?). For me, supporting education has been important since Indonesia is a country where many children and young adults don’t have access to a good education – which means limited life/career opportunities – so I volunteer in organizations to help. It’s fulfilling, and I always feel energized after – and yes, in general, it does show on my skin when it’s been a good day, vs a bad.

I can’t understate the importance of a healthy skin maintenance routine. I view it as a form of self care, respecting our bodies and how we treat it. The time we spend on our skin is time spent nourishing ourselves! We formulate JUARA products using clean ingredients in the Indonesian heritage combined with safe technology that makes the products work, leaving us feeling really good after – because that’s how we should feel. I still remind myself why we named our skincare line JUARA, which means Winner/Champion, because to be champions of our destiny, mind and body, a good inside-out mental and physical practice is an important part of our journey!