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Self-Care: It’s Starts with an Attitude.

When people think of JUARA, they think of a calm, exotic and tropical destination, with Indonesian spas that rejuvenate your soul just by thinking about them. On one hand, it is all true – the centuries old ancient healing and wellness tradition does sound serene, on the other, the JUARA office in New York City is anything but.

Don’t get me wrong – as an entrepreneur, I LOVE my  job. I have an inspired team, motivated to do our best because that’s just how we are. Plus, we live in NYC, not exactly the slowest city in the US. Combine a passionate team, a crazy work ethic, and the constant challenges we, as an independent brand, face in the sea of corporate giants, and voila – it’s like a dry bale of hay one lit match away from the bonfire of burnout. We all have our limits, and our secret to giving it our all without burnout is all in the integrated habits of self-care we practice at work, inspired by the Indonesian belief that beauty is about balance between inner peace and outer beauty to achieve harmony.

Maybe peace and harmony isn’t exactly synonymous with living in NYC, but we can strive for BALANCE. It starts with an ATTITUDE of wanting balance. We CARE about our sanity – so with frequent checking in with ourselves, we can do what we need to do to keep our cool and energy levels high. Benefits are improved productivity, and basically, even if you leave work tired, you’re not drained, and ready for anything after!

Quickie things you can do to hit that mental balance stride when the brain heats up to “overload”:

  • Step out for a breather, do some stretching exercises at the desk or give yourself a JUARA hand massage (always a treat!) The point is keep the blood moving, shake it out, and breathe. Breathing gets more  oxygen into your bloodstream and moving helps the oxygen carry through the body. Plus a change of scenery gives your mind a break. TIP: If you procrastinate taking a break, just do a count down and say in your head (or out loud, I leave it to you,) “I will stand up in 3…2…1!” And then do it.
  • Crack a joke to the team, be silly, make a funny. Share the humor – one time someone spontaneously posted a ridiculous cat meme on the stressful production schedule wall and it was a source of chuckles all day. My business partner couldn’t get an 80’s power ballad out of her head, so by the end of the day, she made sure NO ONE else could either. Laughter is contagious and so is positive energy.
  • 1-3 minute meditation. Focus on relaxing your mind and on your breathing alone. Most of us can hold our breath for one minute – it’s not THAT long. But it’s enough to calm your mind (when you breathe, not hold hold it!) Meditation can trigger your parasympathetic nervous system which is what is responsible for feelings of relaxation and calmness so there is definitely a scientific reason as to why it works. TIP: For newbies, just close your eyes, count down 10 slow, deep breaths, and to keep your mind from wandering, just pay attention to the air flowing from your nose over your upper lip as you inhale and exhale.
  • Indonesian Spa Tip: Give yourself a quickie head massage. Spread your fingers wide but curved like claws (minus the nails), so that the tips of your fingers press down on your scalp, and run your 10 fingers with pressure from the forehead to the back of the head. With your thumbs, press into the base of your head where it meets the neck and massage with small circular motions, while still pressing down with your fingers. And breathe. Just do three times – you’ll feel the difference!

All these aren’t radically new tips, but the point is to make sure they’re scheduled in the day.

Do you have any tips to add for moments of self-care in the day?

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