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With JUARA, we began a journey of discovery, entrepreneurship and creativity. We chose the name JUARA because it means “winner”, “champion” in Indonesian. The name embodies our commitment to help women “champion” their natural beauty, but it also signifies the spirit and values that compelled us to create JUARA: To be champions of our own destiny by being true to who we are. As a diverse team of multi-cultural, eternally curious people, we believe that every woman is born a champion and born naturally beautiful. Our mission is to help empower her to let her natural beauty and personal confidence shine.

The journey of building our own company from scratch has emboldened us to embrace who we are, live by our values of perseverance, gratitude, honesty and trust and bring out the best in each other, all which we pour with love into every single product we create, as well as to our JUARA Guides in our mission to share JUARA and be the wellness influencers in their community.



In 2006, Metta Murdaya, Yoshiko Roth, Jill Sung and Tami Chuang, four culturally diverse young women with a follow-your-dream mentality shared a vision to develop an elegant, effective, and socially conscious skincare line combining their Eastern and Western cultures to embody our natural beauty and inner strength as women. Together, they created JUARA, a results-driven line of treatments inspired by Jamu, an Indonesian herbal health tradition, and ancient royal beauty rituals for the confident, empowered woman of today. Wanting to develop a closer relationship to their customers, JUARA entered the world of social selling in 2018 and formed the JUARA Life team with the same great products but an even stronger sense of community.

Metta Murdaya

Co-founder, President


Metta Murdaya is from Indonesia, raised in San Francisco, and lives between New York and Jakarta. She has a passion for Jamu, an Indonesian herbal tradition, for its impact for increasing overall health, curing ailments, and improving the skin’s appearance. Creating JUARA was directly inspired by her heritage, where the jamu tradition runs deep, she strives to share it with the world.

“JUARA is about the courage of any woman who takes the risk to light the flame of her dream, and turns it into the fire of her reality. It is about creating our own destiny; I did not expect a small experiment of rubbing crushed “kemiri (candlenuts)” on my friends’ skin in a tiny apartment in NYC would grow into a fun and deeply fulfilling, empowering business venture with a bigger mission of putting Indonesia on the global map of beauty. With the right mix of passion, determination, and teamwork, we’re doing it.”

Jill Sung

Co-founder, Vice President


The doctor of the group, Dr. Sung is Chinese-American from Texas, and is fascinated by how natural ingredients can be scientifically proven to be effective on skin and ensures it meets her own medical practice standards.

“JUARA means to me commitment, growth, courage, discovery, and strength. When we started JUARA, I thought it would be the beginning of a journey full of discovery as we embarked on an adventure in friendship, beauty, and health. What I have come to discover, is that JUARA has helped me to discover myself, my strengths and weaknesses. It has taught me the value of internal motivation, strength, humility, and love and in creating JUARA, I had also created a stronger, more confident me!”

Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo

Co-founder, Vice President


German and Japanese, she grew up internationally and has had a passion for skincare since she was a little girl from watching her father who was a chemist work, and has extensive work experience in the beauty industry in the US. A beauty junkie herself, she knew creating her own line of skincare with effective natural ingredients was her calling.

“The thought of building a brand from scratch together with an amazing group of women was incredibly exciting. JUARA has become the experience of a lifetime that has defined me as a person and has taught me about life in ways that go far beyond beauty and business: The importance of perseverance, humility, trust, dealing with uncertainty and taking full responsibility for your choices. For that, I will forever be grateful to my friends and colleagues that make up JUARA.”

Anna Broome

Director of Sales & Marketing


Anna Broome lives in Commerce Township, Michigan. She is married with three sons and two American bulldogs that are her girls. She has an MBA in Marketing and more than 15 years of experience in the Direct Selling space. She has a passion for helping women learn to be more confident in themselves, realize their potential and strive to be their personal best.

“JUARA Life is a place where every Guide is accepted and valued. A place where Guides can be their authentic self and run a successful social selling business in a way that suits their lifestyle best. With our award winning product offering and unique compensation plan, this opportunity is exciting, fresh and something that I am thrilled to personally be a part of.”