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Earl Grey is so Yesterday

Juicing is popular, but let’s also not forget tea as a source of health benefits and flavor! Tea is an age-old beverage we all know and love, and we’re most likely used to our favorites – Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, the list goes on and on. The herbal teas come with a chock-full of health benefits and are just a step away at the grocery or health food store, but if you’re wanting to try something different, try making your own from scratch. In Indonesia, where the homes are regularly stocked with spices, we have our own teas and our own explanation of benefits. Curious? Let’s see how they compare to what we know in the US! (Disclaimer – some of these may still have traditional health claims that may still be in research by western science, however the Eastern Jamu tradition, which uses these ingredients, have empirical evidence over generations of people who insist on these benefits…)
Recommendation: Try them not only solo, but in combination. Sweeten with honey, agave, or palm sugar if you can… Some can be both hot and cold – experiment or add to your favorite existing teas!


Making cinnamon tea helps prevent the flu (strengthening the immune system,) keeps you warm and cozy feeling, regulates digestion and has strong antioxidant properties.


This household root is boiled into a tea to immediately warm the system, address tummy unrest, increase circulation, which is often drunk to reduce the chances of a stroke. It is also great when feeling a bit nauseous – and when made fresh, Bang for your buck tip: Indonesians whack it till it cracks open on the sides, then pan-roast gently till it’s slightly brown on the outside so the flavors and juices become enhanced and more potent before boiled.


The stalks of this fragrant, lemony grass can be used of decoration in the tea itself, but has its own benefits, including reducing pains from rheumatism and refreshes the body and reduces tiredness by increasing circulation, has slight antibacterial properties (particularly great if you live in areas where the hygiene of the food is less than pristine). Plus, blended with ginger, hot or cold it’s fabulous tasting!

Bay Leaf

It’s not only what you throw in a soup but this plant has lots of extra benefits, whether ground into a powder, or steeped in a tea. As a tea, benefits include alleviating irregular bowel movements, constipation, and even heartburn. Not sexy, but important…


A little goes a long way – the powerful anaselgic properties of clove can numb so it is good for toothaches and helps if you have gas or heartburn. However, I’ve made this before and I recommend mixing with another natural tea, as it give a lovely fragrance, but does make the tongue feel a bit thick. Up to you!

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