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Category: Juaralife

Bundles for Beginners

JUARA Face Ritual Starter Set Start your JUARA Skincare experience using two of our must have products. Included in our Ritual Starter Set are the Rice Facial Cleanser and the Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum, plus a Travel Sized Candlenut Body Creme, our signature

5 Minutes of Self Love

By JUARA Co-Founder, Metta Murdaya February 14 is supposed to be a day of love, but really, wouldn’t it be great of it were all days of love? I personally think taking care of thyself comes number one – because from there we are in

Let’s Avocado All Over, Inside & Out

Did you know there are hundreds of types of avocadoes in the world, and that they’re actually a fruit, not a vegetable? And not are they just super tasty, but additionally extremely nutritious so here’s to a moment of celebrating an ingredient that we can

Renewing Myself Inside & Out

By JUARA Co-Founder, Jill Sung There’s something about the winter holiday busyness that makes me want to snuggle in, drink hot chocolate, and watch the snow fall. After all the family entertaining and year-end parties, it’s nice to take some time off for oneself or

Spice up Leftover Eggnog for Health!

So the holidays are over, and now you have extra eggnog! What to do? One way to spice up (literally) a yummy but rich and indulgent beverage is to add a hint of spice that not only adds a zing, but also health benefits! Surprise


   WELCOME! BE A BRAND AMBASSADOR & JUARA GUIDE   JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF JAMU TO HELP IMPROVE OUR DAILY LIVES. JUARA Skincare offers an opportunity for anybody seeking the best in life for themselves and others, where individuals are empowered

Ingredient Spotlight: Candlenut

Oh the Candlenut. Also known as Kemiri in Indonesian, Kukui in Hawaii, and a staple in food, beauty, and health treatments. Also known affectionately as “the poor man’s macadamia nut” in Indonesia, we love this ingredient for not only its variety of uses but the benefits