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Category: Juaralife

Coffee: Myth vs. Fact

Coffee It’s quite a polarizing beverage. Being a Coffee Person or a Tea Person has become akin to being a Dog Person or a Cat Person. With all of the coffee rumors floating around in the universe, how can we know what’s true and what’s false?

Picture Perfect – The Celebrity Ritual

Celebrities have eyes on them all the time. And there is so much pressure to be picture perfect. I mean, imagine if the paparazzi took pictures of you during your 10pm grocery store run for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s… the things they would capture on film.

Ingredient Spotlight: Sweet Pea

The vegetable every child hates and every adult loves; the perfect addition to fetucini alfredo. Don’t underestimate the skin softening power of these cute little green veggies! Take a look at sweet pea’s impressive list of benefits: Gives a natural glow to the skin Provides

Shop To Save The Earth

Here are some other companies that are encouraging customers to ‘Shop For Good’: Whole Foods Check out your local store to find out what sales and donations are going on today! Each location is different 🙂 American Eagle Outfitters Bring your old jeans into the store