What Is Body Wash Used For?

What Is Body Wash Used For

As with so many other areas in life, we are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to getting clean.

Body washes, shower gels, and soaps, oh my! How are we supposed to know which one of these cleansers is right for the skin we're in? While bathing can seem pretty basic, there are lots of little choices to make.

There are several questions to ask when you're choosing a cleanser to use regularly on your body.

Do you have sensitive skin? Does your body end up feeling all dried out after you take a bath or shower? Do you work hard and play hard and perspire like you mean it?

Depending on your lifestyle and skin type, you may need to look for certain ingredients or cleansing methods.

If you need to get rid of dirt and grime after a grueling day of work in the garage, you will likely turn to a bar soap that can cut through the grease and grime. If you have aging or dry skin, you may prefer a body wash that draws moisture to your body.

Regardless of your unique situation, the main purpose of washing your body is to get clean and care for your skin.

However, bath time is also an opportunity to relax your mind and unwind. Hopefully, you can create a space that relaxes or reinvigorates you so you can go back on the other side of that bathroom door with renewed energy or a fresh perspective.

We'll get into ideas on how to make that happen, but first let's discuss what these body washes and bar soaps are up against. How do they help us ditch that dirt?

Dead skin cells, dirt, and debris

We don't have to go out of our way in this world to get dirty. Walking outside we are greeted with dust and environmental elements that can create layers of dirt on our epidermis.

Then you add to that the body's own natural processes of sweating and skin cell turnover and you get a whole lot more you'll need to remove at the end of the day.

Our skin is always going through a renewal cycle in which dead skin cells on the surface slough off while newer, younger cells are formed and replace them. Dead cells can mix with sweat, dirt, and the body's natural oils. If this mucky mixture stays on the skin too long it will breed bacteria.

This can lead to an unpleasant odor, clogged pores that cause pimples, and other unwanted issues.

You may have already learned this back in a biology class or somewhere along the way, but in case you weren't aware, it's not your sweat per se that smells. Body odor occurs when bacteria break down the acids in sweat. It's the bacteria's waste products that produce that unpleasant smell.

When it comes to personal hygiene, it's essential to develop good habits. Cleaning your body - especially the armpits and private areas where the sweat-producing apocrine glands are located - is an important part of maintaining your overall health.

Ditch dirt with a quality soap or body wash

Soaps or cleansers are there to break up and dislodge dirt on the skin and some of what has settled in the pores. Of course, there are different ingredients and mechanisms involved depending on whether we're talking about liquid cleansers or bar soap, and the brand being used.

The average bar soap dissolves all that gunk on the skin's surface by breaking up the body's oils that have commingled with dirt and dead cells. Getting a good lather going helps lift away bacteria and debris.

As far as getting rid of dirt and oil, a body wash will work in basically the same way, dissolving the mix of natural oils, dead cells, and the like. However, the big difference is in all the other stuff a body wash can do for the skin.

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Body washes bring a little something extra

Moisturizing body washes typically contain ingredients that soothe and soften the skin. You may notice coconut butter, shea butter, or a combination of hydrating oils on the label of your body wash.

Because the cleansing process can sometimes strip the skin of its natural oils, it's important to replenish what may have been lost. The skin is better able to do its job of protecting our body when a healthy moisture balance is maintained.

Each layer of our skin, from the subcutaneous tissues to the uppermost layer of the epidermis, has a particular role in protecting the body. The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, or skin barrier. This is that layer that's often depicted in diagrams as a sort of brick and mortar wall.

Well in this analogy, the bricks are the skin cells (the corneocytes that contain keratin and moisturizers), and the lipid layer with its fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides make up the mortar. They keep environmental toxins out and keep the moisture in.

This outer layer, the skin barrier, essentially stands guard so that you stay hydrated. It's critical for moisture balance, so it makes sense that you'd want to support that as much as possible.

When debating between a traditional soap and a liquid cleanser or body wash, remember what your end goal is.

If you want to hydrate your skin, be sure to use body wash that will help you out, and avoid body washes that contain harsh chemicals like phthalates or artificial colorants that can irritate sensitive skin. Some ingredients meant to prolong the life of shampoo, skincare, or cosmetic products can cause allergic reactions or irritation at the site of application.

Avoid parabens typically in shampoo or hair products with higher concentration of harsh chemicals

There is scientific evidence that shows certain botanicals, or plant-based ingredients, help with skin barrier repair. It is something that was observed for years in ancient cultures and continues to be researched and refined today.

JUARA builds upon the beauty and wellness tradition of Jamu and incorporates scientific advances to design the most effective and beautifying formulas. From body wash to moisturizer, JUARA's skincare recipes bring about the best in your skin from head to toe.

Let's look at a couple of options that will not only cleanse the skin but moisturize your entire body.

Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel

JUARA's Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel blends nutrient-rich candlenut oil with a sulfate-free coconut cleanser to purify your pores and make skin soft and supple. Creamy coconut and other moisturizing ingredients, like glycerin, help keep skin hydrated without leaving a sticky film or residue.

When you use body wash like this, you'll feel the difference. Not only does it wash away dirt and oil with a fragrant foamy lather, but it gives your skin a super silky after-shower sensation.

This body wash has JUARA's signature Candlenut scent that sends you straight to the tropics (if only in your mind for a brief moment). The aroma is subtle and light, but as numerous reviews reveal, it lasts all day. The fragrance is filled with notes of freesia, bergamot, rose, white jasmine, and just a touch of fresh coconut.

With this body wash, you might start thinking about shower time in a whole new way. Instead of bathing being just another thing you have to do every day, it can become a real chance to reset.

As that warm water hits your skin, take a deep breath in and out. While lathering, try to let go of any negative thoughts. When you rinse away the dirt and oil, release some of that tension that has built up over the hours as well.

Ah...even thinking about it brings around a little lightness, but using the actual body wash and following the steps above is way better than just imagining it. You'll see what we mean when you try it.

With this body wash with gel like consistency you're washing away worries along with dirt

One more wonderful thing about the Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel is that it's suitable for all skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or skin that's somewhere in between, it's made for you. This gentle gel doesn't cause skin irritation or strip it of the oil that coats and protects.

Also, this body wash comes in a convenient pump dispenser so you don't have to fumble around with wet, soapy hands in the shower. Just enjoy the hydrating ingredients and let the foam find the excess oil and dirt and do away with it all.

You can carry on with your self-made spa day by spreading on some Candlenut Body Creme to boost hydration and lock in the moisture. Have it standing by so it's right there when you towel off.

Candlenut Body Polish

You can use body wash every time you shower, but two to three times a week it's a great idea to exfoliate. As detailed above, skin cell turnover is a natural process our body goes through. However, as we age, this cycle slows down.

If we want to help our skin stay fresh and youthful-looking, we can offer a little assistance by sloughing off some of the dead cells on the surface. By exfoliating, we make way for those new cells to move in and make their debut. 

It is important to exfoliate, and while you can rub your skin with shower gel and a washcloth, it's not the same thing as a quality body scrub. Plus, if you're not cleansing that washcloth and making sure it dries completely between uses, you may be unintentionally creating a little campsite for bacteria.

Luckily, there is a JUARA body polish that beautifies as it clears away dead skin cells and dirt from the surface.

The Candlenut Body Polish deals with those dry layers of skin by combining walnut exfoliants and moisturizing Illipe Butter. With moisturizing avocado in the mix, as well as calming rice bran oil, it's no wonder why it works so well. This soap-free and surfactant-free formula will rinse clean, leaving you with soft skin and no unwanted residue.

Though it's designed to combat dry, rough, or flaky skin, it also works with oily skin and those who have breakouts on the back or other areas of the body.

And suggested above, remember to cherish this alone time as you practice self-care and support skin health. 

While it's hard to go full professional spa mode on a daily basis, try to occasionally treat yourself to a little extra pampering. Mark your calendar or make a mental note that you deserve a slightly longer bath time now and then.

Do not disturb signs were made for a reason.

Let yourself release worries about the world as you scrub or lather up, soaking up the goodness of the ingredients and enjoying the aromas that many body washes bring.

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The Candlenut or Kukui nut

With all this talk about the candlenut oil, it might be helpful to go into a little more detail. What is it? What does it do?

As you already know, you can use body wash or moisturizer with candlenut to hydrate the skin. What you might not know is that it's also called the Indian walnut or kukui nut (among other names) and comes from the flowering Aleurites moluccana tree.

You will often find candlenut oil in an Indonesian or Hawaiian body wash or hair care product, and that's with good reason. It nourishes and moisturizes quite well, and is common across these cultures and other communities. Here's a little bit more information about it if you're interested:

Now, since we've talked about the benefits of using a body wash or shower gel, as well as an enzyme scrub, it's time to turn back to the old classic, bar soap.

When is bar soap best?

When you really want to come clean and your primary objective is to ditch that dirt, you can turn to traditional soap, especially if you already have a regular radiant skin care ritual that includes a good moisturizer.

As stated above, the main difference between body wash and soap is that typically, a body wash will have moisturizing agents in addition to the cleansers it contains.

On the flip side, bar soaps aren't always just about cutting through the grease, like that often mentioned mantra from dish soap ads. There are special soaps out there that moisturize the skin as well.

You can find soap that hydrates the skin on the juara site

JUARA's Candlenut Bar Soap is one such product that goes above and beyond your average bar soap.

With mango and shea butters that bring out the softness of your skin, this is far from the soap you might commonly come across on store shelves. It lathers up nicely to cleanse the skin and will rinse clean with no residue.

Your bath time will be filled with the fragrance of tropical flowers and your body will thank you for finding something that both cleans and moisturizes so marvelously.

Now the only question left is which JUARA product to try first!

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