How To Tell The Difference Between Skin Purging Or Breaking Out

Is It Normal To Break Out When Starting A New Skin Care Routine

Our skin requires consistent love and attention. So finding skincare products that treat us well is essential for a healthy state of mind and radiant skin.

Key Takeaways

  1. Skin purging is your skin's natural reaction to a new skincare routine.
  2. skin purge can take up to six to eight weeks, while breakouts can last for months on end.
  3. Certain active ingredients your skin isn't accustomed to can commonly lead to skin purging.
  4. Breakouts can happen in new places, while skin purging occurs in areas where you've already had skin concerns.

But sometimes, our skin can react unexpectedly when we try new beauty products. Here's how to tell if your skin is undergoing a typical breakout or just purging!

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1. Breakouts Typically Last Longer Than A Skin Purge Period

Each of us has individual skin concerns that we need to treat with careful attention. Often, we work to curate the perfect skincare routine to give us the radiant skin we deserve.

But finding the ideal beauty products isn't as simple a journey as it might seem. After all, it takes time and dedication to find the proper personalized treatment for our unique complexions!

What might work for someone else may be disastrous for your own skin. And often, we need to try out a new skincare product to find out what is right for our skin. 

But not all skincare regimes are created equal. Using a product our face isn't fond of can lead to breakouts and irritated skin. On the other hand, your face may undergo a positive process known as skin purging.

Skin Purging Vs. A Breakout

Typically, your skin will show noticeable signs of change as you incorporate a new product into your routine. But how this sign presents itself can differ.

Sometimes, it can be hard to correctly decipher these signals. And it can be challenging to know if your skin's response to a new skincare routine is a negative reaction or a good sign.

It's common to experience breakouts after incorporating a new skincare product into your routine. But this could just be a sign of skin purging.

Skin purging is your skin's natural reaction to a new skincare routine. Your skin cell turnover rate increases as your face becomes accustomed to these new products. This is essential in revealing fresh skin cells underneath a previously dull and damaged complexion.

Acne flare-ups and increased flaky, dry skin are common occurrences during a skin purge period. But that's just a sign of active ingredients doing their due diligence to give your skin the refreshing and healthy boost it needs to thrive.

Skin purging vs skin purging process increase cell turnover first week clogged pore acne acne breakouts surface acne

It Takes Time For Dead Skin Cells To Be Shed

A new skincare routine can't save your complexion overnight. After all, it takes time for changes to occur. But a common way to determine the difference between a standard breakout and a skin purging period lies in the duration it lasts.

Breakouts typically last longer than a skin purge. Though skin cell turnover speeds can vary, the process takes, on average, a month. It probably won't take longer than six weeks for your newer, younger-looking skin to emerge after a skin purge.

It's natural for us to want to see excellent results from our new product immediately, but keep in mind that a successful skin purge may manifest as evil acne to start. This is because it takes time for your skin to renew and for healthy cells to emerge.

As your skin's surface layer sheds dead skin cells, your complexion will gradually improve. Finally, you'll be able to see your dull complexion steadily transform into radiant skin!

But breakouts can be more devious. Acne breakouts usually last longer and can hang around for months. Acne and pimples are caused by clogged pores, which can become blocked with excess sebum, dirt, bacteria, and makeup.

While your skin is purging, your complexion will slowly improve, and you will have noticeably healthier skin throughout the process. So if your breakouts persist for months and you see no improvements in your complexion, you might just be undergoing a typical breakout.

Finding The Right Products For The Results Your Skin Deserves

Those with acne-prone skin often spend a lifetime finding the perfect skincare products to eliminate pesky pimples. Unfortunately, it's a challenging process not for the faint of heart.

We've all experienced the pain of using a skincare product that doesn't agree with our skin. It usually ends with more breakouts and clogged pores.

After all, a trendy, new skincare routine doesn't guarantee your desired results. That's why it's important to find products designed to treat your complexion gently and carefully. Harsh ingredients and chemicals usually damage your skin, causing more harm than help. 

Our skin is a reflection of our inner stressors. And the products your skin needs don't just serve to reveal fresh and glowing skin. Complete wellness and a mindful state of being are essential in healing your skin from the roots.

Here at JUARA, we utilize this fundamental principle in all we do. Creating our skincare products is a craft that we have spent lifetimes designing.

We take our inspiration from ancient Indonesian wellness customs and the Jamu lifestyle. These wholistic traditions have been used for years to heal, rejuvenate, and center our state of being and transform our focus.

Allergic reaction skin purging too much oil skin purging allergic reaction skin purging skin purging surface acne

Traditions You Can Rely On For Glowing Skin

Our skin deserves to be treated with careful attention. Mindful restoration and revitalization are the lifeblood of the radiant and glowing complexion you've been searching for. And JUARA's Rice Facial Cleanser is the start of this beautiful journey.

We say that because this gentle cleanser was crafted from the very foundation of our inspiration and roots. Instead of harsh chemicals and elements, it's full of natural ingredients your skin is aching for, such as rice bran and apple extract.

This naturally-derived formula effortlessly whisks away dead skin cells to reveal clearer and more refreshed skin underneath. And by freeing your skin's pores, you can quickly achieve the clear skin you deserve.

But it's not just acne-prone skin that can benefit from a gentle cleanser like this. For sensitive skin, nourishing rice bran leaves you with visibly smoother and calmer skin.

Suppose your dull complexion needs to be revitalized. In that case, the naturally brightening properties of apple and plum fruit extract can boost your skin's hydration and elasticity.

It's that easy to get plumper and younger-looking skin effortlessly!

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2. Identify Ingredients That Often Lead To Skin Purging

A regular breakout can happen at any given time due to countless reasons. Often, pimples can show up when our diet changes or when we take on additional stress. But skin purging typically occurs when we start a new skincare routine or introduce a new active ingredient into our daily beauty ritual.

A few common active ingredients typically lead to a skin purge. And as these new ingredients work their magic in your skin's clogged pores, it's natural for a few pimples to pop up.

Glycolic Acid

A popular ingredient in skincare serums is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is one of the most popular beta-hydroxy acids in the skincare world. This powerful ingredient is excellent in fighting acne and acts as an anti-aging agent.

Chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid clear dead skin cells and bacteria from clogged pores without harsh scrubbing. It does this by removing the surface layer of your skin.

As with many active ingredients, glycolic acid may start with a skin purge before allowing your skin to truly shine.

Acne purge other stuff skin purging skin time skin purging skin purging vitamin c surface breakouts skin purging acne

Salicylic Acid

Acne is likely one of the most frustrating skin issues to deal with. Just when you think you're making progress, a new breakout comes into the picture and ruins your optimism!

Acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are reliable solutions for persistent breakouts. However, it's very likely to experience an acne purge when adding one of these ingredients into your new routine as well. 


Increased skin cell turnover speeds can cause a skin purge. And retinol is an amazingly popular beauty ingredient known to do just that. 

Retinol boosts your skin cell turnover rate, promotes collagen production, and keeps your skin's natural oil production in check. Retinol is also excellent in fighting the effects of aging but can sometimes start the journey toward more radiant-looking skin with a skin purge.

Use Natural Ingredients For Complete Wellness

Powerful active ingredients can usually cause your skin to react in ways you're not used to. But that's not always a good thing. Chemicals and harsh ingredients may damage your skin more than you realize.

That's why the best treatment for your skin involves a natural healing approach. Regardless of your skin concerns, you must give your complexion the love and attention it needs to thrive. Because when you nourish and nurture your skin, it shows you love in return!

Take, for example, JUARA's Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner. For dull or dehydrated skin, the hydrating properties of this product go deeper than the surface. This self-love treatment heals your entire state of mind with the power of healthy habits and wholistic nutrition.

Its formula starts with a base of natural ingredients, such as tamarind seed extra and rice bran extract. These fundamental elements are excellent for smoothing skin tone and reducing redness or stress.

But it doesn't stop there. This toner finishes its exceptionally hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid, a powerful ingredient that locks in moisture long-term.

From acne-prone skin to dry skin, this toner can work wonders for any skin type. An abundance of vitamins and botanicals gives your skin the nutrients it needs to radiate with a newfound glow. In seemingly no time, you'll have the glowing complexion you deserve!

Board certified dermatologist necessary evil skin purging vs skin purging active ingredient bacteria skin purging acne

3. Typical Breakouts Happen In The Same Places You're Used To

Duration and location are the two major indicators of a skin purge. So let's review the latter.

Breakouts can happen anywhere and often in places you're not accustomed to. But skin purging will occur in areas you've already encountered pimples.

This is due to the very nature of skin purging itself. This natural process involves forcing impurities hiding in your skin to the surface. Bacteria, dead skin, and oil will be coaxed out of your delicate skin and arise as pimples.

And this is how your skin will clear itself through the purging process.

Skin Purging Promotes New Skin Cell Turnover

The healthy cells that skin purging reveals are the foundation of glowing skin. Of course, this process takes substantial time and demands patience, but the results are always worth it.

The natural skin cell turnover process isn't quick. As a result, it can feel exceptionally slow when you're vying for radiant and youthful skin. That's where an antioxidant face mask can easily save the day!

The key is to remove dead skin cells and impurities without stripping your skin's natural protective barrier. And JUARA's Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask can do that all and more.

That's because the formula that makes up this mask's smooth texture is inspired by beauty and wellness customs that have served skin for centuries. It's not just a meaningless product. It's the gateway to mindful self-love and traditional nutrition for our skin.

From kaolin clay to turmeric, the natural ingredients in JUARA's iconic face mask go a long way in bringing you the healthy, bright skin you deserve. Plus, candlenut body oil ensures dry skin will be a thing of the past with its powerfully hydrating and moisturizing properties.

It's this simple to get radiant and glowing skin. This mask removes your skin's impurities, no matter how deep, and reveals a clear, refined complexion underneath.

We made it our mission to spread a restorative and loving attitude toward skincare. It's not just about a brand or a trend. It's about healthy and wholistic living, from your mind to your skin.

And that's the key to revitalized skin!

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Juara Skincare incorporates ancient rituals with western skincare science creating the ultimate beauty experience. We aim to transport you from the mundane to the extraordinary with our exotic ingredients, intoxicating scents, and powerful, skin-improving formulas. All of our products are nutrient-rich, and botanically based. We are proud to be certified cruelty-free. Get the latest skin care tips and info on Juara products by following us on TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedInand Pinterest.

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