How Oily Skin Can Benefit From A Rose Water Skincare Routine

How To Use Rose Water For Oily Skin

The rose is an iconic symbol of love, romance, and beauty. Over the years, this classic flower has established itself as the ultimate token of affection and an incredibly powerful tool in skincare routines.

For many years, rose water has been used in ancient beauty and health customs as a way to treat a variety of skin concerns. But regardless of your unique skin type, this natural ingredient is Mother Earth's gift to beauty routines around the world.

Incorporating rose water into your skincare routine is simple and can greatly benefit your overall complexion. Here's what you need to know if you're curious about adding rose water to your skincare routine.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rose water has been used for many years in traditional beauty customs
  • As a natural astringent, rose water is excellent for curbing excess oil on the skin
  • Irritated or stressed skin is able to be calmed and soothed with rose water
  • Rose water can even help treat acne and breakouts
  • It's incredibly easy to make your own rose water at home!

1. The Hidden Power Of Rose Petals

Like rose petals, our skin is a delicate and essential part of ourselves that deserves to be treated with care. Curating the perfect beauty routine starts with harnessing the gorgeous powers contained in rose water.

Though at first roses may seem like an unlikely skincare agent, pure rose water has been used for many years in ancient beauty and wellness traditions. Even now, the presence of rose water in modern-day beauty routines cannot be ignored.

The beautiful simplicity of rose water begins in its creation, as it is made by simply steaming rose petals in distilled water. Though it is quite easy to make rose water, the beauty benefits of this natural ingredient are anything but ordinary.

Rose water is excellent for treating a variety of skin types and is even gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of skin. Regardless of your skin concerns, it is quite easy to enjoy rose water benefits!

2. The All-Encompassing Benefits Of Rose Water

Breaking down the specific benefits of rose water can be daunting - this iconic skincare ingredient has been recognized worldwide for its incredible skincare power.

Rose water contains various properties that can be tailored to target your specific skin needs. In addition, this natural ingredient works wonders in treating almost any skin concerns, as rose water is able to naturally balance your skin's pH levels.

Rose water also contains high amounts of healthy vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and B3. These vitamins each provide unique and powerful benefits for your skin and are essential for curating a healthy skincare routine.

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3. Using Rose Water For Oily Skin

Many people who suffer from oily skin find this pesky shine localized in the T-zone. Oily skin is typically caused by excess sebum production, which can be challenging to treat without creating a mirage of other skin concerns.

One of the most notable aspects of rose water is that it is an excellent ingredient in treating oily skin. This is because rose water acts as a natural astringent and can control oil production without irritating the skin.

Astringents reduce oily skin by tightening enlarged pores and cleansing the skin. For those seeking to treat oily skin, rose water is an excellent place to start.

Even if you suffer from oily skin across your entire face, you can safely use rose water without fear of excessive irritation. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water allow it to soothe skin without causing irritation or redness. This property is fundamental, as many skincare products with astringent properties tend to dry skin and leave it stressed.

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The Power Of Natural Ingredients

One of the most significant aspects of rose water is that it is a natural ingredient found right here on Mother Earth. And here at JUARA, we believe that harnessing the power of naturally occurring elements is the key to obtaining healthy and glowing skin.

JUARA's products are inspired by long-standing beauty and wellness customs that have been used for centuries in Indonesia. Take for example our Rose And Willowbark Purifying Mask, which is carefully formulated without fragrances and with natural ingredients like rose water and white willow bark.

This face mask is carefully designed to readily deliver your skin with the nourishment and attention it deserves. It's made of rice protein, which protects and strengthens the skin's natural barrier, and kaolin clay, which naturally detoxifies and cleanses the pores.

The white willow bark in this mask is able to tenderly exfoliate your skin and relieve clogged pores while simultaneously calming irritated skin. And finally, the red sandalwood cools and relieves your skin from irritation or redness (and is also a trusted skincare ingredient in treating acne).

The wide range of Jamu ingredients in JUARA's face mask allows it to erase any dull or damaged skin you've been experiencing to reveal the glowing and healthy complexion underneath. Regardless of the skin concerns regularly nagging you, a powerful and hydrating face mask is a quick and effective way to obtain the healthy skin you deserve!

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4. Rose Water For Other Skin Types

Though rose water is well-known as a gentle and effective treatment for oily skin, not everyone is preoccupied with combating a shiny T-zone. Regardless of your skin concerns, whether it be stubborn breakouts or irritated skin, rose water is a fantastic ingredient for treating nearly any skin type.

Rose water is incredibly gentle on your skin and helps maintain a healthy pH balance for your entire face. The powerful hydrating properties of rose water allow it to effectively nourish and treat flaky or dry skin.

When it comes down to it, rose water can be used for any skin type, from oily to sensitive skin. There's no limit to what this simple ingredient can do for your skin!

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For Acne-Prone Skin

Rose water is fantastic for oily skin because it is a mild astringent - but did you know this also makes it fantastic for treating acne?

The antibacterial properties of rose water keep your skin healthy and clean while reducing acne. Acne is caused by clogged pores, and the purifying and detoxifying capabilities of rose water make it an excellent tool for combating acne.

If you suffer from acne-prone skin, the long journey of treating pesky pimples can end up leaving you with a dry or stressed complexion. However, rose water is able to soothe irritated skin while reducing redness, which will leave you with a glowing complexion at the end of the journey!

How To Use Rose Water In Your Skincare Routine

It can be exciting when deciding where to start if you are looking to incorporate rose water into your beauty routine (and you should!). This popular skincare ingredient is commonly used as a toner but is also used as a trusted ingredient in many other skincare products.

Rose water is a very common ingredient in the skincare industry - many products around the world boast this iconic and powerful ingredient. But if you're the kind of person who loves to D.I.Y., it's straightforward to make your own rose water right at home!

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Creating Rose Water At Home

To make your own rose water, it's simple! If you do choose to bypass store-bought rose water products, just don't forget to patch-test your D.I.Y. rose water.

One method to make your own rose water is by steeping a couple of tablespoons of dried rose buds with water in a large pot for five minutes. You can also just add rose essential oil in with lukewarm water.

You can then store your rose water in a spray bottle or a glass jar.

These simple rose water recipes can be used as a toner, makeup remover, body polish, or gentle facial cleanser. Spritz your rose water on your skin with a spray bottle, or apply it directly to your skin with cotton pads.

But you don't need to stop just there! If your skin is particularly dull, add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your rose water toner to quickly brighten your complexion. For dry or combination skin, mix either aloe vera gel or coconut oil with your rose water formula for a nourishing treatment.

A popular way to enjoy an at-home rose water toner is by combining equal parts of witch hazel with equal amounts of rose water. You can even apply this mixture to your skin as often as twice a day without experiencing redness or irritation.

Your skin is delicate and deserves to be treated with care and attention. It's easy to obtain a healthy and glowing complexion by utilizing natural ingredients like rose water in your beauty routine.

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