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7 Easy Tips to a Jamu Lifestyle Today

This last Sunday, I found myself lying face down on a table, disrobed and in a small, dark room contemplating my life.  It was a serious moment not to be taken lightly…

…A seriously amazing moment as I was receiving my massage and feeling all my muscles relax and weeks of work-filled tension fade away. ? So what was I contemplating as my face was breathing through a massage table hole?  I was thinking…”How does one live a busy life, full of all its requirements and personal responsibilities and still remain happy and balanced?”.

Answer – live a lifestyle that takes care of you in all areas.  I understand that’s vague, that we all love the idea of holistic health and wellness, but when the clock is ticking and we’re often scattered – how does that get incorporated into daily habits?  Now I know most of us aren’t going to visit the spa every week, (well some of you lucky ones may,) or eat perfectly healthy all the time,  meditate daily, have a namaste filled yogic lifestyle, spend me-time, as well as mom-time, friends-time and wife-time (that’s a lot of time)….but we do a little of that… sometimes.  And as long as sometimes is regular, that’s good enough.  Balance is a product of regular effort that doesn’t run in extremes, and shouldn’t feel like a chore.

So as the masseuse Susan was putting an elbow into a particular sore shoulder muscle, I thought of a weekly list of things to incorporate to ensure a balanced life, the Jamu way – incorporating some natural ingredients that are used in our Eastern, Indonesian medicinal tradition and mini-rituals that trigger self-care in a week. Now you can make your own list, but I thought I would share accessible tips to start – and of course, you can mix up the days, but this might make it easy to remember!

Massage Mondays:

Be aware of your body and love it.  Take care of it.  This can come in the form of a full body massage, or just a neck massage, even a hand massage you give to yourself.  Always good – a gentle face massage, especially with our JUARA Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller or even your fingers.  The point is you are important, and a massage can not only increase circulation and relax muscles which could use a break, but it is also mentally relaxing and rejuvenating.

Turmeric Tuesdays:

(Or Tamarind, or Tea… )Toss a little of that bright orange root in your food!  It can be as simple as adding some turmeric powder in your eggs, (see our Turmeric blog on suggestions on how to make it more effective in your body,) or taking a turmeric capsule  – which can be taken daily.  The point is, turmeric has health properties and is high in antioxidants.  It’s a core Jamu ingredient and it’s good for you.  Because you’re good for you.

Wellness Wednesdays:

Take a yoga class or meditate.  Or something that helps your body strengthen and stretch, become in tune with itself, as well as relax with purposeful breathing.  Some people have a mindfulness practice like meditation.  If you’re new to this and it seems like a lot to have a daily practice, well, start with Wednesday because why not?  It’s just as good as any other day!  The point is – just start doing something that takes care of your mind, body, and breathing.  It’s a powerfully calming and self-balancing practice, which your body will be grateful for, leading us into…

Thankful Thursdays:

Why wait for Thanksgiving when you can be thankful every Thursday? (Or every day, actually).  Research shows that being grateful for what you do have can help your happiness and sense of satisfaction as it helps you focus on the present and on appreciation, rather than wanting more.  This helps our brains compensate for its natural tendency to focus on worries, threats, and negative states.

Friends on Friday:

TGIF.  Busy with family or work?  A call or healthy chat session with a friend is always a good way to nourish yourself.  Research shows people with strong social, high-quality relationships with others are associated with living healthier, happier, and longer lives than their peers who are less socially connected.  It is also good for your brain, especially when you hit your octogenarian years.  The brain’s memories stay sharper longer – barring other conditions affecting it, vs memories of those who don’t have other people to rely on.

Spicy Saturdays:

Well, this could go many ways – but we’re suggesting that you spice up your Saturday with actual spices!   Jamu is full of healthy ingredients that can easily be added to meals and beverages – cinnamon is great for those who have to manage their blood sugar levels, chili pepper is not only yummy but also full of vitamins (added bonus:  also great for clearing stuffed sinuses!).  Ginger is naturally antibacterial and great if made into a tea for upset tummies, the list goes on and on.  Experiment with your spice cabinet!  There’s a reason Jamu has lasted centuries as an empirically proven health tradition using herbs and spices not only for flavor but for healing!

Soft Skin Sundays:

Take care of that skin and get ready for the new week to come!  Enjoy a JUARA Face Ritual and a mask and indulge in a treat for your body.  Of course, this doesn’t have to be once a week either, but give your skin extra TLC 1-2 times a week to maintain optimal hydration, smoothness, and health.  This isn’t only for your face but your entire body – treat yourself to a luxurious body scrub like with our Invigorating Coffee Scrub and finish with the Ginger Coffee Firming Treatment for that extra caffeine kick to firm and smooth skin, and our JUARA facial masks – I like double masking – using 2 masks one after the other when I really want to purify with the Rose & Willowbark Blemish-Free Mask followed by a deeply hydrating, winter-dryness busting Java Plum & Avocado Moisture Mask.

Again, all these can be practiced every day and any day, but once a week is a good start!  Enjoy!

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