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Rice Facial Cleanser


(25 Ratings)

4.75 oz / 134 g

Get super clean super soft skin with JUARA’s Rice Facial Cleanser. Rich in amino acids and proteins naturally found in rice, this mild, sulfate-free and oil-free cleanser evokes the ritual of a rice water rinse, traditional in Indonesia, leaves skin soft and supple while removing all traces of make up. Known for its soothing and softening properties, rice starch helps prevent moisture loss by enhancing the skin's protective barrier. Your skin will be so soft after using it; you won't want to stop touching it. 
Dermatologist Tested. 100% Vegetarian Skincare. Free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates artificial colorants and harsh chemicals.
Key Benefits:
Good for all skin types
Removes dirt and make-up without stripping skin.
Skin will feel clean, soft and supple.
Soft lather gently envelops skin as it cleanses.
Sulfate-free formulation prevents moisture loss.



Softens and protects. Shown to help prevent moisture loss, rice protein is rich in skinsoftening amino acids.


Gently cleanse thoroughly, yet gently, without stripping the skin.


Ingredients: Water, Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Rice (Oryza sativa) Starch, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Glycol Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Caprylate, Phenypropanol, Fragrance.

Use morning and night. Lather with water and apply to face. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. For best results, follow with your favorite JUARA Moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types.

Reviews For:

Rice Facial Cleanser
(25 Ratings)
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November 20, 2013
"“This [Rice Facial] cleanser literally felt like liquid silk. It produced a smooth rich lather that felt luxurious and pampering. It removed all of my makeup, including mascara and left my face feeling fresh, but not remotely dry. Juara Rice Facial Cleanser feels like a high-end product. From the packaging to how it feels on your face and especially the way it leaves your skin: Juara's Rice Cleanser is a luxury experience!”"
Written By: indi (, )
Best Cleanser Yet!
March 01, 2013
"I have very dry skin and find that most cleansers leave my skin feeling even dryer.I tried the Juara Rice Ceanser and it left my face feeling clean and soft not dry at all. My skin was actually soft and I love the fact that its a foam Love this!"
Written By: S R (New York, NY USA)
My favorite cleanser
February 21, 2013
"I love this cleanser! It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and so protected. It's important for me to have a good facial cleanser like this one!"
Written By: Jamie (Mountain View, CA USA)
February 05, 2013
"I love this cleanser! I have oily skin and it doesn't dry it out or make me break out. My skin feels really clean and soft after I use it. I would definitely recommend this anyone!"
Written By: A A (Port Deposit, MD USA)
A great facial cleanser
September 27, 2012
"I love the texture, the fragrance and the way Juara Rice Facial Cleanser makes my skin feel. It always feels so smooth and hydrated. I am tempted to use it everyday!"
Written By: (Portland, OR USA)
Wonderful Cleanser
August 27, 2011
"I love this product!! It feels so good on your face. It cleans without leaving a film that some cleansers do. the best part it even takes off mascara. I have used several other cleanser. Some very expensive some not but the Juara Rice Cleanser is the BEST!!! You don't need much to face your face so it lasts a long time too. You won't go wrong trying it and your face will love you for it. It will feel softer, & smoother."
Written By: E R (Marble Falls, TX USA)
I love the way my skin feels since I started using this and the smell is divine!!
April 06, 2011
"love this it melts the makeup away and my skin feels so clean but not dehydrated."
Written By: (Minot, ND USA)
A really great cleanser
December 16, 2010
"After receiving a free sample of this cleanser I just had to order it. It cleanses thoroughly but doesn't strip your skin. Great at thoroughly removing makeup. It smells heavenly and is good value for the money."
Written By: (Lake Worth, FL USA)
"The Best Cleanser... For a Really Clean Face."
September 20, 2010
"I really like this cleanser... It foams up great, and it takes all my makeup off... and that can be hard to find. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! I recommend this product to others."
Written By: (Oxnard, CA USA)
Best Facial Cleanser
August 12, 2010
"The smell is great, it doesn't dry out your skin, and it removes all makeup. It works just like it says it will."
Written By: (Lake Worth, FL USA)
makes my face so soft!
May 19, 2010
"Using just a small free sample of this product made my face feel so good I had to buy it! I use it every morning now and I love how it makes my skin feel."
Written By: (Escondido, CA USA)
Acne Results
August 12, 2009
"This product has not caused excessive dryness in their skin, we like it very well."
Written By: (Maumelle, AR USA)
Amazing face cleanser
June 03, 2009
"It is a natural cleanser and I love the way it feels on my skin. It cleans my skin thoroughly, yet my skin doesn't dry out. It is perfect for my sensitive and dry skin. I love it and recommend it to anyone. it is super gentle."
Written By: S S (Ooltewah, TN USA)
The Best Cleanser I've Ever Tried
March 17, 2009
"I was introduced to Juara Rice Racial Cleanser by a free sample that I received from DermStore with an order. I was so impressed with the quality of the sample product that I placed an order for Juara cleanser and have continued to use it. My skin is very dry and this cleanser cleans without drying and leaves my skin feeling great. After trying so many different cleansers, Juara Rice Facial Cleanser is the best!"
Written By: (Bowie, MD USA)
wonderful skin care product for all ages
December 17, 2008
"I am very satisfied with this facial cleanser. I have very sensitive, dry to combination type skin and have unsuccessfully tried many cleansers. I have found this cleanser to be easy to use and it leaves my skin with a very clean, soft feeling. With use over time, my skin tone has become more even and firm. What a wonderful, excellent- quality product."
Written By: L R (Aliso Viejo, CA USA)
Leaves face fresh & clean
October 15, 2008
"I love this cleanser! It is great at removing makeup, dirt and oil without stripping it dry. My skin feels soft, supple, moisturized, and CLEAN. I've tried other cleansers, but keep coming back to this one because it's best at removing makeup & oil without drying me out."
Written By: (Seattle, WA USA)
leaves face soft, good for acne prone skin
September 08, 2008
"This product is one of my favorites, moisturizes but does not make me break out!! leaves my face clean and soft."
Written By: L H (Milwaukee, WI USA)
Rich and Creamy Facial wash
July 29, 2008
"rich and creamy product that isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin. I was sold on the small sample that was included with another purchase."
Written By: (bradenton, FL USA)
Dream skin cleanser
July 07, 2008
"I am a HUGE fan of this product. It's made my normally icky skin so smooth, soft and blemish free...and I've never been able to say that in my adult life. You feel the softening properties immediately (couldn't stop touching my skin) and the clear skin comes within just days of initial application. I adore this cleanser and would NOT be without it again. I actually look forward to washing my face at night just to take in the wonderful aroma's of this natural product. I also similarly love other items in the line but that's for future reviews."
Written By: A W (Roseville, CA USA)
Good Cleanser if you are on accutane
June 29, 2008
"I am on accutane and I have been looking for a cleanser mild enough so it won't strip my skin. This product is perfect. My skin feels refreshed yet not stripped of its moisture."
Written By: E S (Salinas, CA USA)
For a luxuriously clean experience...
April 23, 2008
"You can't wait to wash your face. I first encountered this product as a sample and truly loved it. I also have other Juara products that are equally sybaritic."
Written By: (Nutley, NJ USA)
Oh, what a feeling
March 18, 2008
"Love, love, love, this product. Leaves skin clean and soft. Love the scent too! A little goes a long, long way."
Written By: (Haddam, CT USA)
You have to try this!!
November 14, 2007
"For those of you with oily and acne prone skin, this is the product for you! I could tell a difference in my skin (smoother and less acne) from the first use of this product. I tend to be a skeptic when I try new products, but I am sold on this one! I have already told all of my friends with problem skin that they should at give this a try!"
Written By: (Sachse, TX USA)
Non-drying cleanser
November 06, 2007
"Because I have dry skin I'm always looking for a cleanser that cleans without drying my skin even more. Juara Rice Facial Cleanser is wonderful. Only need a small amount to do a thorough job."
Written By: (Malibu, CA USA)
Gentle, non-drying cleanser
October 27, 2007
"Very mild but thorough cleansing. Best of all, it was just as advertised--gentle on skin prone to redness, dryness and irritation."
Written By: (Hanover, PA USA) JUARA Skincare Review..
Cosmopolitan Magazine- Here Comes the Winner
Cleo- Au Naturel..

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Rice Facial Cleanser
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